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E-Commerce Act Paves the Way for the Use of Soft Copies of MOVS for IPCRF

The demand for IPCRF or Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form is anticipated with the end of School Year Review, and this form needs an MOV or Means of Verification upon submission.

A soft copy of MOVs are more convenient to submit than the hard copy ones, and to quote a part of Republic Act No. 8792 Chapter 1 Section 7 or the E-Commerce Act of 2000, it says: “Electronic documents shall have the legal effect, validity or enforceability AS ANY OTHER document or legal writing…” (all caps added by the author for emphasis)

Quoting Mr. Diosdado San Antonio, Regional Director of DepEd Region IV-A Calabarzon, on a Facebook post last April 3, 2019:

“Please be informed that digital portfolios are allowed to be submitted as MOVs for the IPCRF required from teachers and school officials relative to the RPMS in DepEd Region IV-A CALABARZON. This saves paper and ink. Teachers have the option to submit hard copies though, but only on voluntary basis.”

Diosdado San Antonio, Regional Director, Region IV-A CALABARZON

Again, quoting Regional Order No. 552, s. 2018 from Francis Cesar B. Bringas, CESO V, Regional Director, DepEd Region XIII dated October 4, 2018, entitled REINFORCING POLICIES ON TEACHERS’ WELFARE.”

“The IPCRF is a form where teachers reflect individual commitments and performance based on their Key Result Areas (KRAs). The KRA is the mandate or function of the office and/or individual employee/teacher. Digital Means of Verifications (MOVs) may be allowed to address issues on personal expense in the production of multiple copies of MOVs. The teacher however should keep the original hardcopies for future reference. MOVs that are regularly monitored by the school head throughout the school year need not be included in the year-end submission of the teacher as summary of these are expected to be in possession of the school head.”

But even with the approval of the Law and a supplemental Memorandum from Region IV-A and Region XIII on the use of soft copies, many regions and School Divisions are still imposing the use of hard copies.

This issue was raised and discussed, reiterating that there is no need for Regional or DepEd Memorandum for the use of soft copies, because there is already a Law supporting and pushing for its use.

Dexter Pante, DepEd BHROD
Photo Courtesy: ISCHOOLFORMS / Sir Wedzmer Briz Munjilul
Mark Anthony Llego convo with DepEd BHROD

Again, quoting a part from the Section 7 of E-Commerce Act:

“Where the law requires a document to be in writing, that requirement IS MET by an electronic document if the said electronic document maintains its integrity and reliability and can be authenticated so as to be usable for subsequent reference..”
(all caps added by the author for emphasis)

This issue is very timely.

Regions, School Divisions, and all the concerned personnel must be made aware of this Law, for the Law to realize its full potential and provide more convenience and efficiency in the process of submitting important documents.

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