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Moving Up Message of Regional Director Ellen Donato

Republic of the Philippines

Office of the Regional Director


Warmest greetings to the Junior Completers of _____ School!

I join your parents, teachers, school officials, community leaders, and all others in congratulating you for a job well done. You have completed and surpassed the challenges of Junior High School and now ready to take on new ones. I am certain that your passage through junior high has transformed you to a grown-up, confident, matured individual prepared for the next hurdle – Senior High School.

As you move up to another level, let this occasion also be an opportunity for you to reflect and cherish your learning experiences from which you can draw inspiration and confidence to face the stumbling blocks that may come your way. The knowledge, skills, and most importantly the values you have gained over the years should push you to be better learners. The values and life-long skills you have acquired so far can be your pillars that will help you get through yet another set of unknown twists and turns. Don’t ever quit! Senior High School is a new world of opportunities. Continue to strive for the best and equip yourselves with worthwhile learnings from level to level towards your goals in life.

This year’s theme, “Kabataang Mula sa K to 12, Tagapagdala ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas,” clearly states your role as future nation builders and bearers of hope and inspiration. Hence, be productive and participative citizens of your community and our country. Be an indelible mark to our society by being assets and instruments in improving lives not only of this generation but also the next.

For us in the schools, this theme should continually ignite our passion and commitment in providing quality education for our learners. Let it be our battle cry as we put all our efforts together to make the K to 12 Basic Education Program truly a transformative vehicle to develop and harness the skills and competencies of the Filipino youth that will lead to human and community development.

May this occasion be remembered as a kick off towards a meaningful milestone for our youth and for our Department. Once again CONGRATULATIONS to one and all.

Regional Director

Moving Up Message of Regional Director Ellen Donato


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