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DepEd LIS and E-BEIS Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

To establish accurate and reliable registries of learners and schools which will ensure availability of data and information needed for planning and budgeting, allocation of resources and setting operational targets to provide access to complete quality basic education, Schools Division Office thru the School Governance Operations Division – Planning and Research Unit has created Schools and Districts LIS and E-BEIS coordinators with the following duties and responsibilities based from DepEd Order 26, s. 2015 and DepEd Order No. 45, s. 2017:

Roles and Duties of the School and District Learner Information System (LIS) and Enhanced Basic Education Information System (E-BEIS) Coordinator

School LIS/E-BEIS Coordinator with the school head:

a. Shall issue the user accounts to all homeroom advisers and shall give them appropriate access rights to their specific homeroom sections;

b. Shall ensure that the homeroom advisers shall update all required learners data for Beginning of School Year (BOSY);

c. Shall update and submit all required school data for BOSY in the EBEIS;

d. Shall ensure that the basis of the homeroom advisers in enrolling their learners into their section must be the School Form 1 (School Register);

e. Shall see to it that the homeroom adviser had registered transferees from private schools and Balik Aral learners who were enrolled in public schools in the previous years but do not have any LRNs yet after ensuring a thorough search in the system has been conducted

f. Shall check the learner’s supporting documents (without LRNs) to the SDO, through the division Planning Officer III.

District LIS/E-BEIS Coordinator and PSDS/DIC:

a. Shall serve as the LIS/E-BEIS monitoring team for updating and submitting data on LIS/E-BEIS for Beginning of School Year and End of School Year statuses;

b. Shall provide technical assistance to school head and/or school LIS/E-BEIS Coordinators in relation to LIS and E-BEIS concerns with the assistance of the Planning Officer III of the Division office;

c. Shall seek technical assistance from the Planning Officer III for concerns on LIS/E-BEIS;

d. Shall update enrolment data of learners and define and maintain classes for given school year and class adviser’s data in the LIS; and,

e. Shall provide updates to the Planning Officer on the BOSY and EOSY statuses of the schools within their respective district.

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