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Briones: Parents play vital role in learners’ personal development

TAGUIG CITY, May 18, 2018 – Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones acknowledged the vital role of parents and guardians in bringing the best out of all Filipino learners during the joint Senior High School and College Commencement Exercises of the Treston International College last May 12 in Taguig City.

In her keynote speech, Briones stated, “Congratulations, graduates, for this another milestone in your lives. I would also like to congratulate your parents, titatitololalolo, and other family members who have sacrificed a lot just to put you in school.”

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The Education chief further highlighted that parents and guardians are always there to guide, encourage, and cheer the learners in achieving their dreams. Thus, they play a crucial role in their personal development which form part of their whole knowledge acquisition process.

“Your parents have worked so hard, have encouraged, and have shared in your dreams and ambitions. I’m sure that they will be very happy with the kind of life you are about to take,” she said.

Briones also reminded the graduates to always appreciate and remember our culture as they go out into the real world: “I hope that wherever you may go, you will not forget our history, culture, and country. I hope that you will not forget what it is that makes our country. Remember it not only as controversial, but also challenging, beautiful, and promising.”

Moreover, Briones mentioned that with the various efforts of the government, learners have more opportunities to take, whether in higher education, business, or in the world of work.

“We are widening your choices… There is no limit to what you can do. And we know that you will be creating a better, more happier, and hopeful country and world,” the Secretary ended.

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