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Commencement Exercises Message of SDS Francis Cesar Bringas

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Cordillera Administrative Region
#82 Military Cut-off Road, Baguio City


Congratulations to you Grade 6 graduates and Junior High completers, for having the courage to persevere and take steps to reach your life goals. As learning communities, all of you are well-deserving of the accolades this day brings. Congratulations also to everyone who have been supporting and guiding them through their challenging yet fruitful journey.

Our precious learners, you are well aware that you are active participants in the historical changes our educational system is going thru. To the Junior High School completers, you will soon be entering a grade level very few Filipinos have had the opportunity to enter. Although some events in the recent past may fill you with doubts or apprehension, rest with confidence that the extra years you will spend in high school have been carefully designed to give you an advantage your brothers and sisters before you were not given. Learn well from the track you chose for yourself, believe in your talents and abilities, enjoy seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Most of all, share your knowledge with each other. Keep in mind the saying “If you want to travel fast, travel alone; if you want to travel far, travel together” for you need to sustain each other to pioneer our country towards a bright and progressive future your education aims to attain.

To the Grade 6 graduates, the diploma you now hold is your passport through another gate which opens to a world full of new discoveries about yourself and the world around you. Keep the flame of courage burning in your hearts that you may never stop wanting to learn, to improve yourself, to be better than the person you were yesterday. Young as you are, you too are an active participant in the historical events happening today. You symbolize the adaptability of the Filipino nation as you show how well you transition from an old curriculum to a new one. Continue with the great work you have been doing. We your elders have great confidence in you.

With the closing of School Year 2015-2016 almost at hand, I again congratulate all graduates and completers and I wish you success in attaining your goals.

Schools Division Superintendent

Commencement Exercises Message of SDS Francis Cesar Bringas


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