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List of DepEd OER National Core Leaders

The Department of Education – Central Office (DepEd-CO) through the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration (OUA) have started the Digital Rise Program that aims to deliver quality, accessible, relevant and liberating education for all. In connection to the advancement and proficiency of teachers in utilizing technology efficiently and effectively for classroom instruction, the use and curation of Open Educational Resources (OERs) was launched to support offline e-learning instruction even without internet connectivity. Training-workshops were conducted in spearheading this innovation to bridge the digital divide and further support the Last Mile Schools.

In line with the Digital Rise program to sustain its design, principle and impact to teacher’s professional development, the training arm of the department were made possible by the National Core Leaders which is trained under the mentorship of Mr. Mark Anthony C. Sy, the Senior Technical Assistant IV of the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration. He is instrumental in conceptualizing the ICT integration strategy and teacher empowerment program using educational technology.

The advent of digital transformation to revolutionize the Philippine education is in our hands. This is the right path to empower teachers and highly equip their potentials and skills to teach minds, touch heart and transform lives of Filipino learners and making them future-ready.

List of DepEd Open Educational Resources (OER) National Core Leaders

1SyMark AnthonyCNCROUA
2MarasiganJoanna MarieT.NCRICTS
4AcedoSharlyn ClireR.1La Union
5AquinoRizaJ.ILa Union
6ArranzAntonetteS.ILa Union
7ArumpacJeremyB.ILa Union
8BalagotAlexis EmmanuelM.ILa Union
9BumatayChristianR.ILa Union
10CastillonesNievesH.ILa Union
11CorpuzShianne DanceeD.ILa Union
12Dela PenaBrendaA.ILa Union
13DelizoRenato Jr.S.ILa Union
14DenorogCarmelitaD.ILa Union
15FernandezMikeTILa Union
16FerrerCristitaC.ILa Union
17GalvezJoelN.ILa Union
18GuinommaMary GraceT.ILa Union
19LicosJovyB.ILa Union
20MaalaAnna MarieT.ILa Union
21MadayagJenniferD.ILa Union
22MapaloMarizaR.ILa Union
23MarquezAprelleneBILa Union
24OnasMaricrisA.ILa Union
25OredinaRosemarieN1La Union
26PagaduanMelindaQ-ILa Union
27PagandiyanGlendaA.ILa Union
28PascuaMarlonS.ILa Union
29RiguaRonaldA.ILa Union
30RunasBreechlynC.ILa Union
31RunasBreechlynCILa Union
32SantiagoNathanBILa Union
33SoteloMario, Jr.B.ILa Union
34Sumao-iCindyAILa Union
35TugareMarisaG.ILa Union
36BenitezRonilynR.IPangasinan I
37BonaoDarwinRIPangasinan I
38CambaArceliG.IPangasinan I
39CarolinoVirgilioO.IPangasinan I
40MamitagRonalynAIPangasinan I
41MirandaAnthonyG.IPangasinan I
42SyAlvinA.IPangasinan 1
43VocalBlesildaB.IPangasinan I
44ArenasCipriano IIIL.ISan Carlos City
45AustriaShiela MarieG.ISan Carlos City
46BaguioMark LyndonB.ISan Carlos City
47BancolitaNormanC.ISan Carlos City
48CarantoMary graceS.ISan Carlos City
49CastroJoanna LiezelA.ISan Carlos City
50De GuzmanDexterU.ISan Carlos City
51EdenRoldanB.ISan Carlos City
52MartinezJose RannyG.ISan Carlos City
53MejiaPeter PaulR,ISan Carlos City
54PosadasJezebelP.ISan Carlos City
55TagulaoJerickG.ISan Carlos City
56TrinidadRielmarF.ISan Carlos City
57FernandezJuvy AnnM.ISan Fernando City, La Union
58JacildoneLovely AdelliaV.ISan Fernando City, La Union
59LocquiaoMa. MagdalenaL.ISan Fernando City, La Union
60DomingoFidelGIUrdaneta City
61CabugaoJingkieD.IISantiago City
62CabugaoRicardo Jr.Q.IISantiago City
64Delos ReyesDaisyH.IIIBulacan
65TecsonJuan CarloCIIINueva Ecija
66AbitoSandieP.CALABARZONCavite Province
67CasamaRaymondB.CALABARZONCavite Province
68CimafrancaJimmy RayG.CALABARZONCavite Province
69De GuzmanJohnelB.CALABARZONCavite Province
70LapidMichael JosephA.CALABARZONCavite Province
71PapaMark AnthonyF.CALABARZONCavite Province
72TraviezoJhon Jien MarMCALABARZONCavite Province
73DajaoMa. RizalinaU.CALABARZONDasmarinas City, Cavite
74JamisalMark AnthonyF.CALABARZONAntipolo City
76SarinoSara JaneC.MIMAROPAPuerto Princesa City
77JoloMichaelM.IXIsabela City
78Delos SantosArielA.NCRLas Pinas
79ReyesRowenaANCRMakati City
80HamMark JuliusM.NCRMalabon City
81ManansalaSalvador IE.NCRMandaluyong City
82DuqueEl Nino BenedictB.NCRManila
85SalazarJoyG.NCRPateros / Private
86CahapayVenusJ.VLegazpi City
87AlmuenaDawn HopeS.XIIKoronadal City
88VelascoMary JoyMXIIKoronadal City

The National OER National Core Leaders has its pool of Team which is termed as OER Volunteers. They worked together in delivering training-workshop and using the OER Certified Trainer title. They are trained holistically in the approach of understanding the concept, ideals and vision of the Digital Rise Program of the department. All OER Volunteers are capable candidate as a National Core Leader.

Through the Digital Rise Program, the empowerment of the teaching force will revolutionize the Philippine education system by becoming future-ready. This administration will continue to create a pathway of innovation to solve the digital divide and immediately inspire minds using technology, touch hearts with blazing imagination, and transform lives by being the spark of change and making the impossible possible.

To know more about the DepEd OER, join FB Workplace and search for OUAP OER Exchange. For training requests, email your letter of proposal at oer@deped.gov.ph .



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