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Download DepEd Learning and Development (L&D) Templates

Learning and Development (L&D) is a set of systematic and planned interventions or programs designed by the agency to equip its workforce with the necessary competencies to meet current and future job requirements.

Learning and Development (L&D) Program is a strategic initiative to address an existing competency gap or gaps that affect organization performance or develop competencies for a planned reform agenda (e.g., K-12). An L&D program may be composed of a single intervention with several modules or a series of interventions applying a range of delivery modes. L&D programs are usually part of the Strategic L&D Plan or Annual L&D Plan.

Learning and Development (L&D) Proposal Template

L&D Proposal Attachment – List of Participants

L&D Proposal Attachment – Trainers’/Learning Facilitators’ Profile

L&D Proposal Attachment – Budget Proposal

L&D Proposal Attachment – Training Matrix

L&D Design and Resource Package Template

Learning & Development (L&D) Program Activity Checklist

Registration Form

Attendance Sheet

Training Need Analysis

Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance and Monitoring and Evaluation (Qatame) Plan

Revised Qame Analysis Form 1: Analysis of the Monitoring/Evaluation Results

Revised Qame Analysis Form 2: Summary of Daily Monitoring and Evaluation

Learning & Development (L&D) Completion Report

Summary Report on Training Application

Certificate of Appearance

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Recognition

NEAP Daily Session-Facilitator Form

NEAP Program Evaluation

On-Site Monitoring Form

Process Observation Tool

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