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2019 Graduation Message of SDS Gemma Q. Tacuycuy

2019 Graduation Message of Schools Division Superintendent Gemma Q. Tacuycuy of DepEd Ilocos Sur Division

2019 Graduation Message of SDS Gemma Q. Tacuycuy

My heart is full of joy and contentment as I express my sincerest congratulations to our successful completers and graduates of School Year 2018-2019. I convey the same greetings to the school administrators, teachers, support personnel, parents and stakeholders who unselfishly collaborated to ensure that our school children will receive quality education that they deserve.

Dear completers and graduates, this momentous and glorious event is a milestone in your journey towards life. Now that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values, the more that you will become worthy members of your family, community and our country. You have worked hard to achieve your goal and now you are on your way to seek new horizons. Sail on, open doors of opportunities, embrace life with passion and keep reaching your dreams. Surely, challenges will come your way especially you are faced with the ever-changing technology of your time. Be resilient and always find the essence of being an educated individual.

This year’s theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All,” sends a strong message to all of us that despite our varied status in life, we can have a share in attaining quality education that is affordable for all Filipino learners. While we sometimes differ in orientation of what we value and believe, what matters most, we are moving together towards a learned and compassionate society.

As you venerate the fruits of your hard work and sacrifices, I wish that success will always follow you in every right thing that you do.

Above all these triumphant jubilations, I enjoin you to lift our hearts in gratitude for the abundant blessings that God showered upon us in this school year’s culmination rites.

Again, congratulations Batch 2018-2019!

Schools Division Superintendent

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