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Monetization of Leave Credits of Government Officials and Employees

This is to inform and reiterate to the field the Amended Rules and Regulations Governing the Monetization of Leave Credits of Government Officials and Employees, copy of which is hereby attached for your guidance.

Please be guided accordingly.

March 10, 2019 Update: Guidelines on the Grant of Monetization of Leave Credits for CY 2019

Civil Service Commission
Department of Budget and Management
Joint Circular No. 2-97,
June 25, 1997


The following rules and regulations are being promulgated and adopted to amend Rules IV and VI of Joint CSC-DBM Circular No. 1, s. 1991, governing the monetization of leave credits of government officials and employees:

Rule IV. Monetization of Leave Service Credits

Section 1. Officials and employees in the career and non-career service, whether permanent, provisional, temporary or casual, shall be allowed to monetize a maximum of thirty (30) days vacation leave/service credits, subject to the following conditions:

1. There shall remain five (5) days vacation leave/service credits after monetization; and

2. Said official or employee has accumulated no less than fifteen (15) days vacation leave/service credits, in which case he can monetize no more than ten (10) days.

Section 2. The monetization of leave credits shall be availed of only once a year. However, for 1997, an official or employee who has already monetized ten (10) working days in accordance with Joint CSC-DBM Circular No. 1, s. 1991, may be allowed to monetize the balance of twenty (20) working days provided there shall remain no less than five (5) days leave to his credit after monetization.

Section 3. An official or employee who availed of this privilege shall still go on five (5) days forced leave, subject to the provisions of Executive Order No. 1077 dated January 9, 1986 and its implementing rules and regulations.

Rule VI. Funding and Effectivity

Section 1. Funding. – Funding for the implementation of the monetization of vacation leave/service credits shall be charged against any savings of the department, agency, government-owned/-controlled corporation or local government unit concerned. For purposes of this Circular, “savings” is as defined under Section 54 (Meaning of Savings and Augmentation), General Provisions, FY 1997 General Appropriations Act.

In the utilization of savings, agencies shall give priority to the augmentation of the items enumerated under Sections 55 (Priority in the Use of Savings) and 56 (Use of Savings for the Implementation of the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers), General Provisions, FY 1997 GAA. Employees holding positions below salary grade 19 shall be given preference in the availment of this privilege.

Section 2. Effectivity. – This Joint Circular shall take effect immediately.




DepEd Required Documents for Claim of Service Credits

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6 thoughts on “Monetization of Leave Credits of Government Officials and Employees”

  1. Please help me, I resigned in 2020 July from the department of correctional services in KZN, and I was re-employed by the department of health in Gauteng. I have completed probation period but still have 22days of leave credits and also, I have 13 years of experience in the field.
    I would like to know if when will I qualify for 30 days leave credits

  2. deped southern leyte division is requiring a medical certification for the yearly monetization of leave credits; worse is one has to undergo a supposed operation or a really serious medication before he/she can enjoy this privilege. Isn’t this a violation against legislated guidelines and an abuse of discretion? Please help.

  3. I just want to be clarified on a claim of an official for monetization of leave credits. She has served as a clerk (plantilla position) and was terminated in the service last November 2018 due to a case filed against her and earned 35 days VL. Comes May 2019 elections she won as Municipal Councilor and earned 7.5 days VL as of Dec. 31, 2019. January 2020 she filed for a 30 days mone of leave credits. Is the claim valid considering that there is a gap in her services? Thank you very much for your help. God bless.

  4. I just want to ask if a non-teaching employee who resigned not retired from service at the age of 50 years old to go abroad and has balance of 100 plus days service credits both sick and vacation . Is she going to file Terminal Leave or Monetization of Leave credits? She didn t file retirement yet and she intend to get her claim from her leave credits..Thank you.

  5. Just wanna ask you, the previous years Employees approved leave and sick credit total 30 days. now The (Employer) want to decrease in to 25days for 2017 . (EE demonetised privilege)
    Thanks more info please

  6. i just want to clarify, I am assigned to do the job or HR this October 20, 2016 with proper turn over. There is a pending monetization of leave credits form of one of the faculty, He is designated as OIC Director and earning leave credits since Janaury 02, 2012 to October 31, 2015 and he earns 58.527 on vacation leave and 61.429 on sick leave. before his leave credits converted to faculty leave credits he monetized 30 days so, his total balance become 61.429 and converted it to faculty leave totalled 206.8988. He is not earning leave credits anymore now, as of October of this year (2016) he filed monetization of leave credits of 30 days, is he entitled to the said leave? what are the rules to apply? thanks in advance


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