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2016 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Guidelines

Table of Contents:

  1. Registration
  2. PEPT Testing Personnel – Click Here
  3. Testing Administration Guidelines – Click Here


SDS – Schools Division Superintendent
DTC – Division Testing Coordinator
SH – School Head
CE – Chief Examiner
RS – Room Supervisor
RE – Room Examiner
TMs -Test Materials
TB – Test Booklet
SAS – Scannable Answer Sheet
EH – Examiner’s Handbook
ETRE – Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelope
CETRE – Chief Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelope
COR – Certificate of Rating
LEM – Local Examination Management
LLC – Last Level Completed
BC – Birth Certificate
RO – Registering Official
IPF – Item Placement Form
VI – Visually Impaired


PEPT Registration Procedure

  1. All data called for in the registration form are filled out by the applicant;
  2. Provisions on citizenship, grade level, and age requirements are strictly followed;
  3. Certified true copies or attested copies of the birth/baptismal certificate, joint affidavit, Barangay Certification and school credentials are not tampered;
  4. The applicant and his most recent 1”x1” ID pictures are identical and not scanned;
    *Examinees must not submit ID pictures with their sunglasses on (visually impaired or not).
  5. The visually-impaired is identified and indicated in the List of Registrants (Braille and Non-Braille). Each Non-Braille applicant is assigned 1 Examiner and each 3 Braille readers shall have 1 Examiner; and
  6. The applicant is registered only when he has paid the registration fee.

NOTE: All documents submitted by the applicants during registration in both the regular and special examinations shall be turned over by the DTC to the NETRC representative during the retrieval of test materials by NETRC staff. Said registration list shall be used in counterchecking the data in the answer sheets prior to data processing.

Checklist in Evaluating/Screening the Documents of PEPT Applicants

School Records:

  1. Inspect the authenticity of the documents as to the school seal and signature of the school head.
  2. Validate the grade level completed with reference to age level at the time of examination day (should be overage).
  3. Countercheck LLC, F137 & F138 with the entries in the registration form for the consistency of data.
  4. Check that all subjects have been passed in the high school level (should be free from back subjects).
  5. Check if there are erasures/alterations in the school records.

Birth Certificate (BC): can be substituted by Baptismal Certificate, Certification from the Barangay and a Joint Affidavit of 2 disinterested persons

  1. Countercheck birth date in the BC with the entry in the registration form.
  2. Check the computation of the age with reference to EXAMINATION DATE.
  3. Have certified true copies of the BC.

Age Computation

  1. Check if age was correctly computed using examination date as reference versus birth date

ID Pictures

  1. Check if the ID pictures are 1×1” by size (with image proportionate to the size), identical, recently taken preferably with name labels and not scanned pictures, pasted (not stapled) in the Registration Form.

Private School’s Permit to Operate

  1. Check if photocopied permit to operate of the private school was submitted.
  2. If not available, the Division Supervisor for private schools can attest.

PEPT Applicants Enrolled in Schools Operating Without Permit

  • Non-recognition by NETRC on the scholastic records of PEPT applicants who were enrolled in the said schools;
  • They will be considered as “No Schooling” if had started schooling in Kinder up to the current grade/year level in the said schools; and
  • If the PEPT applicants happened to be enrolled at a certain period of time in a public school or a private school operating with permit, their scholastic ratings earned will be credited.

Checklist of Forms to be Accomplished


A. During Pre-Test

  • Registration Form (Green): Applicant’s and LEM’s Copy
  • Form A: List of Examinees by Testing Room (posted at the door)
  • Form B: Evaluation Form for Registering Official
  • Form C: PEPT Documents Review Form (for NETRC)
  • Form D: Item Placement Form (to be prepared by the RE)

B. During Test Proper and Post-Test

  • Form 1: List of Actual Examinees (back to back with Form 2) Note: Room Number should start from Room #1 to the last room
  • Form 2: Seat Plan
  • Form 3: Accounting Form
  • Form 4: Chief Examiner’s Narrative Report


  • No School ID # is needed in the conduct of PEPT; only in the NAT and NCAE.
  • List of Examinees in Form 1 includes only the actual examinees, excluding therefore the absentees.
  • The Serial Number in PEPT-Form 2 (Seat Plan) refers only to Test Booklet Number.
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