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5 Main Factors For College Admissions

Obtaining a college education is extremely important for those who want to become successful in the 21st century. Having a degree means having a chance to secure a better job for yourself. Also, it takes up to five years to accomplish the Bachelor’s program and then one or two additional years to complete the Master’s accreditation. That is, you will have a lot of time to come up with some creative ideas for your own business, while the faculty will be working on progressing your vision of the world that you are living in. However, getting enrolled is a hard task to cope with. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about five main factors that the college admission boards pay attention to when deciding on the students to be enrolled.

Test Scores

Regardless of how obvious it might seem to be but the admissions tests, such as SAT, ACT, and others, are the pivotal factor that may impact your admission to the world of tertiary education. The first thing that the universities and colleges from all around the world will be paying attention to would be the scores of your tests. It does not matter how much of a creative personality you are, the first and the foremost thing for you to know is that you have to meet the academic standard of knowledge in order to become a student.

An Application Letter

The only chance that you will get to the admission board before they make a final decision regarding your application would be your application letter or the personal statement. Many students use writing services to write the best application letter and they often recommend using Edu Birdie. If you want to know more about the features of this service, then read the Edu Birdie review. Writing a decent personal statement is a tall order to cope with people who have never been immersed in the domain of professional writing. A properly crafted admission essay is an extremely important factor. Sometimes, colleges and universities might even opt for a student with lower test scores but a brilliant personal statement.

Recommendation Letters

It is unfortunate to acknowledge but we are still living in a world where the things that the others say about you might overshadow your personal attainments. Nonetheless, when it comes to college admissions, such a social tendency might even become a player in your team of positive factors. You can have recommendation letters from your teachers, school principal, coaches or heads of organizations that you have participated in. So, make sure that you work hard during your last years of school in order to gain their approval.

Extracurricular Activities

Each and every institution of tertiary education is interested, first of all, in what you are going to bring to the academic communities not as a student but as an individual. Here, we have to mention that your application letter is the only chance that you will have to tell the admission board about what you are good at. For example, you might hint or state it directly that you will become a good addition to the college writing team and that you might become a great journalist at the college newspaper. The Edubirdie writing professionals claim in their review of universities and colleges that it is of the utmost importance to the college boards whether their enrollees are actually capable of something else than just studying. The institutions of higher education find it important to be mentioned in various online reviews as the places where students’ lives are not only filled with academic pressure but also with a great share of interesting events and fun. 

So, make sure to offer yourself as something more than just a person who wants to become a professional. Talk about yourself as a person who comes to both learn something new and share what you already know. Your task is to make them perceive you as a reliable member of their community who can provide support to those in need of it.

Curriculum and Grades

If you have decided to become a college student, it is quite likely that you will be going through some preliminary courses. Thus, the admissions board will pay specific attention to the grades that you will receive while studying there. So, take every paper and every assignment that you will be tasked with seriously. Forget about cheating, unless you want to consult professional academic writers who might help you learn what it means to write legit and safe papers for reasonable prices.


Getting enrolled in a college or university sometimes seems to be an insurmountable task. Nonetheless, it is quite a viable mission. Sure, it requires a bit of strategic planning and an ability to foresee what is coming at you but, in general, all you have to do is to represent yourself to the admission boards in a decent manner. It might take some writing skills to master, though. Hence, you can always turn for help to the professionals because writing is something that you are going to deal a lot while in college, one way or another.

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