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2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Juliet A. Jeruta

2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Juliet A. Jeruta, PhD, CESO IV of DepEd Region VII

2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Juliet A. Jeruta

Message for Graduation 2019: “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”

We have come in diverse representations through our students, teachers, school administrators, officials or whoever we represent in the Department of Education (DepEd); but, we all have trodden the path in unity as Educators for quality learning and for who we must be. We all have emerged with diverse intentions to learn, to teach, and to manage; yet, we have existed to educate. And it is only then that DepEd becomes united for a sole purpose in providing a Quality Education to all Filipino youths.

Looking back at one of the most tedious and hard earned work of the Department of Education which is translated in the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum merits a recognition for being able to come flexible and adaptive to the transformation, and for embracing the realities of such change. And when this Enhanced Basic Education not merely stirred the learners’ education journey, but all of DepEd’s representatives, the surviving drive has never been at stake. For Region 7, advancing further commitment to service the education populace in varied representations depicts its episode of unity amidst diversity. The quality of education in Central Visayas is confined in its surviving capacity to be in consistent motion amidst impediments. Let us come united in crafting goals, in communicating them to our learning communities and in achieving them without suspensions, for they consist the package to Quality Education for Region VII. To the graduates and completers of this school year, these are the common language we, as educators, ought to cultivate, to speak and to live.

Congratulations to all Elementary graduates, Junior High completers, Senior High graduates, parents, school publics and all of the educators of DepEd Region 7! And trip more pavements, for every march spells a step higher to another representation!

I am in sincere gratitude to every DepEd representatives for allowing such a meaningful chapter in my existence as an education leader and ultimately as an educator. All of these will forever be sculpted in my 40-year education journal.

Director IV
Regional Director

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