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Graduation Message of Regional Director Ellen Donato

Republic of the Philippines

Office of the Regional Director


Warmest felicitations to Batch 2016 of _____ School!

Dear Graduates, graduation is one of the most outstanding events in anybody’s life. It is an occasion where you share the excitement and importance of your academic accomplishments with the people you hold in high esteem in your hearts. As you begin another chapter and embark towards reaching your goals and dreams, let this event, likewise, be an opportune time for you to reflect on both the good times and the bad times that shaped who you are today as well as helped you gain learning experiences to better brave the challenges ahead of you.

I join you and all others who are proud of you as you march in today’s commencement exercises and receive your certificates of graduation, a symbol not only of your achievement but also the collective efforts of teachers, school administrators, staff, parents and community who have supported and journeyed with you to reach this milestone.

Bannered by the theme, “Kabataang Mula sa K to 12, Tagapagdala ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas,” this year’s graduation aptly focuses on the K to 12 Basic Education Program as a transformative vehicle for local and national development. This further brings to the fore that through quality education, the K to 12 program develops and harnesses the skills and competencies of our Filipino youth to become positive and productive contributors to their community and the nation as a whole.

For us in DepEd CAR, this theme should continually guide us in our mission to afford learners quality education that will empower them to realize their aspirations and goals in life.

To you graduates, as you propel yourselves to another level, herald with you the knowledge, skills, and most importantly the values you have acquired along the way. You will add more to your cabinet of achievements but through it, you will also make mistakes. You will go through unknown twists and turns but it is your values and life-long skills which can be the pillars you can always lean on. Continue to strive for the best and equip yourselves with worthwhile learnings from level to level towards your dreams.

CONGRATULATIONS and may your graduation be the beginning of many more wonderful triumphs in your life!!!

Regional Director

Graduation Message of Regional Director Ellen Donato


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