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DepEd Statement on Release of Official Uniform Sets for SYs 2020-2022

PASIG CITY, March 7, 2020 – It came to our attention that there were pictures and videos circulating in social media announcing “the new sets of DepEd national uniform designs for SYs 2020-2022.”

The Department of Education would like to clarify that these “leaked” designs are NOT official. The DepEd Uniform Committee (DUC) will still present and recommend the shortlisted uniform sets to the Secretary and Executive Committee.

Nine of the 11 votes for the final and official uniform sets will be coming from our teachers, principals, and DepEd staff through the nine teaching and non-teaching accredited organizations, as per DM No. 17, s. 2020.

The FINAL and OFFICIAL DepEd national uniform designs and colors shall be OFFICIALLY announced through a DepEd issuance.

The issuance will be simultaneously released in time for the P6,000 clothing allowance for FY 2020. DepEd encourages its personnel to buy their preferred fabric/textile, in accordance with the prescribed design and color.

Further, the DUC also recommends the implementation of the new uniform policy in August or last quarter of the year to provide ample time for the purchase of clothing materials and sewing of the uniforms.

Lastly, we urge all DepEd personnel to practice good judgment in discerning reliable sources of news and updates pertaining to DepEd policies.

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