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Requirements Checklist for Head Teacher I, II, III in the Secondary Schools

  1. Transcript of Records/Special Order/Duly approved Updated ERT – for determining the educational preparation of the candidate;
  2. Service Records – for determining the experience of the candidate;
  3. Certification of Relevant training – for determining the training(s) the candidate has to his/her credit;
  4. Civil Service Eligibility – for determining the eligibility of the candidate/PRC License;
  5. Item Number per updated and post-audited Plantilla of Personnel;
  6. Sworn Statement in accordance with Department Order No. 12, s.1962.
  7. Permit to Study in the masteral level
  8. copy of Thesis Book.
  9. Rank List of all personnel who are qualified for the desired position, duly signed by the Chairman and Members of the Ranking Committee, and attested by the Schools Division Superintendent; /Certification the applicant is the lone candidate;
  10. Waiver from concerned personnel(s) – in the event that the Candidate is not the most ranking / Certification that the applicant is the lone candidate
  11. Certification of the Principal that the candidate has Very Satisfactory Ratings for the last 3 rating periods.
  12. Certification of the Principal and attested by the Schools Division Superintendent that the candidate has at least 1,2,3,4,5 years experience as acting Chairman of the Department;
  13. List of teachers in each of the eight (8) major subject areas, duly identified by their respective team number per post-audited Plantilla of Personnel, each page duly signed/certified correct by the head of the school and attested by the Schools Division Superintendent;
  14. Copy of the Plantilla of Personnel, reflecting the name of the candidate, among others
  15. Updated PSI of the division/school
  16. Copy of the school’s post-audited Plantilla of Personnel for the current Fiscal Year (Including the Plantilla for new/extension Teacher I positions);
  17. Name, position title and subject area assignment of existing Head Teacher(s) in the school, if any;
  18. Computation/Matrix for the resulting salary increment
  19. Plantilla Allocation List
  20. Ample justification(s) for the need for the position;
  21. School’s BPS Forms 29, 30, and 31 (Class Program, Teacher’s Program, and Summary of Information on Secondary Teachers, respectively) for current School Year;
  22. Name, position title and subject area assignment of the candidate.

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