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DepEd School ICT Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

In the exigency of the service you are hereby designated as the SCHOOL ICT COORDINATOR of NAME OF SCHOOL effective immediately in addition to your regular teaching loads equivalent to one load (references: RA 1880, CSC Resolution No. 080096, DepEd Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008, DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2009, RA 9155, Magna Carta for the Public School Teachers, Civil Service Code).

You are expected to perform the duties and responsibilities attached to your designation and such other related function as may be assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities of DepEd School ICT Coordinator

Maintain the effective use of E-Classroom/ICT Lab;

Monitor the utilization of E-classroom including other ICT devices (laptops, projectors, etc.);

Report problems /concerns about ICT packages in schools to the supplier and Division Information Technology Officer.

Facilitate the early submission of the different online forms and Information Systems provided by the Information Technology Unit and Information and Communication Technology Service such as.

Provide technical assistance to school head, class advisers, co-teachers, pupils/students with regards to different ICT teaching and learning, school operations and professional development.

Other ICT Technical Assistance assigned by the school head such as

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