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Roles and Responsibilities of EGRA and EGMA Assessors and Supervisors Assessor’s Responsibilities

EGRA and EGMA Assessors Responsibilities

  1. Administer the EGRA or EGMA instruments to students properly, following all test administration guidelines.
  2. Ensure that the information in all completed instruments is clear, complete and consistent.
  3. Inform the supervisor or team leader of any problems or difficulties encountered during administration and help identify appropriate solutions.
  4. Bring needed materials to the school.
  5. Strictly follow all instructions and protocols on selecting students.
  6. Encode results of the assessment accurately, following the prescribed format set by BEA.
  7. Submit data gathered to the Schools Division Supervisor and BEA focal person within a month of data gathering.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that the list of sampled or identified schools (with the replacement) in the schools divisions is ready.
  2. Ensure that all assessors have specific assignment of schools in the schools division assigned.
  3. Oversee, plan, and organize fieldwork data collection prior to deployment
  4. Guarantee the team’s on time arrival at each school, with all the necessary materials.
  5. Introduce the team and explain the purpose of the visit to school authorities (i.e., school head or principal).
  6. Guarantee that the sample of students is drawn following proper procedures for randomization.
  7. Supervise the work of assessors during the assessment period to guarantee friendly and professional treatment of students as well as correct application of instructions for each subtask including use of stopwatch or timer.
  8. Provide guidance to assessors to help them improve the quality of their work.
  9. Guarantee that every student instrument administered is collected in order and complete.
  10. Receive the data submission from the assessors ensuring the correct use of encoding template.
  11. Ensure the completeness of data submission from the assessors to the BEA focal person.

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