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2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Ramir Uytico

Today is a milestone! The graduation and moving-up ceremonies are a testimony, a living document that tells the world how far we all have come, and how successful we all are in the achievement of our goals.

This year’s theme: “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All” articulates our foremost aspiration to provide quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating education to all our learners of diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, languages, and socio-economic status. We remain cognizant that this diversity is the beauty of our civilization. After all, successes and achievements have no color.

This thinking invites all in the education sector and our stakeholders to expand the traditional notion of learner differences to a recognition of learners and their diverse life-worlds and the need to build on this diversity. This recognition has brought us all to this day, when all our learners are provided with equal opportunities to develop their potentials. It has also opened many possibilities that their future could contain.

To the graduates and completers, celebrate, but remain motivated. Never take your eyes off your goal. Know that you were made for great things, so, believe in your dreams. As the prime mover of this Region, I can confidently say that with your teachers, parents and school officials, we have prepared you well to face the real life outside the classrooms. Get involved. Fight for your seat in this world. Whatever you plan to pursue after today, keep learning, keep trying, and keep venturing on through your journey.

To the parents, you deserve the best form of accolades. I thank you for producing wonderful children, who will be the future of this planet. I thank you for being our partners in the education of our children. Never waver on your provision of support and love. Caps off to you parents and guardians. Well done!

To the teachers, you are our frontline soldiers in this educational battlefield. You deserve to be appreciated for being able to successfully respond to the multitude of backgrounds, abilities, aspirations and ways of engaging that make up the diverse student cohort. In spite of your personal challenges, you have been propelled by your desire to promote equality education that reflects the perspectives and experiences of a diverse society.

To all of you who have stakes in education, congratulations and all the best for the future!

OIC-Regional Director

2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Ramir Uytico
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