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DepED 2015 Principal’s Test

The Department of Education (DepED), through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), shall administer the 2015 Principal’s Test on June 21, 2015. The examination shall serve as a mechanism for selecting competent school heads in the public education sector.

The Principal’s Test is open to all aspirants for Principal I position as required under DepEd Order No. 97, s. 2011 entitled Revised Guidelines on the Allocation and Reclassification of School Heads Positions.

The following are the criteria in evaluating the qualifications and eligibility of the applicants who will take the test:

  • Experience of at least any of the following: one year as head teacher, two years as teacher-in-charge, two years as master teacher, or five years as teacher III;
  • Forty hours of relevant trainings (with attachments) certified by the school School Division Office (SDO);
  • A performance rating of Very Satisfactory (VS) for the last two years (with attachments), certified by the Regional Office (RO) and SDO; and
  • Certification of no pending administrative case.

The Principal’s Test will cover the following topics anchored on DepEd Order No. 32, s. 2010 entitled National Adoption and Implementation of the National Competency-Based Standards for School Heads and Enhanced Basic Education Program:

a. School Leadership;

b. Instructional Leadership;

c. Creating Student-Centered Learning Climate;

d. Human Resource Management and Professional Development;

e. Parent Involvement and Community Partnership;

f. School Management and Operations;

g. Personal and Professional Attributes and Interpersonal Effectiveness; and

h. 21st Century Managerial and Leadership Skills.

The test shall be held simultaneously in all identified regional testing centers (RTCs) in all regions on June 21, 2015 with a time allocation of four hours, starting from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

The following are the guidelines in filing and processing of application forms:

  • The ROs are advised to disseminate the template of the standardized application form (copy enclosed) to the SDOs for reproduction. Application forms are not for sale;
  • All aspirants shall secure a copy of the application form from their respective SDOs and shall file the duly accomplished form at the SDO where the application belongs;
  • Aspirants shall submit the application form and registration fee at their respective SDOs on or before March 20, 2015;
  • The SDOs shall be responsible in evaluating and processing the application forms to determine the qualifications and eligibility of the applicants;
  • All ROs shall submit the complete list of examinees to NEAP CO through email address at deped.neap[at]gmail.com on or before March 27, 2015;
  • There shall be no extension in the deadline of filing of application forms at the SDOs, as well as in the transmittal of the complete list of examinees per SDO to NEAP Central Office (CO);
  • All examinees from Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) can file their application forms and take the examination in any of the following ROs: IX, X, XI, XII, and Caraga;
  • The identified examination venues will be announced through DepEd Advisory; and
  • DepEd CO, RO and SDOs are not authorized to conduct review sessions for this examination.

The registration fee and guidelines in the transfer of funds to NEAP CO are as follows:

a. The registration fee is Five Hundred Pesos (P 500.00). The amount will be utilized for the various expenses relative to the following:

  • management and administration of the test (example: production of test booklets, production of scannable answer sheets, automated generation and processing of the results, airfreight and handling fees of scannable answer sheets and test booklets), development and production of Examiners Manual, certificates of rating;
  • communication, supplies and materials, lodging, meals, and transportation expenses of the teams from NEAP CO;
  • professional fees and honoraria of personnel from CO, ROs, and SDOs involved in the conduct of the tests, including pre-work and post-work; and
  • quality assurance, item analysis, among others.

b. The registration fee shall be collected by the SDO cashier or any official collecting officer in the SDO. Each examinee shall be issued a corresponding official receipt by the collecting officer;

c. The total collection shall be transferred by the SDO to the RO. After which, the RO will transfer the total collection to NEAP CO three days after receipt of the billing statement from the latter. An official receipt will be issued by the NEAP CO upon submission of evidence of transfer of funds by the RO; and

d. The ROs shall submit a financial report seven days after the conduct of the examination.

The RD shall designate two regional coordinators who will be responsible in overseeing and supervising the preparation and the actual administration of the test at the regional level. The name of the regional coordinator-designate and the field personnel (roving officer, proctor, school principal, among others) who will be involved in the test administration, as well as the identified RTCs shall be submitted to NEAP CO not later than March 13, 2015.

To ensure the orderly conduct and integrity of the examination, the NEAP CO personnel and staff have crafted the following guidelines for strict compliance of the RTCs:

a. assign only 24 examinees in every testing room;

b. assign one supervising examiner for every five testing rooms;

c. allocate one examiner per testing room;

d. assign only three roving proctors per testing center;

e. provide one medial officer / personnel per testing center;

f. provide three janitors to ensure clean testing rooms and restroom before, during, and after the test;

g. assign two security guards for security purposes;

h. provide a secure spacious area for test booklet distribution and retrieval;

i. ensure that all testing rooms are well-lighted and well-ventilated;

j. avoid the use of children’s desks as examination chairs;

k. avoid selecting the testing rooms across or right beside a restroom;

l. laboratory rooms shall not be sued as testing rooms;

m. coordinate with local power supplier to spare the testing center for any eventual brownout;

n. publish in conspicuous locations the list of examinees (printed in font size 20, typed double-spaced, arrangedalphabetically, and spread across four bulletin boards at two meters apart to avoid crowding); and

o. mount vicinity maps and directional signages for the convenience of examinees.

For more information, all concerned may contact Ms. Maria Elena B. Deacosta or Mr. Adison Lozano, National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), Department of Education Central Office (DepED CO), DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City at telephone no.: (02) 633-7237 or at telefax no.: (02) 633-9455.

2015 DepEd Principal's Test Application Form


DepEd Order: (No. 97, s. 2011)
DepEd Memorandum: Nos. 132, s. 2013 and (97, s. 2009)

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  1. Teacher I position or any position as long they serve for 15 years – kung pwede lang sana bigyan nila ng pagkakataon maka-take. Marami kasi nabigyan ng pagkakataon di naman pumasa, how about no of years instead sa position.

  2. just curious…my prof in my MA class told us that even Teacher I can take the NQESH Exam? tAs long as they are interested…totoo po ba ito? thanks po…

  3. Hi! I would like to ask if the Principal Test on June 21, 2015 is postponed. My principal informed me that the PT will be postponed on July. Is it true?

  4. Hello!
    I am a Master Teacher 1 for 2 years and 3 years for Teacher III. It’s so obvious that I am now qualified to take the principal’s exam. Unfortunately, when the Division Office reviewed my documents they found out that I don’t have any relevant training for the position of principal 1. How can I get any relevant training on management well in fact I’m not yet in the administrative position. Way back years ago these relevant training is not a requirement for taking the principal’s exam. What am I going to do now? I’m so eager to take the exam this year

    • Hi, hindi naman po kailangan ng relevant training related sa school management kasi classroom teacher tayo as long as may 40 hours tayo sa mga seminars pwede po yun.

      Dapat din po pala 3 years kayo sa present position niyo before taking the test.. naka 2 years palang po kayo sa MT1.

  5. Kung wala kang 40 hrs. relevant training puwede po ba masteral degree (relevant) ang gamitin to cope up with the requirements?


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