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2021 DepEd English Proficiency Test (EPT) Reviewer

Hoping to be a part of DepEd? Then you will have to undergo screenings, interviews and of course a test! THE ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TEST (EPT).

An English Proficiency Test (EPT) shall be administered to teacher applicants by the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA). The respective Division Testing Coordinators shall coordinate with BEA regarding the conduct and schedule of the exam in their division, which should be within February to March.

DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015 (Hiring Guidelines for Teacher I Positions)

The total percentage score obtained by an applicant shall be multiplied by the weight of fifteen (15) points, as follows:

Percentage Score = 98% or .098
Weighted Points = 15
Rating – .98 x 15 = 14.7 points

The Schools Division Office will set the date for the 2019 English Proficiency Test (EPT) to be taken by all Teacher applicants as one of the components measured.

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DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2016 (Hiring Guidelines for Senior High School (SHS) Teachers)

English Communication Skills – 10 points for applicants of the ACADEMIC track and CORE SUBJECTS; and 5 points for the TVL, ARTS, and DESIGN, and SPORTS tracks subjects

English communication skills will be measured through the English Proficiency Test (EPT) which shall be administered to applicants by the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA). The respective Division Testing Coordinators shall coordinate with BEA regarding the conduct and schedule of the exam in their division, which should ideally be within December to January.

READ: 2020 DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Senior High School (SHS) Teachers

The total percentage score obtained by an applicant shall be multiplied by the weight points, as follows:


Percentage Score = 82% or 0.82

Weighted Points = 10 for Academic Track and Core

Subject applicants

= 5 for TVL, Arts, and Design, and Sports track applicants

Rating = 0.82 x 10 = 8.2 points for Academic Track and Core subject applicants

= 0.82 x 5 = 4.1 points for TVL, Arts and Design, and Sports track applicants

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2020 DepEd English Proficiency Test (EPT) Reviewer for Mobile Devices (Android)

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2020 DepEd English Proficiency Test (EPT) Reviewer with Answers

Courtesy: Sir Denton Caballero


Directions: Read the sentences carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter of your answer on the space provided for.

A. Sentence Completion

_____1. She is well loved by the people for being ______________.

a. slanderous
b. virtuous*
c. ambiguous
d. condescending

_____2. Davidlee is an ____________ diver. He always wins the gold medal.

a. inept
b. efficient
c. adroit*
d. aggressive

_____3. The ____ student _____ going to school.

a. delinquent; abhors*
b. awkward; abhors
c. industrious; dislikes
d. obedient; dislikes

_____4. The reporter was adjudged guilty of _____ for spreading false accusations.

a. calumny*
b. rebellion
c. treachery
d. mutiny

_____5. Ewan played the violin with such _____, everyone was amazed.

a. anxiety
b. inanity
c. deity
d. virtuosity*

_____6. Today, Alfred Wegener’s theory is _______; however, he died an outsider treated with ___ by the scientific establishments.

a. unsupported: approval
b. dismissed: contempt
c. accepted: approbation
d. unchallenged: disdain*

_____7. The revolution I art has not lost its steam; it _________ on as fiercely as ever.

a. trudges
b. meanders
c. rages*
d. ambles

_____8. Biological clocks are of such _____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to _____them.

a. obvious: possess*
b. ambivalent: develop
c. meager: evolve
d. significant: eschew

_____9. The peasants were the least ______ of all people, bound by tradition and _____ by superstitions.

a. conventional: encumbered
b. pinioned: limited
c. free: fettered*
d. enthralled: tied

_____10. The conclusion of his argument, while _____, is far from ______.

a. germane: relevant
b. esoteric: obscure
c. stimulating: interesting
d. abstruse: incomprehensible*

B. Synonyms

_____11. The virulent drug he had mistakenly taken killed him in an instant.

a. effective
b. expensive
c. sedative
d. toxic*

_____12. Argentina is one of the world’s leading honey-exporters. It maintains a large apiary.

a. Place where birds are bred.
b. Place where apes are grown.
C. Place where bees are raised.*
D. Place where honey is stored.

_____13. Eugenio Joshua admires his teacher’s deportment during class.

a. demeanor*
b. speech
c. banishment
d. intelligence

_____14. His recommendation was rejected because it might be inimical to the company.

a. insubstantial
b. useful
c. costly
d. disadvantageous*

_____15. Marvin Jay’s supervisor asked him to elucidate his proposal during the presentation.

a. clarify*
b. extend
c. improve
d. shorten

C. Antonyms

_____16. The mother has been doleful every when she lost her son.

a. miserable
b. cheerful*
c. prayerful
d. anxious

_____17. Juan Carlo acquiesced to his friends’ plan of going to Baguio comes February.

a. agreed
b. objected*
c. rejoiced
d. abided

_____18. John Dan’s house is full of a motley collection of furniture, including antiques, woodcrafts and glasswares.

a. diverse
b. attractive
c. homogenous*
d. expensive

_____19. Jeric Angel’s nervousness was palpable despite the confident façade he was showing.

a. evident
b. increasing
c. decreasing
d. hidden*

_____20. He had learned that everything in life is evanescent.

a. temporary
b. permanent*
c. extraordinary
d. luminous

D. Analogy


a. predictable: event
b. coordinated: movement
c. active: thought
d. erratic: path


a. departure: arrival*
b. culmination: upshot
c. approach: return
d. escapade: punishment


a. erudite: wisdom
b. desultory: error
c. boisterous: calm*
d. exalted: elevation


a. seed: flower
b. smoke: fire
c. chair: furniture*
d. mystify: enlightenment


a. obdurate: foolish*
b. ascetic: austere
c. loquacious: taciturn
d. peremptory: spontaneous


a. exacerbate: problem
b. modify: accent
c. dampen: enthusiasm*
d. elongate: line


a. religious: private
b. expensive: profligate
c. conservative: stoic
d. mendacious: truthful*

_____28. PENURY:: MONEY

a. starvation: sustenance
b. independence: freedom*
c. infirmity: illness
d. spontaneity: care

_____29. MASON:: STONE

a. soldier: weapon
b. lawyer: law
c. carpenter: wood*
d. teacher: pupil

_____30. REPEL:: LURE

a. miscarry: succeed*
b. dismount: devolve
c. abrogate: deny
d. abridge: shorten

E. Reading Comprehension

Passage 1

Much of what goes by the name of pleasure is simply an effort to destroy consciousness. If one started by asking, what is man? What are his needs? How can he best express himself? One would discover that merely having the power to avoid work and live one’s life from birth to death in electric light and to the tune of tinned music is not a reason for doing so. Man needs warmth, society, leisure, comfort and security: he also needs solitude, creative work and the sense of wonder. If he recognized this he could use the products of science and industrialism eclectically, applying always the same test: does this make me more human or less human? He would then learn that the highest happiness does not lie in relaxing, resting, playing poker, drinking and making love simultaneously.

Adapted from an essay by George Orwell

_____31. The author implies that the answers to the questions in sentence two would reveal that human beings ________.

a. are less human when they seek pleasure*
b. need to evaluate their purpose in life
c. are being alienated from their true nature by technology
d. have needs beyond physical comforts

_____32. The author would apparently agree that playing poker is _____.

a. often an effort to avoid thinking
b. something that gives true pleasure
c. an example of man’s need for society *
d. something that man must learn to avoid

Passage 2

Examine the recently laid egg of some common animal, such as a salamander or newt. It is a minute spheroid – an apparently structure less sac, enclosing a fluid, holding granules in suspension. But let a moderate supply of warmth reach its watery cradle, and the plastic matter undergoes changes so rapid, yet so steady and purposeful in their succession, that one can only compare them to those operated by a skilled modeler upon a formless lump of clay. As with an invisible trowel, the mass is divided and subdivided into smaller and smaller portions. And, then, it is as if a delicate finger traced out the line to be occupied by the spinal column, and molded the contour of the body; pinching up the head at one end, the tail at the other, and fashioning flank and limb into due proportions, in so artistic a way, that, after watching the process hour by hour, one is almost involuntarily possessed by the notion, that some more subtle aid to vision than a microscope, would show the hidden artist, with his plan before him, striving with skillful manipulation to perfect his work.

Adapted from an essay by T H Huxley

_____33. The author makes his main point with the aid of _______.

a. logical paradox
b. complex rationalization*
c. scientific deductions
d. observations on the connection between art and science

_____34. In the context of the final sentence the word “subtle” most nearly means _____.

a. not obvious
b. indirect
c. discriminating
d. surreptitious *

Passage 3

There are not many places that I find it more agreeable to revisit when in an idle mood, than some places to which I have never been. For, my acquaintance with those spots is of such long standing, and has ripened into an intimacy of so affectionate a nature, that I take a particular interesting assuring myself that they are unchanged. I never was in Robinson Crusoe’s Island, yet I frequently return there. I was never in the robbers’ cave, where Gil Blas lived, but I often go back there and find the trap-door just as heaven to raise as it used to be. I was never in Don Quixote’s study, where he read his books of chivalry until he rose and hacked at imaginary giants, yet you couldn’t move a book in it without my knowledge. So with Damascus, and Lilliput, and the Nile, and Abyssinia, and the North Pole and many hundreds of places — I was never at them, yet it is an affair of my life to keep them intact, and I am always going back to them.

Passage 4

The books one reads in childhood create in one’s mind a sort of false map of the world, a series of fabulous countries into which one can retreat at odd moments throughout the rest of life, and which in some cases can even survive a visit to the real countries which they are supposed to represent. The pampas, the Amazon, the coral islands of the Pacific, Russia, land of birch-tree and samovar, Transylvania with its boyars and vampires, the China of Guy Boothby, the Paris of du Maurier—one could continue the list for a long time. But one other imaginary country that I acquired early in life was called America. If I pause on the word “America”, and deliberately put aside the existing reality, I can call up my childhood vision of it.

Adapted from: The Uncommercial Traveller, C Dickens (1860)

_____35. The first sentence of Passage 3 contains an element of

a. paradox
b. legend
c. melancholy
d. self-deprecation*

_____36. By calling America an “imaginary country” the author of passage two implies that ___.

a. America has been the subject of numerous works for children
b. his current vision of that country is not related to reality
c. America has stimulated his imagination
d. his childhood vision of that country owed nothing to actual conditions*

_____37. Both passages make the point that _____.

a. books read early in life can be revisited in the imagination many years later *
b. imaginary travel is better than real journeys
c. children’s books are largely fiction
d. the effects of childhood impressions are inescapable

_____38. Both passages list a series of places, but differ in that the author of passage three ___.

a. has been more influenced by his list of locations
b. never expects to visit any of them in real life, whereas the writer of passage two thinks it at least possible that he might
c. is less specific in compiling his list*
d. wishes to preserve his locations in his mind forever, whereas the author of passage two wishes to modify all his visions in the light of reality.

F. Idiomatic Expressions

_____39. We are affected as much as you are by the rising prices of gasoline; we are all “in the same boat”.

a. Suffering the same predicament*
b. Hindering the success
c. Empathizing with everyone on his suffering
d. Acknowledging the suffering

_____40. The members of the public are demanding for better public infrastructure and more public services, but at the same time they are demanding for lower taxes. It is becoming a “Catch-22 situation”.

a. A challenging situation
b. A dilemma from which it is impossible to escape*
c. A problem that involves government efficiency
d. A condition of no great importance

_____41. That lady should not have become a war correspondent. She is a “square peg in a round hole”.

a. A person who has been given an opportunity to change her profession.
b. A person who has no interest in her job.
c. A person who takes part in every event.
d. A person who is not suitable to her work or surroundings*

_____42. “It slipped my mind” that I will have with Davidlee tonight.

a. I determined, in spite of my schedule.
b. I forgot as a result of carelessness*
c. I wished.
d. I planned delicately.

_____43. The idea of expansionism “has not taken root” in the Philippines.

a. Has not become popular
b. Has not been heard
c. has not established itself*
d. has not been monitored

_____44. Ewan Gregory does not mind how much resistance he causes; he like “sailing against the wind”.

a. Being popular
b. Interfering
c. overcoming the opposition
d. opposing the popular view*

_____45. Although Marvin Jay had only a minor role in the play, he “stole the thunder from” the lead actor.

a. Borrowed the role from
b. Diverted the attention to himself from*
c. succeeded in portraying
d. transformed the character of

_____46. I had a “heart to heart talk” with my teacher on my plans to study Linguistics or Microbiology at the university.

a. Sentimental meeting
b. Superficial talk
c. serious discussion*
d. successful arrangement

_____47. Juan Carlo decide “to keep his peace” until he finished examining the situation.

a. Not to talk*
b. To be forthright
c. to be relaxed
d. to be reserved

_____48. The company needs a couple of million pesos for its expansion. It is likely that the Php 100 000.00 the partner has offered is “a drop in the ocean”.

a. Useful
b. More than enough
c. a tiny fraction of what is needed*
d. useless until the amount is complete

A. Cloze Test (Part 1)


This is the School 49) _________ Plan of the East Central Elementary School, San Fabian District II, Pangasinan II Division, was 50)________________ and 51)_______________ through the concerted efforts of the teaching 52)___________ with the other stakeholders of education headed by the principal. It 53)_______________ the vision or educational goals which 54)________ to uplift or improve the school performance in terms of the following areas of development namely the pupil, staff, curriculum and physical facilities development which will 55)__________ as the 56)_________ for evaluating the performance of the school. It presents the school and community profile and the expected activities of the school.

Through the 57)_________ of this School Improvement Plan, with the unwavering 58)___________ of the officers and members of the PTA as well as the School Governing Council and other stakeholders of education, it is 59)________________ that the goals vision and mission of the East Central Elementary School will be 60)___________.


a. improving
b. improves
c. improved
d. improvement*


a. conceptualized*
b. conceptualizes
c. conceptualizing
d. conceptualize


a. evolving
b. evolves
c. evolved*
d. evolve


a. staffs
b. staff*
c. staffed
d. staffing


a. present
b. presenting
c. presents*
d. presented


a. aims*
b. aim
c. aimed
d. aiming


a. serves
b. serving
c. servicing
d. served*


a. basis
b. bases*
c. basing
d. based


a. implement
b. implementing
c. implementation*
d. implements


a. support*
b. supporting
c. supports
d. supported


a. expect
b. expects
c. expecting
d. expected*


a. realize
b. realized*
c. realizing
d. realizes

H. Cloze Test (Part 2)

Madam 61) _____

I have the honor to request permission 62)_______ you good office to 63)__________ an action research in Science 64)_______, “Enhancing the Performance of the Grade VI Pupils in Science and Health through Counteractive Lecture “for the Grade VI pupils of Greater Heights Elementary School for this school year 2014 – 2015.

Hoping for your 65)________ approval.



1st 67)___________

Respectfully forwarded 69)__________ the Schools Division Superintendent, Pangasinan Division II, Binalonan, Pangasinan, recommending approval of this basic communication.

Public Schools District Supervisor


a. ;
b. :
c. ,
d. .


a. to
b. for
c. your
d. from*


a. conduct*
b. conducts
c. conducted
d. conducting


a. entitle
b. entitles
c. entitled*
d. entitling


a. kind*
b. kinder
c. kindest
d. modest


a. yours,
b. sincerely yours,
c. Truly yours
d. Very truly yours,*


a. indorsment
b. endorsment
c. indorsement*
d. endorsement


a. With date*
b. No date
c. —–
d. —–


b. from
c. with
d. for


a. Truly yours,
b. Very truly yours,
c. Sincerely yours,
d. No complementary Close*


10%, though may seem a small part of a hundred percent still matters so it is important to pass the DepEd English Proficiency Test (EPT). The following are the things you should consider when before and when taking the EPT.

Studying for exams can be stressful, especially if you have no idea how to study for a specific subject. English exams can vary widely depending on the focus of your class, whether it is a composition course, a literature class, or a more comprehensive humanities class. However, there are some universal strategies that can help you be successful in exams in English.

DepEd English Proficiency Test (EPT) might sound easy to some teachers but remember that it must be taken seriously as even some teachers who majored in English fail too.

Do your best and pray. Do not feel worried. Breathe deeply and calm yourself. Don’t rush your answers and you will do your best.

All the best!

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