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2016 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Overview

PEPT Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PEPT?

The Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), one of DepED-NETRC’s testing programs, is under the Accreditation and Equivalency Program (Executive Order 733).

  • It is an equivalency test wherein learning experiences gained out of school are given equivalency and placement in the formal school system by grade level that is appropriate for the examinee’s age and ability.
  • This move will encourage him/her to continue and finish basic education and eventually to pursue college education if he/she so desires.

2. Why is PEPT conducted?

  • To retrieve out-of-school youth and place them in the formal school system if they so desire; and
  • To validate and accredit knowledge and skills in academic areas gained through informal and non-formal means for re-entry into formal school, job promotion, entry to job training, for employment and self-fulfillment.
  • The PEPT is not conducted for purposes of grade level acceleration.

3. Who may take the test?

The target clientele of PEPT or those who may be qualified to take the test are Filipino citizens who are/have:

  • dropouts (out-of-school) from the elementary and the secondary schools for at least one (1) year
  • overage in-school children/youth by at least one year of their actual grade level
  • never attended a formal school but can read and write
  • presently employed and in need of upgrading their academic level (elem./sec.) for re-entry into formal school, job entry, job promotion and self-fulfillment

4. What are the requirements to be submitted prior to taking the test?

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE – issued by the NSO or Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated (original and 2 photocopies)
  • ID PICTURES – 2 pieces, identical and recently taken (size 1”x1”)
  • SCHOOL RECORDS – original and 2 photocopies

Elementary Level: Form 137 or Form 138
Secondary Level: Form 137

Form 137: Transcript of Records with school seal and signature of principal/registrar
Form 138: Report Card with school seal and signature of principal/registrar

5. How are test applicants screened?

Test applicants are screened based on their age and last level completed (LLC).


Applicants must be at least one year overage for their supposed grade level in the formal school system as displayed in the table:

Grade Level Passed / CompletedNormal Age (at the end of the SY)Age on the Date of ExaminationGrade Level to be Tested at starting level
None (No Schooling)-At least 6 years oldKinder
Kinder6 years oldAt least 7 years oldGrade 1
Grade 17 years oldAt least 8 years oldGrade 2
Grade 28 years oldAt least 9 years oldGrade 3
Grade 39 years oldAt least 10 years oldGrade 4
Grade 410 years oldAt least 11 years oldGrade 5
Grade 511 years oldAt least 12 years oldGrade 6
Grade 612 years oldAt least 13 years oldGrade 7
Grade 713 years oldAt least 14 years oldGrade 8
Grade 814 years oldAt least 15 years oldGrade 9
Grade 915 years oldAt least 16 years oldGrade 10

Last Level Completed (LLC)

The LLC is the grade level finished by a test registrant in school.

In the secondary level, all subjects must have a passing mark including back subjects (if there were) in previous levels as noted in Form 137.

There should be no pending subject grade in the level in order for it to be considered as the LLC of the registrant.

6. Is the test administered based on the examinee’s age and LLC?

  • Yes
  • Each examinee is assigned to answer a particular set of test items in the Test Booklet according to his/her age and LLC.
  • Example #1: a 12-year-old PEPT registrant who finished Grade 2 will be given test items for Grades 3 to 6 on exam day.
  • Example #2: a 16-year-old registrant who completed Grade 9 level will be given test items for Grade 10 on exam day.
  • Thus, examinees will have different test time allotments depending on their age and LLC.

7. What is the coverage of the PEPT?

Based on the K to 12 Curriculum

Elementary Level:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Araling Panlipunan
  • Filipino
  • English

Secondary Level:

  • ENGLISH – Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development, Writing Composition, Literature (Philippine, Asian and World), Grammar Awareness
  • SCIENCE – General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • MATHEMATICS – Numbers and Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Patterns and Algebra, Statistics and Probability
  • FILIPINO – Gramatika, Panitikan (Ibong Adarna, Florante at Laura, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo)
  • ARALING PANLIPUNAN – Araling Asyano, Kasaysayan ng Daigdig, Ekonomiks

8. When could PEPT be availed?

Nationwide Testing

  • Administered annually every November in designated Testing Centers in DepED provincial and city divisions
  • Luzon – every third Sunday of November
  • Visayas and Mindanao – every fourth Sunday of the same month

Walk-in Examination

  • Administered at NETRC from January to December.

Special Examination

  • It is conducted for specific purposes as per request of concerned parties. It shall be held four times a week and year-round on a first-come-first-served basis.

The approval and venue of the special exam depends on the necessity of the said request.

9. How does one register for the PEPT?

Nationwide Testing

  • Test applicants should register at the nearest Division Office from August 1 to September 30.
  • A report on the total number of registered applicants in every testing center in the division shall be submitted to the NETRC by the DTC on or before October 1 for test materials allocation.

Walk-in Examination

  • Prospective test takers should personally register at the:
  • Test Administration Division, NETRC
    2nd Floor, Mabini Bldg., DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
    Contact Numbers: 631.2571 / 631.2591 / 631.6921

Special Examination

  • Interested parties should coordinate with the Office of the NETRC Director (same address and contact numbers; email: depednetrc@yahoo.com)

10. What is a testing center? What are the requirements in putting up one?

A testing center is a public school designated by the SDS which is most accessible to the majority of the registrants;

A sub-center to an existing testing center may be opened upon request provided that:

  • the number of registrants is at least fifty (50);
  • the location of the proposed sub-center is far from the existing testing center; and
  • the request is submitted to NETRC on or first week of September

11. How are test results processed?


Each scannable Answer Sheet used by an examinee is scanned by a machine.

As the examinee is assigned a particular set of test items to answer based on his/her age and LLC, the answers to these items are processed electronically.


In the event that the computer encounters a failing mark in one of the five subjects in the grade level next to the examinee’s LLC, data processing stops as it is programmed.

Hence, the answers to test items in the next higher level(s) are no longer scored because lower levels must be passed prior to the higher ones.

12. How are test results analyzed and interpreted?


  • Examinees must obtain a rating of at least 75% in all subject areas in one grade level in order to pass it. If they obtain a passing rate in all subjects, they are considered as a qualifier in the said level.
  • Examinees may pass as many levels with their age as ceiling, meaning they may qualify only up to the school level appropriate for their age.
  • Averaging of subject area scores is not the rating system of PEPT.


The PEPT is a norm-based test; an examinee’s test performance is compared to the norm.

This means that a PEPT passer’s ability in a certain grade level equally conforms to that of an average school-aged child/youth in the same level.

For instance, a PEPT Grade 7 qualifier is expected to equate in performance with that of an average Grade 7 student.

13. What if the examinee failed one subject, can the ratings in 5 subjects be averaged?

  • No
  • Ratings in 5 subject areas are not averaged
  • An examinee must pass all the subjects in order to pass the specific grade level

14. How do examinees get their test results?

A PEPT Certificate of Rating (COR) is issued to each individual examinee.


The release of test results is done in specific schedules:

  • Nationwide Testing – from February to March; CORs are sent to Division Offices
  • Walk-in Examination – two weeks from the date of exam; CORs are picked up at NETRC
  • Special Examination – CORs will either be sent to or picked up by the requesting party two weeks from the date of exam

15. What if an examinee lost his/her COR? Will NETRC issue another copy?


The re-issuance of PEPT Certificate of Ratings (COR) costs fifty pesos (Php50.00).
Same rate applies in the re-issuance of NCAE CORs.

For those who are in Metro Manila

  • Proceed to DepED-NETRC, Verification Room, 2F Mabini Bldg, DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City (Mon-Fri, 8 AM-5 PM) and fill out the Request Form (next slide).

For those who are outside Metro Manila

  • Send NETRC a letter of request (fax or email)* with the filled out Request Form to help locate the test results in its database.
  • Include a contact information in order for us to advise you on the next procedure (payment).

*NETRC Fax Number (02-6316921) and Email (depednetrc@yahoo.com)

16. When can examinees use the PEPT results?

PEPT- Regular/Special:
The test results shall be utilized or will be in effect in the subsequent school year and not during the school year when the test was taken.

PEPT – June 12: The results shall take effect within the school year.

DepEd Order No. 49, s. 2013, “Effectivity of the Grade/Year Level Placement of PEPT Qualifiers”

17. Can the PEPT be administered to examinees with special needs?


Individuals with Visual Impairment (VI)

  • The PEPT has a Braille test form in the elementary and secondary levels
  • For Braille readers, they have to use their own slate and stylus in recording their answers
  • NETRC will provide the Answer Sheets/papers
  • 1 Examiner : 3-5 Examinees
  • Separate testing room
  • Examiner will use a Special Handbook in administering the test
  • Time allotment is different from a regular examinee

Individuals with Visual Impairment (VI)

  • For non-Braille readers, an alternate test form is given
  • 1 Examiner : 1 Examinee
  • Separate testing room
  • Test items are read and answers are recorded by the examiner
  • Special test booklet with modified test items
  • Regular scannable answer sheet

PEPT Slogan: Tuloy-Aral Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan


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    Ask ko lng… graduate ako ng highschool nung 2008, tapos nagwork ako agad. Balak ko bumalik sa school para makapag college. Kailangan ko padin ba mag PEPT? and if ever, anong coverage/topics ang kailangan kong I-review? thanks in advance! 🙂

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    I am gonna apply for the Grade 9, but my grades in Grade 8 has failed subjects, Math and Science. If I apply for PEPT, can I use my grades in Grade 7? And if you take the test, would you jump into that grade you desire the same year you took the test or it would it be valid for next year? And where do you apply here in Cebu?

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  24. naisubmit ang mga requirements on time para sa 2016 Pep test. pero natapos na lang ang buong Nov. hindi kami nakatanggap ng confirmation ng schedule ng exam.12 years oldna po ang anak ko at grade 4 siya right now. sayang ang opportunity na mahabol nya ang namissed nyang panahon sa pag-aaral.Quezon City based po kami.

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  26. Im grde V po 13 years old nagtest po ako ng PEPT tapos nakapasa po ako ng grade 7 eh ngayon lang po nakuha yung result. Ano po ang gagawin ko? Kasalukuyan po ako nag aaral ng grade V. Saka Dec. narin po ngayon po ba ako maaccelerate or next year?

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  29. My friend would like to take the exam this november,he is 30 plus of age and alreadyin 4th year,years ago.Can he take the exams..is it already late for the registration?thanks.

  30. Why is the explanation not consistent with the example COR? It says that the child has to obtain 75 in all subject areas and it is not averaging but looking at the sample COR, the child can be admitted to First Year even if the score in Math and AP are 70

  31. Hi my son is turning 13 this october and a home school since grade 1. I want to upgrade his schooling and wants to attend reg schooling. That is why i want him tobtake the PEPtest. How and where can i enroll him. Thanks

  32. I will be an incoming Grade 11 student this June 2016 but unfortunately, I cannot go to school this school year due to some personal reasons. Can I take the PEPT Examination so I will be Grade 12 on June 2017?

  33. Pwd malaman kng nka pasa po un ank ko n c percival john f.arcenio august 5 2016 nag take ng test pls reply asap d po mkontak un number nyo tnx

  34. Hi. Tanong ko lang po kung anong exact date ang PEPT Test this coming Nov.2016? Mag take po yung niece ko na 9 y.o.kasi nag stop sa school this year dahil yung pinasukan nyang school from gr.1 to gr.3 ay di pla naka register sa Decks. Kaya sya stop this year. Ano po mga requirements ang dapat nyang dalhin? Thank you

  35. Good day! Magtatanong lamang po ako. Ako po ay nag take ng exam ng PEPT year 1997 po at hindi ko po nakita ang result ng exam k dahil po hinold ng tiyahin ko na nag pa exam Sa akin dahil umuwi po ako Sa aking mga magulang, maari ko pa po bang makuha ang ang aking result?

  36. kailan po ba ang result ng PEPT sa VALENZUELA po ako nag exam marulas ask ko lang po kung kailan ang result ng test

  37. kailan po ba ang result ng PEPT sa VALENZUELA po ako nag exam marulas ask ko lang po kung kailan ang result ng test

  38. Sir, Grade 10 student po Ako. 16 years old na po ako, turning 17years old ngayong school year. Ang mga classmate ko po ay 14-15years old pa lang po. Pwede po ba Ako mag take ng exam?

  39. I came from Macau and finished only 1st grading of Grade 7 in there. So I’m already 14 and still in Grade 7.
    So can I take the PEPT exam?

  40. because of my sickness i was unable to catch up with my classmate/grade but i am currently homeschooled but still have a hard time with my studies thats why i wanted to take the pep test soo i can finally move on and continue my studies in a higher level ,i’d like to continue my story , im telling you my situation but theres more to be said .
    i’m 16 yrs
    i’m homeschooled and my grade now is grade 4 .

    pls. tell me i still have hope in this program .

  41. Sir nag stop po ako ng grade 9 im now studying in ALS but i waNt also to try pePt ayaw ko na umasa sa isa lng kaya gagawa ako ng paraan para makatapos ‘
    makakakuha po ba kmi ng diploma at grugruaduate if matapos nmin ang pEPT sir/ma’am sna mabasa nyo po salamat

  42. Good afternoon po,saan po ba ako pwede makapag take ng exam…I’m 22 years old di ko pa po kasi na tatapos secondary level ko…kaya gusto ko po kumuha ng pept..para po makatapos ako…near nueva ecija location po…

  43. Im jorgie im 26 years im not to graduate, to high school. pede po b ako mg Exam gusto ko mg aral ulit pra s kinabukasn ng ank ko

  44. sana po mailabas na
    ang result nga pept exam. para po mktalon na ang mga bata sana dapat po kung san na sila nararapat

  45. Hi I just would like to ask where could we possibly avail of any reviewer/s for PEPT Elementary level (Gr.3-6)? Or books to be used for all subjects for this particular grades?
    Is there any review center located in Metro Manila?
    I hope to hear back from you soon.

  46. Hi I just would like to ask where could we possibly avail of reviewers for PEPT for elementary level (ie, Gr. 3-6) ?
    Is there any review center (location in MM area)?

  47. Good morning sir ma’am , may result na po ba ang PEPT LAST NOV 2015 PO . Saan po ba malalaman kung naka pasa ang anak ko ? Salamat po

  48. My daughter stopped formal schooling after Grade 4. She is currently registered in ALS in a public school near our place. She will be 13 yrs. old this coming September and she wishes to go back to formal school next school year as Grade 8. Will she be eligible to take the Grade 7 level PEPT? So that if by God’s grace she passed, she can be in Grade 8 next school year. Thank you and God bless!

  49. My Son is 16 years old for some reason during his grade 7,8,9 one of the private school he attended on that particular level failed to get there license to operate on that mentioned level, so he spent 3 years on that school without licence which we found out lately…then I transfer him in other private school (with License) which he was admitted for grade 10 and presently grade 11. ( Note: The first school he attended got there license to operate recently). He was advised to take the PEPT Examination for 3 level which he failed last February and scheduled again this coming June. Can you advise me what is the best move we can do… And what is gonna be the status of his grade 10 and grade 11 if he did not pass the PEPT Exam? Is he can continue his study up to end (Grade 12) until he pass the pept exam?… It is very unfair for him if he will discontinue his study , I as a parents disagree on others DEPED official advise to start him back to grade 7 again which is 5 years below level from his grade now …Please advise…Thanks

  50. Hi,

    I am already 17 years old and I haven’t finished elementary yet. I took the PEPT test in hopes that I could have my grade level accelerated to, at the very least, high school freshman. But..

    Why is it so hard to get information about the PEPT Results? I took the test just this May 2016 but they’re telling me that the results will be in August? So when can I really go to school? By next year?

    I don’t understand..

    Forever stuck an illiterate

  51. Mam/Sir I have a failed on my subject, Atleast 1 subject math is my failed, so how can I go to grade 9, can I test in Peptest?

  52. Im in cebu city, where can i find
    The PEPT office,
    I have so many questions that i cant even type it,
    Thank you so much.

  53. I’m an incoming Grade 11 student this school year 2016-2017 but I will not be attending the whole academic year in the Philippines because I’m going to have an exchange year in USA for 10 months, could I take the PEPT Examination so I could proceed to Grade 12 when I came back in school year 2017-2018 ?

  54. I will be an incoming Grade 11 student this June 2016 but unfortunately, I cannot go to school this school year due to some personal reasons. Can I take the PEPT Examination so I will be Grade 12 on June 2017?


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