Brigada Eskwela School Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Over the years, the Brigada Eskwela effort has evolved from a week-long cleaning-up and beautification exercise to a festive coming together of students, teachers, school officials, parents, community members, local government officials, non-government organizations, church groups, and the private sector. It, too, has become one of DepEd’s major initiatives in enjoining local communities to respond to the needs of public schools and be part of a nationwide effort towards improving Philippine basic education.

This was made possible by the hard work and determination of school heads in finding innovative ways to bring children to school, keep them there, and ensure that they will learn. Brigada Eskwela will not be what it is today if it were not for the strong leadership in our public schools.


In this light, the following are the Brigada Eskwela School Coordinator functions and duties in addition to their duties and responsibilities as Teacher;

  1. assist the school head and adopt-a-school program school coordinator in identifying the potential partner entities who could be engaged in supporting the priority programs and projects of the School in Brigada Eskwela / School Maintenance Week;
  2. he/she should assist the school head and adopt-a-school program school coordinator in the supervision and implementation of the Brigada Eskwela activity I program in school;
  3. assist the school heads and ASP – school coordinator to facilitate the review and approval of the Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Deed of Donation and Deed of Acceptance within School Internal and External stakeholders I Partners;
  4. provide advice, support, and direction to the School ASP Development Group and Brigada Eskwela School Technical Working Group in strategic and resource matters and other initiatives;
  5. assist and support the school head to coordinate, facilitate and supervise the conduct of Brigada Eskwela activities/program in the school;
  6. assist the school head and ASP – school coordinator to provide plans relating to resource provision and or mobilization, networking and linkages;
  7. consolidate and submit School Brigada Eskwela Reports on generated resources to the Division Brigada Eskwela Coordinator;
  8. attend meetings, seminars, forums, camps, and other related activities.


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