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DepEd Guidelines on the Use of the Pass Slip

DepEd San Pablo City Division Memorandum No. 236, s. 2018, entitled: GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF THE PASS SLIP, is hereby attached for the information of all concerned.

DepEd Guidelines on the Use of the Pass Slip

To ensure engaged time-on-task, and for the monitoring of the whereabouts of Schools Division Office (SDO) personnel during office hours, DepEd issues these guidelines on the use of the Pass Slip.

All SDO personnel shall accomplish the Pass Slip upon leaving the premises of their respective offices.

The SDO building premises cover the School Health and Nutrition building (Clinic), the Division Canteen, the Boy Scout building, and the surrounding grounds. Going to the San Pablo Central School area and outside its fences shall already require the use of the Pass Slip. For personnel who hold office in the Library Hub, going outside the building already requires a Pass Slip.

The duly accomplished Pass Slip, signed by the immediate supervisor of the concerned personnel, shall be submitted to the Guard-on-Duty upon leaving. Data on the Pass Slip shall be recorded by the Guard-on-Duty on the Pass Slip Consolidation template, which shall be signed by the concerned personnel.

All SDO personnel and visitors shall enter and exit the SDO building using the main door. Other entrance or exit passages shall only be used during emergencies.

School Health and Nutrition Section Personnel, as well as those who hold office in the Library Hub shall also submit their duly accomplished Pass Slips to the Guard-on-Duty in the SDO building, on the most appropriate and practical date and time.

Expenses relative to the implementation of these guidelines shall be charged against local funds subject to accounting and auditing rules and procedures.

DepEd Guidelines on the Use of the Pass Slip
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