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Students and Parents Bullying Teachers: A Fast Spreading Disease

Mark was upset that his teacher gave him a low mark and many corrections on his reaction paper. He gave up his Saturday night date just to get the paper done. Needless to say, he was fired up about failing. Mark vowed to make the teacher pay for treating him so unfairly. As soon as he got home, he signed up for a popular social media site and anonymously posted vulgar remarks about the teacher. Soon after Mark’s initial post, the page was littered with degrading comments and pictures from other students at the school.


The situation above shows that there are factors that are beyond the teacher’s control. Teachers, yes, are meant to instill proper discipline to the students but still, the parents are the main responsible for shaping their children’s character as most values are first learned at home. Sadly, teachers still get the blame for their misbehaving students and that they are being shut up and told not to complain and are being told that it’s their fault why their students behaved so.

Some years ago, students who misbehave in class would be sent in the corner, asked to do community service and worst, be slapped on the wrist. These were just among the few punishments effective to stop the bad behavior of the students. In today’s schools, especially after the implementation of the CHILD PROTECTION POLICY, punishments mentioned above are no more existent, and laughable. Children feel the need to push the line to find the teacher’s limit. They find satisfaction in challenging the teacher mentally, socially, and physically. Learn about the trend of students bullying teachers!

Students can bully a teacher in many ways. They can display terrible behavior in the class just to get attention from the other students in the class which will eventually distract them from focusing on the lesson and on the teacher; in turn, the bullying student will gain control of the classroom.

Outside the classroom, the teachers can be bullied too. This can be done through cyberbullying by the use of social media or by even sending insulting texts and instant messages to other students via cellphone or computer. It can be done by intentionally disrespecting the teacher in the school hallways, or at a school event, or by spreading false and malicious rumors about the teacher among the other students in the school.

Students may also harm the teachers physically. They can hit, punch, kick and push them. They can also harass, verbally abuse, threaten and intimidate them which is equally damaging as physical harm. When these things are done, mental abuse can take place leaving the teacher feeling down and emotionally hurt. This may result in severe anxiety and stress to the teachers.

Bullying has been one of the main concerns in education in the past few years. People concern like the administrators, teachers, and heads of different institutions have placed strict rules against bullying. Some school clubs and organizations were also formed to address bullying and to help the victims of the said act. Bullying can take many forms and can occur in various ways. We have been aware of when and how to step in and take a stand against the bullying we see among students.


There have been several articles written here in Teacherph about teachers who are bullied by the administration. But unknowingly, every day, in our classrooms, we meet students who are too stubborn to the point that they think about taking revenge when their teachers’ teacher did something that may have embarrassed them. And when this thing happens, we are always told and scolded by put administrators telling us how we can’t have control over our own classrooms.

Let’s take a look at this scenario:

There’s a new teacher who was verbally insulted and was even hurt physically when one of the students intentionally bumped him on the hallway. The student said sorry in a sarcastic way and told her it wasn’t his intention but when the teacher started to walk away, the student who bumped him laughed with his colleagues shouting ‘IT WAS A JOB WELL DONE!’

When the teacher reported about it, it was told that charges would not be pressed against the students and it would be handled within the school by administration. I read nothing regarding the consequences for those students. It makes me wonder, then, how many times incidences like this occur and go unreported because the teacher feels powerless and victimized to the point that they wonder if there is any purpose to even saying anything about the behavior within the classroom.

Most people don’t realize that students bullying teachers is common and even occurs more often than they realize. And of course, this type of bullying is commonly unreported and neglected by the authority. Parents can also bully teachers when they take the side of their children and defend them for doing the wrong thing. When bullying like this is reported, sometimes nothing occurs or very little is done in terms of student discipline by the higher powers-that-be from in-school administration.

Recently, there was a study that proved that the number of teachers undergoing medicinal treatment for trauma and depression has increased. Well, every day, teachers face students who are uncontrollable and it is very common that the administration seems not to care or out of control with regards to the matter. Students are just called to the disciplinary office and are told to not do it again, and are simply released without further action. And when teachers want the parent to take action about it and discipline their children, their requests have remained unanswered or neglected.

So, no matter what anyone says, teachers still remain rendered powerless in the face of bullying students and feel they have nowhere to turn to that will give ease their feelings. There are many teachers who weep over the bullying of their students. And we cannot deny the fact that there has been already a GREAT CHANGE IN STUDENTS’ BEHAVIOURS REGARDING RESPECT FOR ADULTS in the past years, and many reasons are given as to why this has occurred. Unfortunately, few of them suffice when a teacher is shaking to enter his/her classroom each day or dreads going to work because of one or a group of students who will make it their personal mission to make that teacher miserable, knowing administration will do little to support the teacher.

That is why it is time now that a law must be passed in order to protect us. If we care to protect our students, we too must protect ourselves first!

Like what ACT (Alliance of Concerned Teachers) representative, Antonio L. Tinio said that “while child protection is indispensable, TEACHER PROTECTION IS ALSO A MUST…”

Students, as well as teachers, must be held liable to what they do in and outside the class too. They, must learn, from us, that discipline is a MUST and that RESPECT must be shown to people with higher authority than them- like us, their teachers!

Now, let us share with you a post by Maam Jai Sampedro and Sir Benjo Basas which just have gone viral recently.

Kung may “Child Protection Policy” tayo, sana mayroon ding “Teacher Protection Policy.” Sometimes (or most of the time)…

  1. Media abuse the rights of the teachers.
  2. Parents abuse the rights of the teachers.
  3. People in the organization abuse the rights of the teachers.

Minsan naman, pakinggan nyo muna ang mga teacher.
Minsan naman, unawain nyo muna ang mga teacher.
Minsan naman, magtanong muna kayo sa mga teacher.

Teachers are also humans:

  1. They have their own rights.
  2. They are not perfect.
  3. They also feel tired.
  4. They have their own family to take care of.
  5. They have their own problems.
  6. They have their own strength and weaknesses.
  7. They need social life.

Minsan o madalas nga…

  1. Tulog na kayo pero ang mga teacher ay gising pa at gumagawa ng lesson plan.
  2. Nanonood na kayo ng t.v. pero ang mga teacher ay nasa mesa pa gumagawa ng materials at visual aids para sa lesson nila kinabukasan.
  3. Namamasyal na kayo pero ang mga teacher ay hindi makaalis ng bahay kasi may kailangan silang tapusing report na hinihingi ng paaralan.
  4. Naka-tatlong beses na kayong magmiryenda pero ang mga teachers ay hindi pa halos kumakain ng tanghalian dahil may tinatapos pa silang gawain.

Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito…

  1. Nakatanggap ba ng masigabong palakpakan ang mga teachers?
  2. Nakatanggap ba ng simpleng “thank you” ang teachers mula sa mga magulang ng kanilang eskwela? (“Ma’am/Sir, salamat po sa lahat ng ginagawa mong pagtuturo at pag-aalaga sa anak ko.”)
  3. Naipadama ba sa mga teachers ang kahalagahan nila sa lahat ng kanilang pagod, pagsisikap, pagtitiis at paghihirap?

Kapag nagkasala o nagkamali ang mga teacher…

  1. Pinararatangan na…
  2. Sinusugod na ng mga magulang…
  3. Inirereklamo na…
  4. Kinukundena na (lalo ng media)…

Opinyon lang po… kayo ang humusga.


Child Protection Policy nga eh, ibig sabihin patakaran kung paano bibigyan ng proteksiyon ang mga bata. Anong masama? Hindi nga ba’t kaya tayo naging teacher ay dahil mahal natin ang mga bata? Hindi ba’t kaya tayo nag-teacher ay para turuan ang mga bata? Kasama sa ating responsibilidad ang unawain sila, alagaan at tanggapin sila ng buong pagpipitagan.

At hindi kasama sa trabaho natin ang paluin, murahin, saktan, ipahiya at abusuhin ang mga bata. Hindi ka tunay na guro kung ito ang iyong intensiyon. Gayunman kung minsan, sa ngalan ng disiplina at pagnanais na matuto ang mga bata, may pagkakataon na napapasigaw, napapamura, nagsesermon, nakakapambato ng chalk o eraser o nakakapamalo ang ilan sa atin. Hindi natin ito maituturing na pagmamalabis, pagkukulan pa, maaari. Hindi natin kailanman kukunsintihin ang sinumang teacher na may layuning mang-abuso o nasanay sa ganitong gawain. Subalit dapat nating ipagtanggol, kalingain at protektahan ang mga guro na nalalagay sa alanganin dahil sa mga kasong may kinalaman umano sa child abuse, lalo na kung sila ay biktima lamang ng mga sirkumstansiya.

Hindi masama ang Child Protection Policy. Pero bakit ganun? Bakit laging teacher ang nasasangkot sa mga kaso ng pang-aabuso sa mga bata? Bakit napakaraming teacher ang nakakasuhan? Bakit napakaraming teacher na ang nakikilan, tinakot at pinagbantaan dahil sa mga bintang ng pang-aabuso? Bakit napakaraming teacher na ang pinagpiyestahan sa media at social media kasunod ng mga paratang ng pang-aabuso. Hindi pa man nakakasuhan, nahusgahan na at naparusahan si kawawang guro.

Ito kasi ang mukha ng Child Protection Policy sa atin- malupit, mahigpit. At lagi nitong nabibiktima ang mga guro. Laging naaabuso ang magandang hangarin ng batas. At ang mga guro, walang proteksiyon sa eskandalo, sa banta at mismong sa legal na asunto. Mantakin mo, lahat ng alam nating paraan ng pandidisiplina ay child abuse pala. Paano na? Saan tayo pupulutin at saan papunta ang ating mga mahal na mag-aaral sa ganitong sistema?
Sa ganitong kalagayan, may mali sa child protection policy. Sa ganitong kalagayan, may masama sa child protection policy.

Muli nating ipaalala sa DepEd, walang guro na nanaising saktan ang kanyang mag-aaral. Sapagkat walang sinumang tao ang maaaring maging guro kung hindi siya likas na mapagmahal, maunawain at matiyaga sa mga bata.

Child Protection Policy DepEd

(Si Teacher Richard ng Quezon City ay sinakal at pinagbantaan ng kanyang estudyante dahil umano sa pakikialam niyo sa fraternity nito. Mapalad pa siya, dahil noong taong 2010, isang guro sa Caloocan ay napatay sa saksak ng knayang estudyante matapos na sabihan niyang ida-drop kung hindi magpapagupit. At nito lamang 2016, isang guro sa Cagayan De Oro ang napatay rin ng kanyang estudyante dahil lang sa pagsaway niya dito sa paggamit ng celphone.) – Benjo Atingguro Basas

I’d be interested in reading your comments and feedback below while I continue to research strategies to help the bullied teacher cope and take action. Please share this post with your friends on social media. Let our voices be heard.

Want to help the Teachers Protection Act be Passed? Help us voice out our concerns.

Kindly type your comment below. Your opinion counts! And is appreciated.


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  3. Student Discipline and Teacher Protection Act (House Bill No. 5735)
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Mark Anthony Llego, from the Philippines, has significantly influenced the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access essential information and exchange ideas. His contributions have enhanced their instructional and supervisory abilities. Moreover, his articles on teaching have reached international audiences and have been featured on highly regarded educational websites in the United States.

73 thoughts on “Students and Parents Bullying Teachers: A Fast Spreading Disease”

  1. Habang binasa ko naiiyak ako kase hanggang Ngayon ramdam ko parin Yung sakit kung paano ako sinisigaw sigawan at dinuro Ng isang parent in public place pakiramdam ko noon para akong Langgam na tiniris Niya Ng dahil lang Ng homevisit ako para ipaalala na Hindi nagpapasa Ang anak Niya Ng mga answersheets sa modules Niya ilang weeks na po Ang nkakalipas pero naalala ko pa Ang nangyari first time ko kase masigawan sa 30 years kong nabuhay Dito sa ibabaw Ng Lupa Sana my TEACHERS protection policy na maipatupad . Hindi lang po para saakin kundi para sa lahat Ng kapwa ko Teachers na patuloy na lumalaban . Nawawala na po kase Ang respeto Ng ibang parents sa mga guro . Hindi ko po nilalahat . Hindi ako against sa child protection policy pero dapat my teachers protection policy din po . Thank you so much Sana maisulong .

  2. Majority of Filipino families have trouble issues. Many Filipinos come from separated parents, abusive family, addicted relatives and gang patriarchal society. Since late 1999, liberalism began in the country and young Filipinos are no longer afraid of their church, government and school. As a result, they have the freedom to say what they want. When I started working as a teacher many years ago, I noticed that most of my co-workers tolerate the bad behavior of their students and they didn’t bother disciplining them. I always discipline my student and I’m frank to the parents so that they may know what is going on. I worked in call center and ESL companies too. Most Call center agents and ESL teachers are rude and worst. My neighbors are rude bullies too. IN SHORT, WE ARE NOW living in a MORAL DECAY society.

  3. I am a Social Worker and I submit to some aspect of your opinion. However, naniniwala ako na hindi intensyon ng Child Protection Policy abd DepEd Order No. 40 series of 2012 na kawawain ang mga teachers. Strengthening the school’s chilf protection committee and partnership with the stakeholders will greatly help teachers sa mga ganiton problema. I hope we dont generalize kasi hindi lahat ng kaso ng teacher pare parehas. It is always a case to case basis.

  4. the child protection policy is the main reason why students are now so abusive since they know the teachers cannot do anything lest they be charged with child abuse. the teacher is really pitiful. they really need protection.

  5. How I wish that there should also be a Teacher Protection Policy. Teachers are imperfect so mistakes can’t be avoided. Because of this, there are parents who always blame the teachers of whatever happen to their children at school. “TOXIC PARENTS” are already increasing in number in schools.
    Teachers being bullied both by the parents and students can’t already teach to the best they can.
    Protection for teachers is a must so education will not suffer.

  6. Sana maipasa na ang batas na iyan nang mabigyan naman ng proteksyon ang mga guro. Bilang school head napakasakit sa akin kapag may mga kasamahan akong guro na na tinatrato ng walang paggalang ng mga magulang. Yong nakikita mo na man na sobra sobra na ang ibinigay sa paaralan at mga eskwela nila pero at end may masasabi pa ring di maganda sa kanila. Minsan nakakatampo na rin ang ating ahensya kase may mga pagkakataong di mo marndaman na pinoproteksyonan ang mga guro, puro na lang bata. Di ko rin naman basta maipagtangol ang guro dahil ang sasabihin sa iyo may kinakampihan ka. Sa lang magkaboses naman tayong mga guro di namn yon kahit tayo na ang biktima tayo pa rin ang pinagpipieystahan ng media, Maunod ka ng TV mabinilang mo sa kamay ang balita tungkol sa kabutihan ng guro pero yong balita tungkol sa guro na di umanoy nakasakit ng eskwela and dami headline pa.

  7. This Teacher Protection Act is necessary for teachers. Because of the transparency and openness of many schools today towards parents, teachers are the ones who are blamed when disatisfaction arises. Hopefully, the bill will be specific on how the teacher will be protected. What ways are considered teacher harassment and how can these be addressed specifically? It would be better that ones this becomes a law in the country, people would know that for example, if parents trash talk teachers, it is reason for legal complaint that can be filed by the teacher agrieved. Furthermore, hopefully the Teacher Protection Act will clearly state that it has to be followed by both private and public schools.

  8. Kaya sobrang nakakaiyak tong nabasa ko na hindi lang ako to. Hindi lang kwento to ng isang guro. Kundi kwento nating lahat to. Hindi lamang TURO o Delivery ang kaakibat ng pagtuturo! kasabay nito ung kalusugan mo hindi lang pang pisikal pati mental at emosyonal! masakit masakit sobra! mas masakit pala ung mabalewala ang effort mo bilang guro kesa sa first break up nyo ng first relationship mo. Mas masakit pa ung wala kang nararamdamang respeto sa bawat bata na inaaruga mo sa murang edad mo. yung alam mo na sa edad mo ung iba nagpaparty at nagapapaka lasing lang sa gabi gabi nilang trabaho samantalang ikaw napupuyat ka kakaisip sa kung ano ang gagawin mo kinabukasan. ung 20 y/o ka lang pero mukha ka ng 30 y/o dahil sa stress, pagod at puyat. sa 4 years ko noong college ako d ko maaalalang nagkasakit ako pero sa wala pang 1 yr ng pagtuturo ko bilang na bilang ko ung masama ung pakiramdam ko pero dko magawang umabsent kahit d ka na makabangon sa sama ng pakiramdam mo ni hindi ka nga makatulog dahil di ka makapag relax sa sakit ng nraramdaman mo di ka pwedeng umabsent kasi 100+ ung nagiintay sayo pero pagdating mo may mga bata palang ayaw kang makita. SAbi ng isang estudyante ko ” Sir, sa trabaho nyo masanay na kayo sir na maraming magagalit sa inyong estudyante” Ganito na pala ang pagtingin ng mga bata sa mga guro. Walang duda na talagang bababa ang bilang ng gustong maging guro. Walang taong gugustuhing kagalitan siya ng mga taong wala naman siyang kasalanan. Ang kailangan ay magkaroon ng kaliwanagan sa kung ano ang dapat na TAMA. Sa panahon ngayon hindi na papaniwalaan ang walang papel at katibayan o ang wala sa BATAS. maganda talaga na masuportahan ang lahat ng guro laban sa kahit anong uri ng pagmamalupit

  9. Bagong teacher lang po ako. This year lang po ako nag start mag turo at kakapasa ko lang din po ngayong taon ng LET. Sa una sobrang taas po ng expectation ko sa teaching field dahil nga sa naging maganda naman ang karanasan ko sa public school noong nag off-campus ako. Nang makatapos ako sa kurso ng education, nakapag apply at natanggap agad ako sa isang maganda at kilalang private school. Masaya bakasyon pa lang pinapasok na kami. Syempre bago masaya at okay ako. Willing to learn ika nga. Tinanggap ko pa ang load ng gradeschool kahit Secondary Education ang tinapos ko (sabi nila ganon daw talaga pag bago lalo na sa private) Kaya sa unang taon ko nagtuturo ako ng gradeschool at highschool at sa sobrang idealistic ko pakiramdam ko matututo ako sa ganon. 1month HELL na agad. May estudyanteng ginagaya ka harap harapan. May mga estudyanteng aasarin ka ng kung anu-ano kahit naririnig mo sila. aabot pa s point na tuwang tuwa sila pag nagagalit ka. Hihintayin pa lagi nila na magkamali ka. Sobrang hirap. Tumagal ako hanggang ngayon na ganun ang nangyayari. Nagawa kong maging sweet, maging maluwag, maging understanding KASI sabi ng coordinator ko. tapos mapapansin mo n hindi naman sila natuto sa ganun. kasi gngwa lang nla gusto nila habang nagkaklase ka sila kumakain (KAHIT ALAM MONG BAWAL DAPAT YUN) mararamdaman mo na minsan para lang d na sila magpasaway at di ka nla sabihan ng kung anu-ano susundin mo ung gusto nila. Umabot pa ako sa point na di ko na kinaya at nanaway na ako sinugod pa ako ng magulang wala naman akong ginawa sinaway ko lang dahil maingay ang anak niya habang nagkaklase ako. ang masama pa rito nakikita ko lang ang repleksyon ng mga bata sa highschool na nasa gradeschool. Wala silang pinagkaiba. ayoko na sana magstay sa teaching dahil dito. Dahil ung tipong ayoko nang matulog dahil alam kong kinabukasan simula nnmn nang pakikibaka ko hindi sa pagtuturo kundi sa PANANAWAY. yung bago ako pumasok sa loob ng silid eh magdadasal ako na sana hindi sila maingay ngayon. Mas pinipili ko pa ngang antukin sila kesa sa mag ingay at kung ano ano pang lumalabas sa bibig nila. Umabot pa na gusto ko na magpalit ng propesyon pero iniisip ko n lang na dahil 1st year of teaching ko pa lang to. 🙁 kaya pinagtitibayan ko kasi iniisip ko pag umalis ako dito mababawasan nnmn ang bilang ng nagsisilbi sa ating bayan para sa kinabukasan. Ngayon na iintindihan ko kung bakit marami ang pinipili na lamang ang ibang propesyon kesa sa pagtuturo katulad ngayon gising pa ako dahil tnatapos ko ang sangdamakmak na requirements para i-meet and deadline at para sa paghahanda sa pagututuro ko bukas nang bigla kong mabasa to. naging routine ko na nga ang magbilang ng bawat araw, oras, segundo para matapos na ang araw ko sa loob ng silid. Di ako masaya hindi dahil sa hirap magturo kundi sa trato sa ating mga guro. MAHIRAP at MASAKIT kaya saludo ako sa mga nakatapos ng kanilang karera sa pagtuturo. Sila ang inspirasyon ko na ipagpatuloy ito wala pa akong isang taon ramdam na ramdam ko ang pasakit at bigat ng responsibilidad. KAya sana mabigyang pansin ang ating problema mga guro. Bukod sa pinansyal na aspeto hindi lamang yan ang problema kung bakit marami ang ayaw maging guro o hindi nagtutuloy sa pagtuturo o masaklap ay humihinto sa pagtuturo dahil ito sa trato o karanasan ng bawat isa sa atin bata man o matanda, matagal o bago man sa pagtuturo ay hindi naman ganoon kalayo ang nararanasan. may iba iba nga lang tayong limitasyon na sana’y malutas din ng ating bayan. kahit nasa pribadong sektor ako malaki pa rin naman ang kinilaman ng gobyerno sa amin. pare-pareho lamang tayong guro. marami rin naman akong kakilala na ganito rin ang nararanasan sa pampublikong paaralan mas malala pa nga nawa’y maisulong ang batas na mag poprotekta sa ating mga guro! bilang pagpoprotekta rin natin sa kinabukasan ng ating bayan.

    to become a teacher is not my dream but my fate is to be one..And now I love my profession and the students that are our future.But nowadays students that we care,mold and love are the people who make us feel small.
    Ihave a co-teacher 31years in service that has been bullied all the time..a shoe was thrown to her back while she was posting her visual aids and no one admitted who did it.other students were afraid to pin point their classmates because they don’t want to be bullied as well.She was brought to the clinic for other instances because of high BP and its all because of those hard headed and disrespectful students.
    We also heard from some news teachers were stubbed to death by their students in different situations,if im not mistaken 2 times this happened.the other one was the teacher was locked by his students inside the CR and he heard them from outside laughing but the parent didn’t know about this that her son did it but instead her son make a story against the teacher and the parent made a complain against the poor teacher directly on a 1 tv program..too many to mention.I hope the respect to the teachers before will be back.Protection rights for the Teachers!

  11. Bullying is not only done physically. I don’t know if what I’ve been through was considered bullying, or it was just purely intimidation. But, it made me felt like I should not have taken Education.

    I felt insulted by the way the parent has talked to me regarding my mistake on the concept that was taught in the classroom.

    And then, later on, the parent was already checking every answers and submitted grades that I gave.

    Buong school year, natatakot akong magkamali.

    • Sana nga po maisulong na ang batas na mgbibigay ng proteksyong sa mga guro. Ako po ay nakararanas ngayon ng problema sa aking isang estudyante, grade 4 po ang bata. Nangyari po ito noong nkaraang linggo lang. Ako po ngayon ay isinusumbong ng bata na binubugbog ko daw siya sa klase q. Nasasaktan po ako ng sobra kz nd po totoo ang paratang ng bata na parang sinusuportahan nmn kanyang mga magulang. Ako po ngayon ay nakakatanggap ng pananakot na irereklamo ako at ipapatanggal. Ano po kaya ang dapat kong gawin para maproteksyunan ko ang sarili q sa maling paratang lban sakin??

    • Yes, that is bullying. You have the rights. Kung gusto ng magulang na iyan magsit-in siya sa classroom na permitted ng admin. And kung di rin naman maganda ang records ng anak nya in attendance, the grades should be affected as well (if ever absingero nga)
      Naexperience ko na nga rin yan. Pero teacher, just brush it off kung ano man sabihin ng magulang. Iba ang rules natin sa school at iba din sa bahay nila. Basta kung alam mong tama ang ginagawa mo just continue it. Wag ka paapekto sa kanila.

  12. hope that it will be a law asap,coz pupils now a days are too disrespectful with elders even tp their parents.buti pa noong pinapalo tayo ng mga parents natin, it is worth it while growing up,we know how ti give respect and we know how to be feel ashamed with the wrong things we have done…hope it will be sooner,please pass it!

  13. Relate na relate ako dito coz ive been a victim, not once, not twice. Teacher’s protection act must be passed!

  14. Bullying can start out as a hidden cry for help, but when unaddressed it can turn into a form of sociopathy.

    Sociopaths are always looking to gain or win something from an action or interaction. So deincentivizing them is the only real means of getting them to choose another action.

    And since sociopathy can escalate to the point of criminal activity, it needs to be addressed. Staving off escalating sociopathy should be reason enough to enact laws which protect teachers.

  15. sumusuporta ako sa inyong adhikain, tama yan! Teachers are to be respected and protected. First, they were humans and deserved to practice rights and freedom, di nila kasalanan na naging dakilang guro sila, it is a calling. They love doing this and believed na enjoy sila sa ginagawa nila. If Sometimes di kayang ayusin ng concerned office na dapat siyang mag ayos, yet mostly kasama pa sila condemning the erring teacher, makialam ang gobyerno itself. Secondly, di sila nag aral ng matagal na panahon at naging professional para ganyanin lang ng kanilang tinuturuan. Yes, they have weakness(es) pero ilan kayo?

  16. Teachers have to the point of helplessness when students can no longer be disciplined. They have taken control of the classrooms to the detriment of other learners. When referred to parents regarding misbehaviour most if them are helpless as well. This situations have created untold emotional stress to teachers. Reporting disciplinary cases to the admin is futile. It’s time to bring back the respect for authority /teachers inside the classroom. And this is for the sake of the students themselves. I support this Teacher Protection and Student Discipline Bill.

  17. Change is coming na po sana talga. Tym to hav “teacher protection policy” dahil mas mdalas po mabully ang mga guro hindi lng ng mga bata lalo n ng mga magulang na hindi man lng unawain ang hirap,pagod at sakripisyo nating mga guro. Sana po s sunod n pres. Mayor Digong kayo n po sana mgpasa ng protection naming mga guro. thank you n po in advance umaasa po kmi s maging tugon nyo s hiling naming mga guro..thanks din po s ngpost nito

  18. i believe this bill should be passed.

    i was a victim of cyber bullying in our school and it’s really a sad thing that at the end of the day the best advise that you will hear is that “charge to experience”.

    ang guro nagtuturo at itinatama ang mga maling gawi ng mga kabataan kasi iyon ang ating sinumpaang tungkuin subalit nakakaungkot na sa bawat pagbibigay disiplina sa mga kabataan may katapat silang pang-iinsulto sa kanilang mga guro.

    napatawad ko na at naniniwala akong natuto na ang mga batang iyon pero higit sa anupaman marapat na mabigyan ng proteksyon ang mga guro, tayong mga guro na siyang PAG-ASA NG pag-asa ng BAYAN.

  19. “Teacher Protection is a MUST”.

    I was a newly hired teacher last year, I experienced a lot of bullying from the first day of the class. It was very hard for me as a fresh graduate.

  20. Hi Mark,

    It’s about time to have our teachers properly protected. I personally know of a few schools who adopt a “befriend the parents at all cost” policy to the woe of their teachers. But these are extreme examples. Many children and students now are conditioned for unearned sense of entitlement by their parents – for whatever reason.

    Many of them mistakenly believe that when teachers call them out on their misbehavior or academic problems, they are already “personally” reprimanded or “bullied” by their teachers. The worse part is that some parents will immediately take the side of their children, without even bothering to find out the context of the event.

    There are also parents who want their kids to be always the top students at school. And when this doesn’t happen, they will find ways to attack the teacher/s, the administration of the school, or even the “competitor” (students) of their own children too!

    Teachers are not perfect. And if they are continued to be bullied, they may simply opt to go out of the teaching world. And that world will be a lonely and heartless one.

    I hope that the teacher protection act will pass as a law.

    Good thing that there are concerned citizens and change agents like you.


    • Students who bully teachers should have had my father. We were taught at home that if we misbehaved in school,
      Proper punishment was already given to the teachers/ administrators and we’d be again properly punished at home. So many parents are not parenting. So many parents don’t believe their child would misbehave. So many parents live like it’s their job to please their children. Just a few of the reasons we have teacher bullying today. A parent who really LOVES their child will properly discipline their child.

  21. In Florida some teachers are bullied and nothing happens it is worse here because the administration can just fire you if you do complain.
    I feel I am bullied in certain classes because the students know there is no punishment,the dean is a friend to students not a disciplinarian. This needs to stop.

  22. The case above made me a realization that the school as an institution should amend a rule to adhere strictly which prohibits the teachers and students or any school personnel to publish, post or to make any means of publicity on school confidential issues or personal complaint. (Meaning those cases are not formally filed as complaint,not yet investigated, or under investigation) Complaint should be referred directly to the concerned persons or to the school grievance committee for a formal and proper forum. the merit of the case should not be discussed in public and confidentiality must be strictly observed to both parties to avoid anyone from TRIAL BY PUBLICITY . Although i am for TPA but i hope it will not further escalate the tendency in abusing the said protection to cover up wrongdoings of some teachers or deprived the rights of the students. See to it that the act should be fair and square. I would not be surprised soon if there will be somebody pushes a “parent’s protection act”. Hehehe – Jay Son II

  23. when we had a seminar on anti-bullying. the attorney discussing about it talked a lot about bullying of teachers to pupils and even gave examples of his own experiences. at that time the teacher who was killed by a student and a teacher that has been punched several times by gang of students were all over the news. i asked him if there are laws on “anti-bullying of teachers” and he said there’s none. there was an uproar. i think a law on anti-bullying of teachers should be passed, and please include us principals also because some parents go to the radio based on a baseless and biased allegations. i observe that some pupils are abusive and undisciplined because they know no one in the school can do anything about it other than be told not to repeat the same action. our hands are tied . – Joy Margate (Teacher e-Forms)

  24. I have been physically threatened by a parent for marking her child absent because she got referred to the DA for truancy. In front of my class of first graders, she tried to shove her way into my classroom posturing aggressively and screaming. This was about 2/3rds of the way into the year. She was still allowed on campus and I had to allow her to accompany us on field trips. Now that her child is in second grade, she has threatened a fellow parent on campus. A teacher protection act would be fantastic. We need a security guard on campus at all times, just like most other professionals get. – Julia Chivers McNew (First Grade Fun Times)

    • See now this is ridiculous. In my state there is a law but police do not even know about it and we are askied to disregard it.

  25. Happened to me just yesterday. I’m fed up. We teachers are bullied daily and we have no recourse. – Soania Shirley Wilson (First Grade Fun Times)

  26. Much needed. I’d love to see protection for our profession. I have years of being abused…as I sit here hoping to heal without the need for surgery after a student harmed and hurt me. – Catherine Gilmore (Education to the Core)

    • I have had 2 surgeries for separate injuries from students. I missed out on 2 weeks of vacation each time because I did not want to be gone from the classroom or spend a week on making sub plans each time.

  27. Not to harp on about the past but when we were young we had respect for teachers and if we didn’t we had to face our parents! – Mary Isobel Hartley (First Grade Fun Times)

  28. I agree. I’ve been bullied many times throughout my career. I even went to admin about it and the lack of support I got practically invited it to continue. I worked in such an environment for 3 years and paid for it with my health. ? I got into a better district but I still encounter these behaviors from students and parents, though not nearly as frequently.

    Too bad this proposed act is in the Philippines. – Jaime Townsend (Education to the Core)

  29. I have faced this in my own classroom. I have said over and over that we are so hell bent on protecting the children, which is necessary, but who protects us from the kids. There is nothing like the fear for your safety and the unsettling thoughts of a parent meeting you at your car or outside of the school to serve the violence their child threatened earlier that day. When you have a student who has no problem stepping into your personal space, curse you out, and threaten physical harm; what do you do? Who do you call? – Samantha Elise Perrine (Education to the Core)

  30. Respecting teachers and valuing/respecting your education starts at home. Growing up I knew how important my education was (I was considered one of the poor kids) and my parents always taught me to respect my teachers…I would have never EVER dreamed of pulling the stuff lots of kids do these days. If I failed a paper or a class it was on me, not my teachers. – Destinee Autumn Brownlee (Education to the Core)

  31. It is uplifting to know that I’m not the only teacher experiencing abuse from students and parents. Sometimes it feels hopeless when these things happen at school and there is no one to talk to. Other teachers don’t want to hear it, are in denial that abuse is happening, or blame the bullied teacher for the abuse. It’s then swept under the rug and no one talks about it. It’s like in not talking about it, it doesn’t exist. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt like the bad guy or the crazy teacher because no one would acknowledge what was happening. I’m sorry for those who have also experienced this, but I feel better knowing I’m not alone. – Tana Guerra-Hernandez (Education to the Core)

  32. OK, our society. Blame someone else for our shortcomings. Not my fault. It’s your fault. Whatever happened to parenting? As a retired teacher, how is it my fault you forgot to be a parent and teach them they are responsible for their own actions? – Lorraine Gallick (Education to the Core)

  33. This is nothing new, though. The only new aspect is the prevalence of social media. Teachers have been threatened by parents and students for at least a score of years. The tide started shifting, in my humble opinion, when competition became so fierce for college and scholarships (and when the costs of college skyrocketed). Parents see the teacher as an obstacle to little Johnny achieving their dream for him, rather than as a partner in achieving that dream. The teacher is a now merely a service provider, not deserving of respect, whose job is to hand out A’s and babysit. If you challenge a child, or have high expectations and grade accordingly, the helicopters swoop in to complain to the administration. This is the legacy of treating schools like a business. Each child is a commodity. A number. A GPA. A test score. And as the “overseer” of this machinery, the administration’s role is to keep parents happy, rather then protect and support teachers. That needs to change. – Shannon Murphy Fowler (Education to the Core)

    • I agree how the teachers are the ones directly blamed when parents think that their children don’t deserve low grades or failing marks when these are in truth, the students’ doing. Teachers are also blamed for disciplinary act when child misbehaves. Parents think it is unfair for child to receive written warnings. I agree that sadly, teachers’ role these days is ambiguous because we have to make parents happy no matter what.

  34. I have been threatened by emotionally disturbed students who needed psychiatric help. That’s unsettling, but somewhat understandable.

    It’s parents, who hold respectable, responsible positions in society, bullying teachers with threats of job loss and law
    suits over relatively minor issues that stun me. – Julia B. Nations (Education to the Core)

    • we pray na masulong at maaprubahan po ito nga bagong uupo nating presidente .. Para maiangat naman po ang karangalan nating mga guro hindi ung lagi na lang niyuyurakan..

  35. This is incredible. I am dealing with this right now. I support this 110%. Please continue to your fight and I am willing to support you in anyway possible. Thank you for standing up for all of us educators.

  36. I’ve tried to dedicate my site to not only educate parents about the daily struggle of an educator but, also to promote positive feelings towards teachers.

  37. This is very timely. Many teachers, if not all, have experienced bullying both from the students and the admin..lalo na pag masyadong bata o may edad na ang teacher. Feeling yata nila, binabayaran nila pati kaluluwa ng teacher. Push na yang Act na yan! Asap. ?

  38. In short, I am also a victim & I totally support an act that would support teachers. It a no-brainer ; this is so needed!!! Thank you!

  39. It always happens especially in private schools. I have some of my experiences also. In the end, teachers will be the one to apologize though the parents is already solid in believing in their child’s story. It is just so unfair that you’ll end up saying sorry because people in the higher position will tell you so. It is just very heartbreaking. I will never forget those experiences that i had. I want to be part of a group that has this advocacy for fellow teachers. Just send me an email so i can help.

  40. While it is true that there are cases where students bully their teachers, but let us not forget that they aren’t our enemies. I believe that a law to protect teachers from bully students is unnecessary. What we need is to better understand the students’ behaviours. We often complain students misbehaving in class, disrespecting their teachers but we have to remember that it is our responsibility to “know” our students to better understand their behaviour. Student-teacher relationship starts to become ugly when teachers refuse to dig into the root cause of the student’s behaviour. I am aware that teachers do a lot of sacrifices but we must remember that we signed up for all of these… Have you ever thought why these students are bullying teachers in the first place?

    My opinion maybe unpopular among readers here but I believe that we dont need a law to protect us from our students – – who are supposed to be considered by us as our own, not as our enemies.

    • I completely disagree with you. I don’t care why someone assaulted me. I only care that they did it. When these kids get into the real world, they will be in for a rude awakening. They will attempt to bully the wrong person and be unable to handle it when their intended victim fights back.

      What teachers need is the support of administrators, not more lectures on understanding Johnny’s feeling.

    • @Colette I agree with this, I’m so happy it’s not just me who found this proposal strange. I also disagree with the author. I mean I don’t completely disagree with his point of view, I think students definitely should be held accountable for their actions. But the author’s logic is so questionable and it seems like he’s just reacting to all the suffering he experienced instead of trying to solve the teacher-bullying problem at its roots. What exactly is the author proposing? What sort of sanctions do you want to impose on students, on parents? How? The author started off with a balanced sort of story of the student’s side and the teacher’s side but as the article went on it just became an appeal to emotions without stating similar cases where this would actually work. Some people in the comments have mentioned these but did not really explain the details. What’s important to me as a student is that I feel listened to by my teachers if I have legitimate concerns or questions. I love learning so much that I hate when our education system is inefficient or irrelevant and especially harmful to students. I love learning. And yet I feel like the culture in the Philippines isn’t the one where I want to learn in – I want my education to be a discourse, where students and teachers are human beings that make mistakes and can learn from each other, not just students learning from teachers. Isn’t it better to try to improve the way students can interact with teachers? There will always be times when students make mistakes or act on their emotions in a negative, unacceptable way but THERE IS ALWAYS A DEEPER REASON TO IT. You can be protective about your respect as a teacher because it’s a given but not to the point where students aren’t worth listening to. I was so angry reading that a teacher “didn’t care why” she was bullied. Are you, author, really agreeing with this? Are you so intent on punishing and punishing and punishing bad behavior out of your students instead of trying to UNDERSTAND WHY we felt we had to act out? Is punishment the ONLY answer? Nowhere do I see you emphasizing that as teachers, you are also able to form trust with your students so that communication can happen. Honestly I think communication – balanced discussion and healthy debate – already solves a lot of problems in our culture. Reading your opinions really helped me learn about this issue even if I don’t fully agree with your statements.

  41. I am so thankful that , finally,there is a proposed Act that will protect teachers from the bullies of students, parents and administration. I have been a victim of a bully from the administration 5 years ago. I was helpless and kept crying at night because I had no one to turn to.Every morning then,I prayed the Holy Rosary before going to school, asking The Almighty God to help me survive another day with the person who bullies me – the School Principal.But it came to a point that I couldn’t take it anymore. So I filed a personal leave without pay.I was financially hard-up that time. But God did not forsake me. As the line of a song goes, ” I made it through the rain and kept my world protected.” This line is only partially true for me.Yes, I made it through the rain but I haven’t kept my world protected.During that desperate time of my life, I felt that my dignity as a teacher, as a human being was trampled upon.It felt like my whole being was shuttered.But because of my instinct to survive, I slowly picked up the pieces and struggled to make myself whole again.But up to this time, whenever I recall that dark moment in my life, I can’t help but cry because it still hurts.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my personal experience about bullying. I hope and pray that the Act will be passed soon.

  42. I agree to what was mentioned in the article. I hope and pray that this will be acted on soon.

    My only concern is the magna carta for children, that will complicate thenidea given above.

    Let me know what shkoukd I do to help pass the protection for teachers.

  43. Kung gusto ng department ang quality education, dapat na unahing pagtuunan ng pansin ang pag-uugali ng bata sa paaralan, gaya nga ng nabanggit na ng iba, kapag ang isang bata sa loob ng paaralan ang nagsimulang magpasaway sa kanyang guro at lagi niya itong gagawin dahil sa kawalan ng respeto, asahan natin na gagayahin din siya ng iba pa, kaya ang dating tahimik na silid aralan ay nagmimistulang pugad ng kaguluhan at ang dating masayahin, masipag at mapagmahal na guro nito ay nagiging matapang at bugnutin.
    Para sa akin hindi ang madalas na pagbago ng kurikulum ang sagot para sa quality education kundi disiplina sa paaralan. So let’s pray that this act be passed soon.

  44. Ive been a victim thats the reason why yang topic na yan ang ping aralan kong mabuto sa aking dissertation pinamagatang: PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS AND EMPLOYEES AWARENESS ON PROTECTION POLICOES AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN CALABARZON…..

    I collected some datas na talagang kailngan ntin ng protection…… and im hoping na matulungan tayo ng ACT sa ating lugar.

  45. mas gugustuhin ko pang maparusahan ang bata kung ito ay nararapat sa kanya kasi minsan hindi sapat ang puro salita lamang upang malaman nila na mali ang kanilang ginawa,minsan kailangan nating mgbigay ng parusa upang ma.realize nila na dapat hindi na nila uulitin ang kanilang pagkakamali…para sa mga magulang,sana naman umpisan ninyo ang pgdisiplina sainyong anak sa bahay, minsan ang mga bata nagsasabi “hindi nga kami nakikinig sa aming mga magulang,kayo pa kaya na mga guro lang namin”…masakit pero yun ang katotohanan…may mga magulang na nagtatanong sa mga guro “ma’am ano kaya ang pwede kong gawin sa aking anak para lang tumino?” ang ibig sabihin ba niyan ay mas kilala ng guro ang bata kesa sa magulang???

  46. Hi Mark, I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the looks of your website. Keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today.

  47. How wholesome to recall those years when I was in grade school and even in hi school when teachers were being put in the pedestal; when entering the classroom, everything was in spec n span; while walking at the corridor a teacher was given the courtesy that they deserve; and as the School Year closes, an honest assessment of the student’s academic performance is genuinely given and accepted.

    Sadly enough, the plight of teachers in our contemporary time is becoming worse. Classroom discipline is difficult to maintain because of so many DONT’S. How I recall those years when the principle, ‘spare the rod, and spoil the child” was being lived out
    and it brought good results.

    I hope that laws pertinent to the wellbeing of the teachers will be enacted so as to restore the dignity of our mentors who are now living in limbo.

  48. Dont you have the right to protection if you were bullied while you were pregnant because you didnt give in to the grades the students wanted. They didnt deserve it. They submit requirements on their convenient time. These students didnt stop even when your tummy was contracting hard and telling them that you need to head to the hospital… then you almost gave birth at 8 mos. and almost lost your eldest child. The school didnt care and didnt investigate. Worst, you were not renewed after giving birth as the students succeeded in the plot. You are a solo parent and had nothing to feed to your newly born child. Is this the faith we allow teachers to have because of students bullying?

  49. Teacher protection policy is a MUST! It should be pass now… Baka wala na mag apply na guro sa takot sa mga studyanteng bully.

  50. Hope that a law to protect teachers be passed soon. Teachers find it hard to discipline learners because of parents who always claim for teacher’s wrong doing without considering the cause why the teacher did it. It is so sad that most learners of today never respect teachers anymore especially with the K to 12 curriculum which aims to have a 100% promotion which in turn make learners so indolent, never have the drive to study but end up making the school just like a simple meeting place of friends to enjoy or an escape from parents who often make commands especially the students in public schools. It is true that teachers no longer have enough time even to our very own children because of preparing our lessons, making the best lesson plans, visual aids and accomplishing more school forms required in a specific date for submission. We participate for community invovement as required in our RPMS in our own expense and time beyond class hours without pay. We are obliged to transfer skills to learners tru actual performance like in cooking or wine mixing where teachers shouldered the cost of ingredients & materials to have the actual activity bcoz most students can’t even afford to pay 1 peso for a back to back foto copy of hand outs of having no books. Spending more time ti have the best lesson plans, thinking the best verbs on the objective part, catdgorizing which verb is for knowledge, behavior & skills is for me a burden to all teachers. Why not simply make the list of target topic to be done, activities to perform just like the previous log plan introduced. Honestly, we spend less time in making improvements of everyday’s lessons because of more paper works. The efforts of a a diligent teacher is not worth for any parent to condemn for a single mistake or to be a subject of bullying by both parent & student.

  51. From: Jaysonn Lopez

    I recommend for new teacher to study and understand very well the ff: RA and DepEd order so u might not be a victim of teacher bullying at school.

    RA 7610 – Child Abuse Protection Act
    DepEd order no. 42 series 2012, DepEd Child Protection Policy
    RA 7877 – Sexual Harassment Unlawful Act
    RA 10630 – Juvenile Justice Act, amendment to RA 9344

    You can google those document and it’s available online. Hope this info will help you avoid being bully by parents/students at school.

  52. Magulang din ang magkakaproblema balang araw dahil anak din nila ang maaaring mabiktima ng bullying ng kapwa mag-aaral sa eskwelahan. Sa palagay ba ninyo makikialam pa ang teacher na disiplinahin ang estudyante na nananakot sa kapwa estudyante? Kung makikialam pa sya malamang sya pa ang irereklamo ng siga na estudyante? Kung ganon na rin lang ang mangyayari.., “leave the child alone and let them solve their own problem.” Ganito ang nangyayari sa mga eskwelahan sa Amerika. Hindi pinakikialaman ng mga teacher ang gawain ng mga estudyante sa loob at labas ng eskwelahan at mas lalo na kung ito ay “personal”. Huwag na tayo magtaka bakit marami silang kaso ng bullying. Naging extreme pa na problema ito ngayon dahil nga walang takot ang estudyante sa school, nagdadala pa ito ng baril at namamaril ng kapwa estudyante.
    Huwag sana gayahin lahat ng batas sa Amerika kung magdudulot lamang ito ng masamang epekto sa ating mga kabataan. NARARAPAT LANG NA IPASA ANG PANUKALANG BATAS NA ITO NA INIHAIN NG ACT. Upang maging malinaw din ang trabaho at responsabilidad na dapat gampanan ng estudyante at mga magulang sa loob ng eskwelahan.

  53. I strongly agree that teachers should be given protection and security too. In most cases, teachers are the victims of bullying from students, parents and those with higher authority as well. It is just time to pass this law so pupils, parents and those in the higher positions be responsible for every action they made against the rights of the teachers. Noon, madalas sinasabi na “ang bata hindi nagsisinungaling”, pero sa panahon ngayon,mahirap ng panghawakan ang mga katagang ito dahil nakalulungkot mang tanggapin ay bihira na lamang ang batang nakapagsasabi nang katotohanan. Kaya’t madalas mga guro ang nagiging biktima. Hanggang sa mawalan ng trabaho, dignidad at integridad ang kawawang guro. PLEASE MAKE THIS LAW POSSIBLE!!!

  54. Child-centered society na daw masyado. Yung panahon na masyadong expose ang mga kabataan sa kanilang karapatan pero hindi nmn kasabay na naexpose sa kanilang responsibilidad!
    Kaya kahit nambully na sila, sila pa rin ang may karapatan? Sino mga contributors sa ganyan nilang mentalidad? Si teacher? Magulang? Bakit walang finger na naka point sa MEDIA? Dun sa nagmamanage ng media industry? Dun sa mga anchors, reporters, writers, promoters? Ganda kung minsan sa media, sila lang tiga-puna.
    How I wish merun ding requirements ang pwd maging miembro ng media. Lalo na yung mga nagsusulat ng report at mga commentators. Sana merun din sila lahat emotional stability screening o kaya psychological test. Sana din lahat sila macheck ang credibility nila. Sana din lahat sila hindi nagpapabayad sa mga mayayaman or sponsors para mag create ng public opinion in favor sa kung sino man ang recipients ng kanilang biases. At sana tignan din nila ang trabaho nila bilang isang adbokasya at hindi parang trabaho lang at kumita lang ng pera. Madalas hindi sila aware na sila ang nagpapalala sa gulo para may mapag usapan at sikat sila at the expense of the people or their country. Negonegosyo lang ba ang balita-palakihin agad ng media para may mapag usapan-
    Halimbawa kung nakalap nlang balita isang teacher may nagawang mali, ok lang na ibalita yung issue per se, iwasan muna mag side comment na kesyo nagmamalabis ang teacher-hindi alam ng teacher ang gingawa nya-kc crucial yun-makabuo na agad sila ng public opinion na mali yung teacher at yung media at environment kasama sa pagkunsinti sa bata. Kelan kaya yung mas marami magagandang ibalita lalo na tungkol sa teacher? Lalo na kung hindi nmn perenial na bad ang teacher sana wag ng patulan ng media.
    At sana din ang teacher lahat ng extra hours nya mag extend ng services nya may bayad din katulad ng mga ibang gov employees-halimbawa mga consultants na halos di nmn makita sa opisina-mag mtg lang sila saglit may thousands and thousands nang honorariums at ang gagara pa ng lugar kung saan magmtg at bongga bongga ang mga pagkain-samantalang si teacher irequire pa before 7am pumasok at sila ang magpa flag ceremony-6-8hours pa ang klase nya madalas-kelan at saan nya huhugutin yung oras ng paggawa nya ng lessons at instructional materials nya,saan nya huhugutin yung ors paggawa ng test questions, pagcheck ng papel, paggawa ng reports, gradings sheets etc.?TY lang? Kung makatawag pa ang mga LGU for intermissions and working committees pag may mga events TY din? At ayaw ko na isipin yung mga teachers na kailangang lumakad ng 7 bundok at tumawid ng 7 ilog para makarating sa school nila. Yung ibang gov employees na confined sa kanilang mga ofices na aircon-ayun sila lahat mag critisize sa teachers at tiga gawa ng mga polisyang lalong magpakuba sa kawawang teacher. Diko nga maintindihan kung bakit di pa tanggalin ang daily lesson plan na strickly chinecheck ng mga head kasi merun nmn na teachers manual na parang lesson plan na rin. Dba pwd magmarginal note na lang si teacher kung ano yun di nya natapos pra ipagpatuloy nya the next day? Instead of wasting the teacher’s time to prepare yung sa totoo lang ay dinadaya nmn na lesson plan, gamitin na lang ni teacher yung oras para magturo using the teacher’s guide or manual. Kasi hindi nmn bionic ang mga teacher. For all you know, baka sa sobrang over-work si teacher kaya di na sya magtuturong mabuti. So-kawawa ang mga teachers sa Pilipinas tapos gusto lahat ng quality education?!
    …best practice lang dpt ipagpatuloy-tanggalin na mga polisya na tinatawag na OMG pahirap sa mga teacher! Utang na loob pahingahin nmn ang mga “totoong-teacher”! Isama sana lahat yan sa teachers’ protection act?

  55. This is the truth on how the teachers are treated nowadays.And I’m sad about it..The respect to the teachers is really taken for granted by the parents and students..This is very humiliating and damaging the self esteem of a teacher who is a professional and a public servant…1.Meron ako napanood s tv inireklamo ng parent ung teacher kc ayaw daw ibigay ng tcher ang card ng anak..ang gnawa ng media tinawagan c tcher s phone at nlaman nila na beforehand inilock pla ng anak nya at ksma mga ibang kaklase na lalaki c tcher s CR.at gusto pla ni tcher ay mkausap ang magulang at makakuha muna cla ng gmrc saka ibibigay ang card at hindi nman ihohold..2.Meron tcher sinaksak ng estudyante habang nsa motor.Namatay ang teacher…3. Binato c teacher ng sapatos habang ngsusulat s blackboard at buong section ngkakaisa na wag ituro kun cno gumawa..4.Minura ang guro nun sinaway ang estudyante na nagchecheating..at marami pang iba..I hope theRe’s someone in our government who study or make a research about this matter.And a teacher protection policy should also make.God bless all the teachers..

  56. This article made me cry for I it really tells the truth. After what I have experienced, I will pray that this would become a reality. God sees the truth but waits is the only consolation I have with me during those times. I hope someone who has the power and influence will help with the realization of this law protecting the teachers.

  57. I am a schòl principal and it’s alarming to note that parents would always come to school or text me complaining about how a particular teacher bullies his child, and whenever i would allow a dialog between him and the teacher, it would emerge that it is the parent who bullies the teacher, armed with the Child Protection Law.

    A law protecting teachers’ rights must really be passed and implenented, or else the educational system will suffer for having unhappy, maltreated, discontented teachers. They will retaliate by not teaching their students the best they can. Who will suffer more in the end? The students, of course.

    So, teachers and pupils must be treated with respect to equal rights and protection.

  58. It is already a need to pass a law protecting teachers from the “new generation” of students…
    Parents who are incapable of being a parent (inability to discipline their children and teach their child good manners) should be penalized also for putting all the responsibility to the teacher. Any parent who is incapable should undergo counselling and must be constantly followed up by the DSWD.


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