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Senior High School Orientation for Students and Parents

Senior High School (SHS) is a new addition to the Basic Education Curriculum. A good orientation assists students, as well as parents, in transitioning from Junior High School (JHS) and guides them in the next step of their educational journey.

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  1. To create a welcoming environment for students and parents and encourage in them a positive attitude towards SHS.
  2. Build a sense of community among the students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities for introduction, communication, and interaction.
  3. To provide information on the rules, regulations, programs, facilities, and services of the school and how these can support their academic and personal goals.
  4. To facilitate transition from JHS to SHS by letting students and parents know what to expect in the coming school year (SY).


Schools shall have the freedom to design their SHS Orientation Program. The topics can be divided into 2 half-day sessions for students and should be done on the first week of classes. During orientation days, schools are permitted to end their SHS classes early. If parents are unavailable on the intended days, a separate orientation for them can be done on a weekend.

DAY 1 Suggested Topics

  • Orientation Information
  • Important School Policies
  • Administrative Concerns

DAY 2 Suggested Topics

  • Academic Information
  • Learner Support

School Heads, in coordination with the teachers, may combine the orientation program topics with those found in the 3-week DLL as long as the orientation for students is done in the first week.


Your school may choose to include more topics or activities aside from those listed here. If your school already conducted an orientation, this can serve as a checklist to see if there are things that you still need to discuss.

1. Orientation Information

Your school and program offerings

Introduce your school. Share a little background and information – how many SHS students are enrolled for the SY, how big is your faculty and staff, the preparations you have done to ensure that they will have the best SHS experience. Also, share why you are offering your tracks/strands. What did you find out about student interests in your community? What is the context of your school community?

About Senior High School (SHS)

What is SHS in the context of K to 12?

Focus on:

  • how it was designed with their best interest in mind and is an education system suited for the 21st century
  • how it is based on their interests and provides them with options
  • how it is a stepping stone to what they want to be after high school and helps them pursue a better life

Your industry partners

Introduce your industry partners, especially if students will hold some of their classes in a Technical-Vocational Institution. You may invite a representative from the industry partner or you may create a presentation about who they are and what they do.


What do you expect from your students? Academically? Behaviorally?

2. Important School Policies

School rules and regulations

What are your rules and regulations on the following:

  • start and dismissal of classes
  • attendance, tardiness and absences
  • proper attire (especially when in laboratories or when handling machinery)
  • bringing of gadgets (cellphones, cameras, tablets)

Student code of conduct

What do you consider proper and improper behavior in school? What are consequences of improper behavior?

Child Protection Policy

What are your protocols for bullying and harassment?

No Collection Policy

Explain the “No Collection” policy and discuss which fees may be collected on a voluntary basis based on DO 41, s. 2012 and DO 66, s. 2012.

*Note: It is important to ensure that the rules and regulations set by your school are in accordance with existing laws and DepEd policies.

3. Academic Information

Your faculty and subject group heads

Introduce their teachers and the subject group heads.

Learning in SHS

How will learning in SHS be different from JHS? You may talk about the following:

  • They will experience a different curriculum from JHS (more advanced, more specialized)
  • They will take specialized subjects which may be taught by a practitioner, or working professionals in their industry
  • They will undergo work immersion and research where they will have to apply what they have learned from their different subjects

SHS exits

Inform the students that after they graduate from SHS, they can choose to 1) be employed, 2) start their own business, 3) go to college, or 4) get higher certification to develop more specialized skills.

SHS subjects

Discuss the differences among core, applied, and specialized subjects. You can show the students the list of subjects they will take for their track/strand.

Schedule of classes

Present the schedule of subjects and the daily schedule for the 1st semester of Grade 11.

Grading system

Discuss how they will be graded and assessed based on DO 8, s. 2015.

4. Learner Support

Youth formation services

Invite students to take part in the Supreme Student Government (SSG) as student leaders or be members of other clubs and organizations in your school. Introduce the moderators of the SSG and other clubs and organizations.

Guidance and Counseling services

Introduce your guidance teacher/career advocacy teacher. S/he may discuss what your guidance, career advocacy, and counseling services offer and what is your protocol for guidance and counseling concerns.

Health and nutrition services

Introduce your clinic teacher. S/he may discuss what your health and nutrition services offer.

ICT services

Introduce your ICT teacher. S/he may discuss the protocol for using the ICT laboratory and procedures for asking for permission to use it for academic-related research.

Library services

Introduce your librarian. S/he may discuss what collection of books you have and what services are offered by the library to help them find the right references for their assignments and research.

Sports programs

Introduce the moderator of your sports programs. S/he may discuss the after-class sports programs and varsity teams in the school that can help the students remain fit and healthy.

5. Administrative concerns

Your administrative staff

Introduce the rest of the staff that have not been introduced: your registrar, maintenance and security staff, and property custodian.

Calendar of activities and important dates

Inform students and parents of important dates to remember based on DO 23, s. 2016.

DRRM protocol

Explain the school protocol in case of disasters like fire or earthquake.

Logistical arrangements

Discuss the plan for inflow and outflow of students during start of classes and dismissal time in the first week.

School communication processes

Tell students and parents how they can inform and contact the school for feedback, issues, and concerns.

Parental support and participation

Emphasize the important role of parents in student success. Encourage parents to join the Parents-Teachers Assembly (PTA) and other activities in school and inform them how they can help the school.


  • Include a tour of your school facilities and your partner facilities if possible
  • You can have small group discussions with students where teachers can sit with a group to discuss their questions and concerns
  • Have students sign a conforme for the student code of conduct
  • Include a short community building activity with parents


  • K to 12 Messenger Primer
  • SHS Student Primer
  • SHS Manual of Operations
  • Infographics on Classroom Assessment (found on the DepEd website or DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015)
  • Video: Ano ang pangarap ng kabataang Pilipino?

Sa ating patuloy na pagtaguyod ng pinakamalaking reporma sa edukasyon, siguraduhin natin na walang batang maiiwan at tayo ay patuloy na magsisilbing gabay tungo sa katuparan ng mga pangarap ng bawat kabataang Pilipino.

Kayang-kaya, sama-sama para sa edukasyon.

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Senior High School Orientation for Students and Parents

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