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Teaching Guide in Oral Communication in Context (Functions of Communication)

The Senior High School (SHS) pedagogy takes a different light as opposed to the lower grade levels. The teaching strategies and approaches lie in the threshold of higher education instruction.

As such, the Teaching Guide (TG) in Oral Communication in Context is developed to respond to such consideration. The teaching guide regards lessons as one big concept rather than as a fragmented idea, whereby a learning competency is taught separately.

The teaching guide rigorously follows the learning competencies to ensure the attainment of the curriculum standards. It, however, contains lessons for the first quarter, particularly Functions of Communication. This material is also made to prepare SHS students for whichever exit points they plan on pursuing after high school — college, business, or employment.

Keynote presentations complete with exercises and enrichment activities are included in this material. Teachers, therefore, are encouraged to modify or improve the material to suit to the learners’ needs and capacity.

While utilizing this resource package, it is hoped that teachers and students alike would experience a good measure of fun and delight. – R. M. Dumdum

Teaching Guide in Oral Communication in Context (Functions of Communication) First Quarter for Grade 11

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