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DepEd Region III STE Program Qualifications (Grade 7) for SY 2020-2021

DepEd Region III STE Program Qualifications (Grade 7) for SY 2020-2021

All STE Program implementing schools are directed to adhere to the herein attached DepEd Region III Regional Memorandum No. 136, s. 2020 entitled Guidelines in Determining Grade 7 Students who are Qualified and Authorized to Enroll in Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) Program for the SY 2020-2021.


1. Due to the health risk brought about by the COV1D-19 pandemic, the usual process in screening the students who are interested to enroll in the STE Program shall be modified. The admission test, which was first scheduled on February 29, 2020, per Regional Memorandum No. 4, 2020 was postponed pursuant to DepEd Memorandum No. 015, s. 2020 titled “First Set of Policy Directives of the DepEd Task Force NCOV.” Again, it was rescheduled on March 14, 2020, per Regional Memorandum No. 57, 2020, but it was indefinitely postponed in accordance with the pronouncement of Hon. President Rodrigo Duterte on March 16, 2020, re: “ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE” to the entirety of Luzon.

2. The last stage in the selection/screening process, the admission test, shall no longer be administered this School Year 2020-2021, instead, the following steps in selecting the qualifiers shall be observed:

a. Grade 6 learner who already underwent the 1st and 2nd stages of screening, documentary evaluation and interview, respectively, shall submit a certified true copy of his or her card with complete grades from the 1st to the 4th grading periods to the school where he/she underwent the first two stages of the screening process. Online or actual submission of cards shall be done on or before July 3, 2020. It is within the discretion of the school head if new applicants will be accepted. However, in accepting new applicants the required grades stated in RM No. 4, s. 2020 must be met.

b. The receiving school shall compute the average grade of each applicant’s final grades in Science, English, and Mathematics in three decimal places. Likewise, the general average shall be recomputed in three decimal places as a basis in breaking the tie. The template in Enclosure 1 shall be used in consolidating the results.

c. Applicants shall be ranked based on the computed average grade of the three cited subjects. In case of tie/multiple ties in the last slot, the recomputed general average in three decimal places shall be used to break the tie. A maximum of 35 students will be selected for one section, 70 for two sections, 105 for three sections, and so on.

d. Hardcopy of the complete list of the ranked applicants with a signature of the signatories per school and a soft copy shall be submitted to the Schools Division Office on or before July 10, 2020 and shall be endorsed to the Regional Office on or before July 17, 2020. The soft copy should be in an Excel spreadsheet. In the SDO with more than one STE implementing schools, the soft copies from the different schools shall be saved in one flash drive/CD, while the hard copies shall be compiled in one folder with one endorsement from the SDS.

e. The qualifiers who will be authorized to enroll in the STE program shall be determined at the Regional Office.

f. Unnumbered Memorandum shall be released per division to announce the list of qualifiers per school.

g. In case there are students in the list of STE qualifiers who will not enroll, the next in rank applicant, rank 36 onward if the school caters one section, rank 71 onward for the two sections, rank 106 onward for the three sections, and so on shall be accommodated. List of students who will replace those who will not enroll shall be submitted to this Office through endorsement from the SDS.

h. The same procedure shall be followed by the schools with the intent to implement the program starting School Year 2020-2021. These schools are those that had already undergone inspection and validation last January-February 2020.

3. Provisions in the previous issuances relative to the administration of the STE admission test for SY 2020-2021 from this Office that are inconsistent with this Memorandum are hereby rescinded.

4. For more information, please contact Ms. Librada M. Rubio, Regional Science Education Program Supervisor, at mobile number 09171822064, or through email at librada.rubioh deped.gov.ph.

5. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Memorandum is directed.

Director III
Office of the Regional Director

DepEd Region III STE Program Qualifications (Grade 7) for SY 2020-2021

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