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2019 Graduation Message of SDS Jonathan Dela Pena

My felicitations to the Batch 2018-2019 Graduates!

As the father of this Division I feel so proud and honored of your achievements and of your persistence in acquiring the competencies that you need to get from the K to 12 curriculum. The long and arduous journey of acquiring basic education has molded you holistically – making you more equipped as you face heavier tasks ahead.

I hope that the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that your school provided you has enhanced your individuality. Through the years of learning, your teachers ensured an educational delivery that gives premium to Multiple Intelligences as a way of respecting your diverse needs and learning styles. This we consider when we localize, contextualize and indigenize content and methodology.

As you acquire more self-confidence and self-worth, I hope that your respect for others is also strengthened. The 21st century skills includes learning to live with others as an essential component. Continue to respect others’ choices and perspectives. Value the diverse cultures that surround you while you pay homage to your ethnic roots. Most of all, pursue happiness and harmony.

To your school officials, teachers, parents and relatives, my warmest congratulations!

Schools Division Superintendent

Graduation Message of SDS Jonathan Dela Pena


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