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2020 NSPC General Guidelines for School Paper Contests

Attached is a copy of Enclosure No. 4 to DepEd Memorandum 176, s. 2019 dated November 23, 2019, from DepEd Undersecretary Annalyn M. Sevilla, Officer-in-Charge, DepEd-Central Office entitled “2020 NATIONAL SCHOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE”, the contents of which are self-explanatory, for information and strict compliance.

2020 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) General Guidelines for School Paper Contests

A. The School Paper Contest is open to Elementary and Secondary schools whose school papers belong to the top ten per section per category in the region.

B. The top seven (7) highest pointers both in English and Filipino shall be declared as the best school papers in the country but the points of their ranking shall not be added to the determination of the overall best performing regions. Consequently, the top performing regions in this category will be recognized.

C. Any school paper found to have copied and published texts, images and other materials without duly acknowledging their sources shall be disqualified in the contest.

D. If the school paper shall join again the following year and found to have committed the same offense, the following sanctions shall be applied:

1st Offense: A formal notification shall be sent to Regional Director who shall inform the concerned Schools Division Superintendent. The SDS shall issue a written reprimand to the school paper adviser/s and the school principal. The concerned school paper adviser shall undergo a refresher course on Plagiarism organized by the Division. The Principal shall be asked to implement plans to teach their students about the ills of plagiarism and its consequences.

2nd Offense: Disqualification from the School Paper Contests for three (3) consecutive years.

E. The decision of the Board of Judges in all aspects of the contest shall be deemed final and irrevocable.

F. The school paper shall be submitted in paper-based format only:

Each region shall submit ten (10) best entries per category. Schools that will submit entries should include a Certificate of Circulation from the school principal duly noted by the Schools Division Superintendent that the printed school paper was widely circulated to at least two-thirds (2/3) of students’ population of the current school year. This certification should be included in the documents submitted to the Regional Office before the regional judging of the school papers.

The Regional Director shall then issue a Certificate of Endorsement stating that the printed regional entries for the School Paper Contest were widely circulated to at least two-thirds (2/3) of students’ population of the current school year.

The National Technical Working Group (NTWG) reserves the right to disqualify entries without Certificate of Endorsement from the Regional Director.

All entries submitted to the Bureau of Curriculum Development shall become property of the Department of Education-Central Office which grants the agency the exclusive right to exercise copyright and other intellectual property rights including storage, exhibition, derivation and distribution.

G. The different SECTIONS/CATEGORY to be judged for the school paper contest are as follows:

  1. News Section / Pahinang Balita
  2. Editorial Section / Pahinang Editoryal
  3. Feature Section / Pahinang Lathalain
  4. Sports Section / Pahinang Pampalakasan
  5. Science &> Technology Section / Pahinang Agham at Teknolohiya
  6. Layout and Page Design Category / Kategoryang Pag-aanyo at Disenyo ng Pahina

H. The Technical Specifications for both Elementary and Secondary levels are as follows:

1. No. of pages: minimum of 12 and maximum of 20

News Section- at least 3

Sports Section – at least 2 Feature Section – at least 3 Editorial Section – at least 2 Science & Technology Section – at least 2

2. Process: Offset / Digital

3. Paper stock: Bookpaper or C2S 60GSM – 80 GSM

4. Color: Front and back cover in full color

Inside pages in black and white

5. Size:


12”xl8”(High School)

I. Each section will be judged according to the guidelines/criteria set for the section/category.

J. After a thorough three-to-five-day evaluation by a set of judges, each region will submit ten (10) winners per section and for each medium (English and Filipino) to the Central Office. The school paper entries should be properly sealed and labeled per section.

K. Sufficient copies of the school paper entries should be included in the package. The number of copies should correspond to the number of regional winnings of each school paper. A list of winning regional entries should also accompany the package, which should be duly endorsed by the Regional Director to the Bureau of Curriculum Development on or before the deadline.

L. No school is allowed to submit their school paper entry (ies) directly to the Central Office.

M. Failure to comply with the set guidelines in evaluating school papers will be a ground for disqualification.

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Download DepEd Memorandum No. 176, s. 2019

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