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DepEd NCR Palaro 2016

The Department of Education (DepEd) National Capital Region (NCR) announces the holding of the 2016 DepEd-NCR Palaro on February 8-13, 2016 with the theme “KABATAANG MANLALARO: DANGAL, GALING, GILAS IPAMALAS”, with City Government of Muntinlupa and the Schools Division of Muntinlupa City as host Division.

The opening ceremonies will be held on February 8, 2015, 3:00 p.m. at the Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Assembly of athletic delegations will be in Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City at 1:00 p.m., and parade will start at 3:00 p.m.

As a matter of policy, athletes who form part of the delegation/team composition are selected from among the winners in the respective sports discipline in the Division Athletic Meet for public and private elementary, secondary and special schools.

Operational expenses for supplies, materials and other incidental expenses relevant to the preparation and participation to the above mentioned activity including payment for allowances/honoraria and incentives of athletes, coaches, officials and members of the different working committee shall be charged and source from schools/division MOOE and/or from Special Education Fund (SEF) of your Local Government Unit.

All School Administrators, Department Heads and Teachers including parents are requested to extend their fullest support to this activity.

Officiating officials, coaches, trainers, chaperons and teachers will be granted service credits for everyday served on weekends and for the extra hours rendered on weekdays but not to exceed five (5) days during the conduct of the Palaro. Likewise, all DepEd Officials, Division PESS Supervisors and staff may avail of the compensatory time-off credits, not to exceed five (5) days during the conduct of the Palaro as per DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2003.



The DepEd-NCR is authorized to conduct the regional athletic meet for the school year 2015-2016 which shall be held on February 8-13, 2016 on a staggered basis with some games to be played in advance as early as February 1, 2016. The Regional Office, Host Division and the Regional Sports Technical Committee shall plan, organize, coordinate and manage the conduct of the regional meet.


1. Composition

The Regional Screening and Accreditation Committee (RSAC) shall consist of three (3) members from the Regional Office chosen by the Regional Director (1) from the Legal (2) from the Regional PESS & SE Office, (1) dentist and (1) authorized regional representative from each school division.

Decisions shall be approved by the majority of the members of the RSAC.

2. Qualification of Division Representative

2.1 Shall be the Chairman/Co-Chairman/Member of the Division Screening Committee during the division meet preceding the current Regional Athletic Meet.

3. Duties and Functions of the RSAC

3.1 Evaluates/Verifies the authenticity of the documents of the athletes, coaches and chaperons before and during the personal interview.

3.2 Accredits qualified athletes, coaches and chaperons.

3.3 Issues lists of qualified athletes, coaches and chaperons and Palaro Identification Cards (IDs)

3.4 Considers replacement for disqualified athletes during the period of screening.

3.5 Formulates ground rules not covered by the guidelines on eligibility.

3.6 Issues athletes photo galleries to Tournament Managers.

3.7 Re-checks with the Tournament Managers.

3.8 Monitors the fielding of athletes during the actual competition.

3.9 Investigates and renders decision(s) on cases of protests/complaints on eligibility and inform the Tournament Manager on the decision(s) made. All decision(s) shall be approved by the majority of the members of the RSAC.

3.10 Submits all updated records of athletes to the DepEd-NCR ESSD Office for centralized filing and safe keeping.

4. Rules on Participation

4.1 Participants

4.1.1 Participants in the Regional Meet / Palarong Pambansa are Elementary and Secondary athletes from public and private schools who have participated in the lower meets (Division and Region).

4.2 Eligibility of Athletes

4.2.1 Must be a Filipino Citizen.

4.2.2 Must be enrolled in a recognized school at the beginning of the current school year.

4.2.3 Must have attended/finished the curriculum year.

4.2.4 Should have participated in the lower/preliminary meets.

4.2.5 Elementary athletes shall be born on year 2003 or later, and secondary athletes on year 1998. Thereafter, add one year to the cut-off date for the succeeding year.

4.2.6 Pupil/Students-athletes who transferred from on region to another are allowed to participate, provided that the transfer was done at the beginning of the school year. Transferees from one division to another within the region are allowed to participate, provided, they have participated in the lower meets.

5. Grounds for Disqualification

5.1 Over-aged athletes

5.2 Athletes with failing grades in more than two (2) core subjects in the second grading period.

5.3 Athletes who are members of National Team, National Training Pool and Developmental Pool receiving monthly stipend/allowance from the PSC.

5.4 Athletes who failed to submit required documents / failure to submit themselves for personal interview on the specified time.

5.5 Athletes banned during the previous Palaro.

6. Required Documents to be Submitted during Screening

6.1 Athlete’s Record signed by the athlete, coach and PESS Division Supervisor.

6.2 Original and photocopy of birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Late registration may be accepted provided the same was issued one (1) year prior to current Regional Palaro / Palarong Pambansa.

In case of foreign born Filipino athletes, in lieu of NSO Birth Certificate, the original birth certificate issued by country of his/her birth and a valid passport showing his/her nationality, date and place of birth.

6.3 Form 137, Certified True Copy from original/computer printed, duly signed by the teacher-adviser, with fresh signatures of the Registrar/Principal/School Heads, and by the Division PESS Supervisor.

6.4 Parental Consent signed by the Parent/Guardian.

6.5 Certificate of Enrolment signed by School Principals/Registrar.

6.6 Certification of Completion duly signed by the School Registrar or the School Head (Palarong Pambansa)

6.7 Medical Certificate signed by a physician that athlete is physically fit and within the age limit required with a validity of three (3) months from the date issue. (The complete name of the signing physician shall clearly appear on this document, with the license number and date of examination.

6.8 Dental certificate with a universal entry, duly signed by a dentist over his/her clearly printed name and license number and with the date of examination three (3) months from date of the opening of Regional Palaro/Palarong Pambansa.

6.9 Four (4) passport size 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 identical pictures with name tag (surname, first name, middle initial) and grade/year level for Athletes Record, medical/dental certificate, gallery and Regional Palaro / Palarong Pambansa ID card.

6.10 List of Athletes indicating the date of birth, division, school and name of coach duly signed by the SDS/ASDS on soft (diskette, USB or any other media) and hard copy.

6.11 Affidavit of the coach attesting the authenticity/validity and correctness of the entries on the above mentioned documents submitted.

7. Eligibility of Coaches and Chaperons

7.1 Coaches and chaperons must be school or DepEd personnel.

7.2 Coaches and chaperons from public schools must have been in the service for at least six (6) months.

7.3 Documents to be submitted.


  • Certificate of employment (Certified true copy of the original document duly notarized).
  • Duly sworn affidavit/statement as to the authenticity of the documents submitted.
  • Form 212 with three (3) pieces ID pictures.
  • Medical Certificate
  • Certification from the NSA/PSC (if the alleged athlete/s is a member of the training pool and receiving or not a stipend)


  • Certificate of employment (Certified true copy of the original document duly notarized).
  • Form 212 with three (3) pieces ID pictures.
  • Medical Certificate


The RSAC shall:

8.1 Receive and examine all the athletes’ documents at least one week before the start of the Regional Palaro / Palarong Pambansa.

8.2 Interview athletes based on the documents submitted. It shall start on specified schedule date and shall end two days before the opening of the Regional Palaro/Palarong Pambansa.

8.3 Refer immediately to the medical/dental team for the further medical and dental examination on doubtful findings regarding the age and physical appearance of the athlete. The finding (s) of the RSAC / NSAC Medical Team shall be binding and legal.

8.4 Write down all findings/comments/notes on the front cover of the folder of the concerned athlete/team properly signed by the interviewer.

8.5 Convene all the members of the NSAC for the deliberation and accreditation of athletes.

8.6 Issue lists of accredited athletes/coaches/chaperons, Palaro Identification Cards before the opening of the Regional Palaro/Palarong Pambansa on soft and hard copies. The NSAC shall submit the original copy of the master list to the Regional Director (Chairman of the Palaro Board) thru the PESS Chief, General Manager of the Regional Meet. Technical Management and Administration). Certified true copies shall be furnished to the Heads of Division Delegations.

8.7 Provide the Tournament Managers athletes’ photo galleries and lists of accredited athletes / coaches of their respective events for purposes of checking the identity of athletes / coaches before the start of the game.

8.8 The RSAC shall interview and receive the documents in the following order.

a. The coach will be interview first, and shall submit the certificate of Employment, duly sworn Affidavit, Medical Certificate, and Personal Data Sheet with picture with name tag.
b. The chaperon shall submit the medical certificate and Personal Dara Sheet with picture with the name tag.
c. The athlete shall submit the AR-1, NSO (original and photo copy), Form 137, Certificate of Completion (Palarong Pambansa), Parent’s Consent and Medical and Dental Certificates.

9. Special Cases

9.1 In case where there is a discrepancy on the entry in the NSO and Form 137, the following documents shall be presented:

a. Joint Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons certifying on the true date of birth
b. Resolution signed by the Head of the Division Delegation
c. Local Civil Registry (LCR) issued Birth Certificate

9.2 In case there is a discrepancy in the entry of date of birth between the NSO-Birth Certificate and the Form 137 of the athlete, the following documents shall be presented:

9.3 Joint Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons, attesting to the true date of birth of the athlete;

9.4 Resolution signed by the Head of the Regional Delegation; and

9.5 Local Civil Registry (LCR)-lssued Birth Certificate.

9.6 In case there is a discrepancy in the entry of name between the NSO-Birth Certificate and the Form 137 of the athlete, the entry in the NSO-Birth Certificate shall prevail, provided that it is supported by a Resolution for change of entry or correction of name from the Head of the Regional Delegation.

9.7 In case the first or last name is not found at the top portion of the NSO-Birth Certificate but at the box below, the following shall be submitted:

a. Live Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR);
b. Copy of the application/petition duly received by the LCR (supplemental report to the LCR/Court);
c. Resolution signed by the Head of the Division Delegation;
d. Affidavit of the parents, attesting to the true first or last name of the athlete; and
e. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons attesting to the same.

9.8 When an illegitimate athlete uses the surname of his/her father, he/she shall submit (a) an acknowledgement (2nd page of the NSO-Birth Certificate) or a duly notarized acknowledgement by the father, and (b) an annotation on the NSO-Birth Certificate (for subsequent marriage of the parents).

9.9 When the gender of an athlete cannot be categorically determined by mere ocular inspection, an affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons, attesting to the true gender of the athlete, shall be submitted. The NSAC medical team shall conduct a physical examination. The finding(s) of the NSAC medical team shall be binding (for purposes of Palarong Pambansa records only)

9.10 Unreadable entries in the NSO-Birth Certificate shall be supported by the original Live Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR), and affidavits of the parents and two (2) disinterested persons, attesting to the true and correct entries. Typographical errors shall be supported by a Resolution signed by the Head of the Regional Delegation.

10. Replacement of Athlete/s

10.1. Replacement of athlete/s may be allowed, only before the final deliberation of the RSAC and upon the written request by the Head of the Regional Delegation, on the following grounds:

a. Due to medical or health reasons
b. The original athlete was not screened or interviewed
c. Due to lack or incomplete set of required documents on the date set the NSAC
d. The original athlete is not eligible to play, e g., over aged, impersonation, etc.


  1. Protest/s shall be in writing and duly signed by the coach and the Head of the Delegation or his / her official representative; and shall be filed, before the start of the second game of the concerned team, with the Chair of the RSAC. Protest/s filed by unauthorized persons shall be automatically dismissed, without prejudice to the re-filing of the same upon compliance with the abovementioned requirements. The RSAC may MOTU PROPIO conduct an investigation if there is an obvious truth or merit to the question/s of the eligibility of an athlete.
  2. Protests shall be accompanied by affidavit of witnesses and / or pieces of evidence in support thereof.
  3. The protest shall be acted immediately by the RSAC upon receipt thereof. The Decision of the RSAC shall be appealable only to the Regional Director through the PESS Chief. Athletes who have been disqualified on the grounds provided in these rules may appeal the decision of the RSAC. However, the appellant cannot play pending the resolution of his appeal.
  4. The protestant shall have the burden of proving his allegations and shall provide necessary evidence (documentary or testimonial), otherwise, the protest will be dismissed “MOTU PROPIO”.
  5. The RSAC may also conduct an investigation on complaint/s of misrepresentation, impersonation and violations of similar nature, for purposes of determining the eligibility of an athlete, without prejudice to the filing of appropriate administrative and/or criminal actions.
  6. The NSAC, by the authority of the Regional Director, shall investigate any complaints or information, even after the Regional Palaro/Palarong Pambansa, for any violation/s of the Revised Regional Palaro / Palarong Pambansa Eligibility Rules and Screening Guidelines; and shall recommend the appropriate disciplinary action against any person who violate the same.


  1. When a violation on the rules on eligibility is proven in team competitions, the games in which the individual has taken part shall be declared forfeited in favor of the opposing team. The individual performance, in case of individual events, shall be nullified.
  2. Any violation of the rules on eligibility is punishable by lifetime ban from participating in school sports competitions without prejudice to the filing of appropriate administrative and/or criminal charges against the erring officials and athletes.


  1. This Rules and Guidelines shall be adopted and strictly implemented in the Division and Regional Athletic Meet.
  2. The Regional and Division Offices shall create their own Screening and Accreditation Committee.
  3. To strengthen the implementation thereof, the members of the National Screening and Accreditation upon authority of the Secretary, shall monitor the conduct of screening and accreditation in the Region. Likewise, the RSAC shall monitor the conduct of screening and accreditation in their respective Divisions.


  1. Palaro Management and Officiating Officials – The DepEd regional, division and school personnel may be assigned as technical officials or management staff. Likewise, other sports leaders from the different private and government sports associations may also be tapped to assist in the conduct of the regional meet.
  2. Coaching Staff (Coach, Chaperons and Trainers) – Those presently employed in the school can serve as coaches and chaperons of the athletic teams. The trainer can be a teacher or any private individual who is knowledgeable of the sports being handled.


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