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National Achievement Test (NAT) Administration Guidelines

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NAT Acronyms

SDS – Schools Division Superintendent
RTC -Regional Testing Coordinator
DTC -Division Testing Coordinator
PSS -Private School Supervisor
SH -School Head
STC -School Testing Coordinator
CE -Chief Examiner
RS -Room Supervisor
RE -Room Examiner
LRN -Learner Reference Number
TMs -Test Materials
TB -Test Booklet
AS -Answer Sheet
EH -Examiner’s Handbook
SSH -Scannable School Header
ETRE -Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelope
CETRE -Chief Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelope
COR – Certificate of Rating

The Testing Staff and Their Roles and Responsibilities

NAT Testing Staff at the Division Levle


1.  Assignment of the testing staff shall be done by the SDS.
2.  The NAT is administered in the respective school of the examinees.

The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS)

  1. Responsible for the smooth conduct of the test in the division;
  2. Assigns one of the division supervisors as DTC;
  3. Designates REs from the teaching staff who are reliable, competent, experienced in the conduct of the NAT, and have no history of lost TBs; and
  4. Assigns the PSS to manage the tardiness of some private school teachers on examination day.

The Division Testing Coordinator (DTC)

  1. Prepares accurately, with the assistance of PSS, the enrolment data using the prescribed format and corresponding guidelines
  2. On behalf of the SDS, the DTC chooses REs who are credible, trustworthy and with testing experience
  3. Orients the SHs or STCs prior to test administration
  4. Maintains the security and confidentiality of test materials received from the NETRC through a courier and issues an
  5. Oath of Confidentiality for the SHs on this regard
  6. Examines the packing guide of TMs upon receipt
  7. Notifies NETRC on the condition of TMs received
  8. Accounts all the TMs before final packing

The Private School Supervisor (PSS)

  1. Disseminates information and latest issuances regarding the NAT to private schools in the division
  2. Coordinates with private school principals regarding the test and its proper administration
  3. Checks closely that private schools operating without permit were EXCLUDED in the NAT administration vis-à-vis the official list from the region
  4. Ensures that listed schools with permit are still operating
  5. Prepares and provides the DTC with the enrolment data on private schools to be tested, which will be used in the budget preparation and allocation of TMs
  6. Assists the DTC in the echo-orientation of private schools in the division level*
  7. Closely supervises the delivery and retrieval of TMs on testing day and assists the DTC in the accounting of TMs
  8. Oversees the conduct of the test in private schools

*No extra funding from NETRC is provided for this activity.

The Chief Examiner (CE)

  1. Maintains the security and confidentiality of the TMs upon receipt from the DTC (test boxes are opened on examination day);
  2. Has the accountability and responsibility for all the TMs received and this ends when the TMs are returned to the DTC;
  3. Assigns a Distribution Room where all REs can be met before and after the test administration;
  4. Counts all packs of TBs and ASs before releasing them to the REs;
  5. Records pertinent data about the TMs released to and received from the REs in the Accounting Form (Form 3) and Forms 4, 5, 6 and in the SSH.
  6. Distributes the TBs to each RE and instructs him/her to count these without opening the pack and before leaving the room;
  7. Monitors the REs’ proper accomplishment of the different forms while the test proper is in progress;
  8. Follows the instructions in the Accounting and Packing of TMs found at the latter part of the EH.
  9. Has full awareness of the details of the testing program to be conducted; and
  10. Orients every teacher in his/her respective school on the guidelines and EH relative to the test administration.

Note: The School Head is the Chief Examiner of his/her respective school.

The Room Examiner (RE)

  1. Counts the TBs in front of the CE in the Distribution Room while the plastic bag is still sealed and before proceeding to the testing room;
  2. Signs Form 3 as he/she receives the TMs from the CE/STC while still inside the Distribution Room.
  3. Checks if the examinees have lead pencils to use and a sheet of blank paper for computation purposes;
  4. Facilitates the recording of the Examinee Number and TB Number of the Examinees in the NETRC Form 2 (Seat Plan);
  5. Supervises closely the shading of bubbles in the Name Grid, LRN and other data/non-test items in the AS;
  6. Follows strictly the EH during test administration;
  7. Keeps custody of all the used and unused TBs but are not allowed to read the contents; otherwise, he/she will be given corresponding sanctions based on DECS Order No. 85, s. 1999;
  8. Checks the contents of the ETRE before he/she seals it while still inside the testing room; and
  9. Accomplishes Form 7.


  • Teachers from private schools will be assigned in public schools as REs.
  • Likewise, teachers from public schools will be assigned in private schools.
  • If teachers are not enough, those from other districts can be assigned.

Insufficient number of Private School Teachers to Serve as REs in Public Schools

  1. Public school teachers from other districts may serve as REs when there is insufficiency on the number of private school teachers.
  2. For divisions with only few public and private high schools, elementary school teachers from public schools may serve as REs.
  3. Teachers from big schools may be dispersed in small private schools.

The Room Supervisor (RS)

  1. Monitors the conduct of the test in a testing center with 5 or more testing rooms for Grade 6 and Year 4, and 10 or more rooms for Grade 3;
  2. Checks if the REs adhere to the instructions in the EH;
  3. Collects from the REs the unused ASs when the examinees are answering the last subtest;
  4. Facilitates the completion in filling out the data in Form 3;
  5. Reminds every RE that the ETREs should be sealed inside the testing room; and
  6. Counts and double counts the TBs per pack and the number of ETREs.

Assignment of Room Supervisors:

  1. The RS must come from another school other than those schools where REs shall be assigned.
  2. The number of RSs assigned in a testing center will depend on the number of examinees in a testing room.

Below is the ratio:

  • 1 RS is assigned in every 10 rooms if there are 20 examinees/room
  • 1 RS is assigned in every 5 rooms if there are 30 examinees/room

The School Testing Coordinator (STC)*

  1. Double checks the enrolment data of the school prior to submission to the DTC;
  2. Attends the orientation at the division level in the absence (or on behalf) of the SH;
  3. Accomplishes the SSH;
  4. Assists the CE in all the testing activities; and
  5. Double checks the TMs before final packing, being accountable also on these materials.

Note: The STC stays in his/her respective school to assist the Chief Examiner in all the testing activities.

The Monitors

  1. NETRC staff-monitors will be assigned to any testing center(s) nationwide, unannounced in the field.
  2. The expenses incurred by external-volunteers are not chargeable to NETRC funds.

Orientation at the Division Level

  • This is primarily aimed to orient all the testing staff in the NAT administration. But due to budgetary constraints only one representative per school is authorized to attend – either the SH or the STC. However, a 100% attendance is imposed for the school representative. Sanctions should be meted out for non-attendance.
  • Hence, a mechanism should be devised so that all testing staff are properly oriented; one of which is orienting all the teaching force in the school by the SH/STC to be ready on exam day in case there will be shortage of REs in other testing centers.

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