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Updating of DepEd EBEIS EOSY Tutorial

The Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) maintains a database of education statistics, sector performance indicators and profile of public and private schools, learning centers and other education service providers. It is a web-based system designed to enhance information management at all levels of the education system (school, division, region and national levels) through streamlined processes and use of information and communication technologies. It aims to deliver relevant and accurate information to school heads, education managers, policy makers and various stakeholders of the education system. The EBEIS aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the collection of data from the schools and field offices and efficiently render delivery of data/information to various stakeholders.
  • Support information requirements for planning, quality assurance, monitoring & evaluation and other decision making activities at all levels of the education system.
  • Provide a venue for sharing, using and reusing knowledge within DepEd through improving access to data/information.

Updating of Math and Science Teachers

Here are the steps:

Updating of EBEIS EOSY

1. Go to EBEIS website https://ebeis.deped.gov.ph/beis/. Click Sign-In button.

Login using your LIS account

deped lis account

2. Once login, click the Enhanced Basic Education Information System link.

deped lis login

3. Click the BEIS Data Entry link found on the left side panel.

deped beis data entry

4. Click the latest date under Cut-Off date column.

deped beis cut off column

5. You will be directed to your School Profile page.

  • Make the necessary updates (if needed). Then click the Update button.
  • Or, click the No update button (if no changes have been applied).
deped beis update

6. Input the required data. Then, click the Save button.

Deped BEIS Government Junor High School Profile

You will received a notification message that you have successfully updated the EOSY.


You can still update these tables by clicking the Edit button.

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