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Palarong Pambansa Badminton Technical Guidelines

2018 Palarong Pambansa Badminton Technical Guidelines


A. The competition shall be held in accordance with the current Laws and Regulations of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). However, in matters not covered by these rules and regulations, decision shall rest with the Tournament Manager.
B. The Technical Committee/Tournament Manager shall be responsible for the technical organization of the tournament. The decision of the committee in all matters regarding the competition shall be final.
C. Only the official coach or assistant coach/trainer are allowed to approach the Match Control/Referee with regards to questions and inquiries during the match.
D. Only the Official Coach, Asst. Coach/Trainer, Chaperon listed on the gallery are allowed to sit on the coaches chair and approach the players during intervals. (Maximum of 2 persons allowed)


A. The format of the competition shall be run on a single elimination or knock-out system for all events (Team Tie and Individual Event) in elementary and secondary level both boys and girls.


A. Team Tie Competition (Elementary/Secondary) Boys and Girls
B. Individual Competition (Elementary/Secondary) Boys and Girls

1. * Boys’s Singles (BS) – (Two (2) entries/Region)
2. * Girl’s Singles (GS) – (Two (2) entries/Region)
3. * Boy’s Doubles (BD) – (One (1) entry/Region)
4. * Girl’s Doubles (GD) – (One (1) entry/Region)
5. * Mixed Doubles (MXD) – (One (1) entry/Region)


A. A team/region must have a maximum of four (4) players (mandatory fielding of four (4) players per team tie is required).
B. Each tie shall consist of two (2) singles and one (1) doubles.
C. The order of play shall be as follows: Singles-Doubles-Singles (SDS)
D. Fifteen (15) minutes before the commencement of play of each tie, the coach shall submit the composition of his/her team to the Match Control/Referee and to the opposing coach. No substitution shall be allowed under any circumstances after the tie has commenced.
E. In case a team wins two (2) events (singles, doubles) and the tie has already been decided, the remaining match (2nd Singles) will not be played.
F. In case a team fails to submit their fielding form on time, the Tournament Manager will use the team’s fielding strategy in the previous round.


A. Pairings for elementary and secondary levels for both boys and girls in all events shall be done by draw lots except for the seeded players/regions based on last year Palarong Pambansa results held in the Province of Albay. (Seed 1-4)


A. Drawing of lots shall be done during the Solidarity Meeting of the 2018 Palarong Pambansa or one (1) day before the actual competition. (Electronic draw lots shall be implemented)
B. Coaches or representatives shall be the one to make the draw to determine their opponent.
C. Coach / representative’s right to question the tournament proceedings or technical guidelines shall be waived if he/she fails to attend the Solidarity Meeting.


A. Coaches shall submit their entries for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles competition during the Solidarity Meeting before the start of the drawing of lots on a prescribed entry form to be provided by the management.
B. The entries shall be duly signed by the coach/team representative.
C. Upon submission of the entries (duly signed by the coach/team representative), no substitution shall be allowed especially after the draw.


A. The BWF scoring system of 1-21 points (rally point) best of three games shall apply. In case the score becomes 20-all, the player/pair who gains an advantage of two (2) points wins the game (20-22, 23-21). If the score becomes 29-all, the player/pair who score the 30th point wins the game.


A. A ten (10) minute grace period on the scheduled tie/match shall be given, otherwise the team/player shall be declared loser via walk-over.


A. All players are required to use their playing uniform (regional colors) or must be on a prescribed badminton uniform.
B. Court officials shall wear collared T-shirts, Black/Blue pants (slacks), black leather shoes and black/blue socks when officiating.
C. Coaches are required to wear proper attire during the competition. Wearing of sleeveless shirt and slippers when coaching are not allowed.


A. Protest on eligibility will be settled at the level of the Organizing and Screening and Eligibility Committee.
B. Protest on technicality will be settled at the level of the Tournament Referee/Tournament Manager.


A. Court officials will not be allowed to officiate in a match if he/she is under the influence of liquor (alcoholic beverages).

B. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the playing area – let us make badminton a smoke-free competition.


A. The decision of the Referee on any disputes during the competition shall be final.

The ongoing ties/matches will be impossible to continue; such ties/matches will be continued later from the point where it was disrupted.

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