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LightEd PH: One Child, One Lamp Campaign

LightEd PH One Child, One Lamp Campaign

How Can I Help?

For only Php 400, you can give students in off-grid areas solar lamps to help them continue their studies after school hours.

What is One Child, One Lamp?

One Child, One Lamp is a fundraising campaign to provide solar lamps to students in off-grid public schools. The campaign aims to help students continue their studies at night, reduce their exposure to harmful fumes from kerosene lamps, and improve their academic performance.

How to Donate?

Over 600,000 Filipino children live in completely off-grid areas nationwide.

This means their homes and schools do not have immediate access to electricity and all its comforts. To continue studying at night, the children use kerosene lamps that emit harmful fumes. Frequent and prolonged use of kerosene lamps can harm our respiratory and neurological systems, including damage to the kidneys.

To help these children, the Department of Education reached out to Philippine Business for Social Progress and Children’s Hour for campaign called One Child, One Lamp.

One Child, One Lamp aims to provide solar lamps to over 600,000 children, which they can use to safely study at night and improve their academic performance. Here’s how you can help.

One Hour Campaign

Children’s Hour asks individuals and companies to donate at least ONE HOUR of their annual salary or earnings once a year. Your ONE HOUR donation may be directed to One Child, One Lamp.

Cause-Oriented Marketing

Companies may conduct cause-oriented marketing or merchandising strategies, such as allocating a fixed amount or percentage of sales to be donated to One Child, One Lamp, or adopting the campaign as the beneficiary of company events (e.g. fun runs and movie screenings).

Light up a Classroom

Individuals or companies may opt to light up a classroom in one of the campaign’s identified off-grid sites. Interested parties are encouraged to donate the amount equivalent to the number of students assigned to the classroom.

Individual Donations

Individuals may course their donations to Children’s Hour through our partner banks:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Name: Children’s Hour Philippines, Inc.
Account Number: 2591-0024-84

Union Bank of the Philippines
Account Name: Children’s Hour Philippines, Inc.
Account Number: 00-083000950-4

For donation enquiries, kindly contact:

Paulo Eugenio
Resource Mobilization Associate

Your gifts are 100% tax-deductible.
Call us to learn more.

Children’s Hour Philippines
(632) 893-2236

Friends, please help us reach more school children. Let us bring light to help them reach their dream.

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