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NCR Palaro 2016 Technical Guidelines

Read: DepEd NCR Palaro 2016


  1. The International Rules and Regulations of the different sports events shall govern the conduct of the Regional Palaro, however, international rules amended by the “Ground Rules” shall be adapted to suit local conditions Ground rules supersede international rules.
  2. Ground rules shall be agreed upon by the coaches and tournament managers during the meeting of coaches and technical officials. The coaches and tournament managers concerned must affix their signature on the aforesaid documents and submit the same to the General Referee/Athletic Manager for approval.


DepEd personnel shall be given priority to officiate in school sports competition, however, non-DepEd personnel may be tapped whenever necessary.


The following team events whose number of athletes are above ten (10) may have one (1) Assistant Coach aside from the required number of coach, hence, the total coaching staff will only be two (2):

  • Basketball (elementary Boys and Secondary Boys and Girls)
  • Baseball (Elementary and Secondary Boys)
  • Football (Elementary and Secondary Boys)
  • Futsal (Secondary Girls)
  • Sepak Takraw (Secondary Boys)
  • Softball (Elementary and Secondary Girls)
  • Volleyball (Elementary and Secondary Boys and Girls)


a. The policy of “NO COACH, NO PLAY” shall be applied in the duration of the Palaro.

b. In cases wherein the non-appearance of the coach is justifiable, the coach concern should immediately inform his/her respective Division Supervisor in charge of Sports the reason of non-appearance during that particular ga,e. Likewise, Tournament manager of that event concern should notify the Division Athletic Manager/shall be applied in the duration of the palaro. In cases wherein the non-appearance of the coach is justifiable, the Tournament Manager of that event concern should immediately notify the Division Athletic Manager/ Division Supervisor in charge of Sports concerned so that an immediate replacement of the coach shall be done so as not to jeopardize the play of the athletes in that particular event.

c. Request for replacement may be done in the following manner: through writing/text message/phone call, a day before or within one (1) before the start of that particular game.

d. The request for replacement of coach shall only be applied to those teams with one (1) coach only.

e. The team as mentioned in ITEM NO. 3 cannot anymore ask for replacement in cases both coaches did not appear in that particular game.


  1. Defaulting time is fifteen (15) minutes.
  2. However, only the first scheduled game of the first day of the competition will be given thirty (30) minutes defaulting time to give the team/athletes/coaches time to adjust to the proximity of the venue from their point of departure.
  3. In the succeeding scheduled games from the first day up to the last day of the competition, the fifteen (15) minutes defaulting time as stated in the ground rules will be applied.


The seeding of the school division should be based on the last year’s result of the game even if the division has new group of athletes.


a. Officials and coaches who fail to observe the code of conduct and proper decorum shall be dealt with accordingly.

b. All unsportsmanlike conduct of coaches/chaperons/trainers and athletes are grounds for suspension. Furthermore, supporters of the team concerned who are unruly during the games of that particular team shall be sent out of the playing area.

c. Protest on technicalities arising from the games shall be resolved in the following manners:

i. The tournament manager concerned is empowered to conduct an on the spot investigation and decide immediately on any protest as not to disrupt the progress of the games.

ii. If the protesting party is not satisfied with the decision of the tournament manager, a formal protest, signed by the coach concerned and noted by the head of the delegation, may be filed with the Jury of Appeals not later than 12 hours after the incident. The decision of the jury is final.

iii. When a violation on eligibility rules is proven in team compositions, the games in which the individual has taken part shall be declared forfeited in favor of the opposing team. The individual performance, in case of the individual events, shall be nullified.


  1. The Olympic Medal Count System will be used in declaring the Overall Champion.
  2. The team garnering the most number of gold medals shall be declared team champion. In case of tie, the silver medals will be the basis and if there is still a tie the bronze medal will break the tie. If the tie still exist, there will be 2 overall champion.


The Tournament Managers of the different sports may conduct their respective awarding ceremonies at their respective venues. The first to fifth (1st to 5th) placers in the overall ranking in the elementary and secondary divisions will be awarded trophies during the closing ceremonies. Likewise, trophies will also be awarded to the most bemedalled athletes in the following events:

Arnis – Secondary (Boys and Girls)
Athletics – Elementary and Secondary (Boys and Girls)
Swimming – Elementary and Secondary (Boys and Girls)
Gymnastics – Elementary and Secondary (Boys and Girls)

Special performance of athletes in the different sports events shall be given due recognition through the issuance of Certificate of Recognition. These awards will be given during the awards ceremony of every sports events in their respective venues.

Arnis (Elementary & Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP
  • Best in Anyo

Basketball (Elementary & Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP
  • Best 3-Point Shot Artist
  • Mythical Five
  • Best Power Forward
  • Best Small Forward
  • Best Point Guard
  • Best Off Guard
  • Best Center

Baseball (Elementary & Secondary Boys)

  • MVP
  • Best Pitcher
  • Best Defensive Player
  • Best Catcher
  • Best Stolen base
  • Home-run King
  • Best Run Batted-ln (RBI)

Chess (Elementary & Secondary Boys and Girls) (w/ Gold Medal)

  • Top Player (Individual)
  • 2nd Top Player (Individual)

Football (Elementary Boys & Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP
  • Best Goal Keeper
  • Best Striker
  • Best Defensive Player

Sepak Takraw Jr. (Elem. Boys) / Sepak Takraw (Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP
  • Best Setter
  • Best Striker
  • Best Tekong
  • Softball (Elementary/Secondary Girls)
  • MVP
  • Best Pitcher
  • Best Defensive Player
  • Best Catcher
  • Best Stolen Base
  • Best Run Batted-ln (RBI)

Table Tennis ((Elementary & Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP

Volleyball (Elementary & Secondary Boys and Girls)

  • MVP
  • Best Setter
  • Best Receiver
  • Best Blocker
  • Best Attacker
  • Best Libero
  • Best Server

Certificate of Participation/Recognition will be given to the coaches/chaperons, trainers, officiating officials, working committee and the management.


1. The selection of athletes in the next level of competitions shall be based on the individual performance of the athletes and the need of the team.

2. In the selection of athletes to compose the NCR delegation to the Palarong Pambansa, the Regional Office will designate a five-man team to compose the Selection Committee, namely;

Winning Coach

– Tournament Manager
Regional Supervisor/Coordinator in-charge of the event
– Officiating Officials (2) who witnessed the performances of all athletes
– ESSD Chief

Each member shall submit his/her recommendees to the Division Supervisor in charge of Sports /Tournament Manager immediately after the Palaro.

3. The Palaro Management has the right to replace selected players who will not be able to join/play in the Palarong Pambansa for whatever reasons that prevented them from joining.

4. The management shall have the authority to appoint the replacement of winning coaches and team members in case of their unavailability during the Palarong Pambansa.

5. In case the selected players and coach/es will not be able to join in the Palarong Pambansa, he/she shall write a letter stating the reasons. The letter should be signed by the parents (for athletes) and the coach, the Division PESS Supervisors and noted by the Schools Division Superintendent concerned,

6. Composition of Athletes

6.1 The number of players as specified below shall come from the champion team and the rest of the players shall be chosen from the other participating teams. However, in case when the coach believes that the other teams have better athletes than his team, he can choose more players from the other team.

Basketball – 9 players
Football – 10 (15 players)
Baseball – 9 players
Softball – 9 players
Volleyball – 9 players
Sepak Takraw – 9 players

6.2 In cases when the Selection Committee believes that more than the specified number of athletes from the Champion Team should be taken, the decision of the Selection Committee shall prevail.

6.3 Racket Games (Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis)

1. The first (1st) and second (2nd) placers in the Singles event and the first (1st) placer in Doubles are automatically selected to play in the next level of competition (Palarong Pambansa).

2. Should anyone of the selected players in the Singles become indisposed or for any reason becomes unavailable, the next in rank (3rd placer) shall replace the player affected.

3. In the Doubles players, if one of the two players will not be able to play, the replacement shall be taken from the second place winner in the Doubles through play-off between them

4. Further replacement in the team composition (Singles and Doubles) shall be determined by the Palaro Management and the Selection Committee.

6.4 Individual Games

Chess – The Individual standing of the athletes (top two players) will be the basis for the selection

Gymnastics – Individual All-Around Standing

Taekwondo – Individual results

Boxing – Individual Champion

Arnis – Individual standing in the different weight categories for the secondary level and champion for the elementary level.

Wushu Wrestling – Individual Champion

6.5 Selection of Coaches
The management shall have the authority to appoint a replacement in case of unavailability of winning coaches for the Palarong Pambansa.

Team Sports
Coach of the champion team

Racket Games

1. The coach of the top winning Doubles players shall be designated coach in the next level of competition (Palarong Pambansa).

2. In case the designated coach will not be available said coach shall be replaced by the top winning singles coach for Palarong Pambansa.

Individual Events

The selection of the coach in the following events will be as follows:

Gymnastics : Champion of IAA
Arnis : Overall Champion
Boxing : Overall Champion
Athletics : Overall Champion
Swimming : Highest Number of medals garnered by the team
Archery : Overall Champion
Chess : Top Individual Player
Taekwondo : Overall Champion

In case that the overall champion does not have player in the team, the coach concerned will be replaced by the 2nd rank coach with a player. If in case the 2nd rack coach still do not have player in the team, Palaro Management shall appoint a replacement


The Tournament Managers shall prepare a narrative report on the conduct of their respective sport events. Likewise, the Documentation and Evaluation Committee shall likewise prepare the Overall regional report on the proceedings of the Regional Meet for submission to the Office of the Regional Director.


The following are references relative to the holding of the Palaro:

  • Palarong Pambansa 2015 Guidelines
  • Regional Athletic Meet 2015

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