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Standard Color Scheme for DepEd School Buildings

Standard Color Scheme for DepEd School Buildings

The standard paint/color schedule of DepEd school buildings shall be as follows:

Standard Color Scheme for DepEd School Buildings

ElementDepEd MPSS Color SchemePaint / Color ScheduleMasonry Paint (Latex)Paint for Wood, Metal, etc.
ROOFING and ACCESSORIES (if introduced)Foam GreenFoam GreenN / A
DOORSPalmyra GreenTemptation
COLUMNS and BEAMSBeige (Light shade)Yellow Rain
EXTERIOR WALLBeige (Very Light shade)Crisp EcruSemi-gloss LatexQuick-dry Enamel
INTERIOR WALLBeige (Lightest shade)Bright Wonder(QDE) Semigloss
CEILING (suspended or slab / stair slab soffit)WhiteWhite
GRILLS and RAILINGSPalmyra GreenN / A
BASEBOARDBeige (Lightest shade)N / A
FLOOR FINISH (Interior and Exterior)Concrete Plain Cement Non-skid finish (Grayish color)N / AN / AN / A

Paint materials for internal finish must be independently certified lead-safe paints/coatings.

All new school buildings should follow the standard color scheme above, except in the following cases:

  • A different dominant color scheme already exists. In such cases, the dominant color scheme may be applied.
  • Designs and/or accents depicting local culture or school approach are practiced. In such cases, the same design/accents may be adopted.
  • In both cases above, no additional cost may be charged.

No new design, accent, or color scheme different from what is hereby prescribed and/or from what already predominantly exists under Item 3 above may be proposed/introduced.

There is a need to ensure, as far as practicable, the uniformity of all public school buildings essentially to provide an environment for educational activities, and effective teaching and learning. At the same time, the DepEd encourages and promotes regional diversity and cultural identity.

Roof Markings

Roof Markings shall be painted on the main building or the tallest building of the school. It shall include only the DepEd logo and School ID Number.

Details and specifications shall be as follows:

Roof MarkingSizeColor
DepEd Logo
Refer to DepEd Order No. 69, s. 2003 entitled DepEd Logo
3.80 m Height
7.60 m Length
Existing DepEd Logo Design
School I.D. Number2.00 m Height
0.30 m Thick
Blue with Color White Outline

Note: Distance between the DepEd Logo and the School I.D Number shall be at least 2.00m

Wall Markings

All walls must be free from any markings, except the following which may be painted on separate prominent places:

An interior wall section may be selected and dedicated for the recognition of sponsors, donors, and other school partners, provided that the recognition material shall follow a standard metal plaque format that will be mounted on the wall.

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  1. The design are still old school. look’s like 70’s school building hehe. just joking. but great calculations especially paint color and woods that been used. thanks for the blog Sir Mark.


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