Adoption of the Basic Education Research Agenda

June 10, 2016

DepEd Order No. 39, s. 2016

Adoption of the Basic Education Research Agenda


Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The Department of Education (DepEd) adopts the enclosed Basic Education Research Agenda which provides guidance to DepEd and its stakeholders in the conduct of education research and in the utilization of research results to inform the Department’s planning, policy, and program development aligned with its vision, mission, and core values.

2. The Research Agenda shall build on gains from existing research, generate new knowledge on priority research areas, focus DepEd’s attention on relevant education issues, and maximize available resources for research within and outside the Department.

3. All DepEd Orders and other related issuances, rules and regulations, and provisions which are inconsistent with this policy are hereby repealed, rescinded or modified accordingly.

4. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.



  1. DO 36, s. 2016 – Policy Guidelines on Awards and Recognition for the K to12 Basic Education Program
  2. DO 37, s. 2016 – Clarifications and Additional Information to DepEd Order No. 5, S. 2016 (Declaring January 30, 2016 as Commencement of Early Registration for School Year 2016-2017)
  3. DM 95, s. 2016 – Changes in Schedule of the Administration of the Language Assessment for Primary Grades and the National Achievement Test for Grade Six for School Year 2015-2016

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DOWNLOAD: Adoption of the Basic Education Research Agenda


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