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Class Activities for the First Three Weeks of Senior High School

May 31, 2016



Regional Directors
Regional Secretary, ARMM
Schools Division Superintendent
All others concerned


Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instruction

Class Activities for the First Three Weeks of Senior High School

This is to inform the Regional Offices (ROs) and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) that suggested orientation programs for Senior High School (SHS) students and parents as well as Daily Lesson Logs (DLLs) with optional activities for the first three weeks of SHS covering the period June 13-30, 2016 will be uploaded to the Department of Education (DepEd) Google Drive. They may be accessed and downloaded using a DepEd account (@deped.*.


The lessons are divided into the following weekly themes:

1Who am I as a SHS learner?
2What skills do I need to succeed in SHS?
3What do I want to learn and how can I learn about it?

SHS DLL Week 1

[scribd id=315289753 key=key-DlAUppxzqL1cfTrPxQh8 mode=scroll]

SHS DLL Week 2

[scribd id=315289760 key=key-wZRMwCr6OYCKquNsy4Uw mode=scroll]

SHS DLL Week 3

[scribd id=315289761 key=key-v3qCYWr9XO7OaeRckNkA mode=scroll]

Download SHS DLL Week 1-3: (Search DLL)

Teachers may adapt or modify these activities to suit the needs of their classes.

For any questions or concerns, you may contact Dr. Besy Agamata, Chief, Learning Resources Production Division (LRPD), Bureau of Learning Resources (BLR) at tel. no. (02) 634 1072 or email address blrpd@deped.

For your information.

*If there are other employees who have not registered and claimed their official DepEd email account, please go to this site:

Class Activities for the First Three Weeks of Senior High School Memorandum

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7 thoughts on “Class Activities for the First Three Weeks of Senior High School”

  1. Gratitude!

    I am very much grateful today for having me the topics for the first three weeks of Senior High School implementation.

  2. Done with the training on K11 SHS teachers. We are ready for tomorrow although we know there are so many challenges to hurdle. Tayo ay bahagi na ng kasaysayang may saysay. Sabi nga ni Dr. Habijan, “Bawal ang tatanga tangang guro” dahil dapat level up ang pagtuturo sa SHS. Bubuuin natin ang pangarap ng mga kabataan para sa magandang kinabukasan. Kung wala pang LM, sinagot ko na yan sa mga lectures ko sa Contextualization na kaya may CG, ang guro ang nararapat humanap ng liksyon para sa mga tuturuan nila. Sa unang tatlong lingo na mayroong mga sessions, nararapat paghati-hatian ng mga guro ang bahagi ng aralin para sa isang araw para hindi magsawa ang mga bata sa loob ng tatlong linggo. Dito makikita ang galing ng mga gurong Filipino. Go K11, Go SHS program. – Kenneth

  3. Sir, does this mean, the first three weeks will just be for the orientation? Teaching of subjects will start right after?

    Thank you for your response.


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