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DepEd NSBI Forms and System (Powerpoint Presentation)

The Department of Education (DepEd) National School Building Inventory (NSBI) aims to ensure an accurate and comprehensive date of school buildings in all DepEd public schools for use in planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and decision making.

Updates on School Building & Furniture Designs

Different Types of DepEd School Buildings

DepEd School Furniture Design


Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS)

  • are temporary structures provided to calamity-stricken areas/schools to ensure continuity of teaching and learning activities.
  • are intended for short-term use of schools while waiting for construction and/or rehabilitation of permanent classrooms.

Makeshift Classroom

  • are classrooms made of non-standard or substitute materials and temporary in nature.
  • usually made of used/salvaged materials or any material available/found on site.


Current Updates

  • Designed In-house consolidation of the datasets of School Building Inventory 2019
  • Conducted consultation among concerned offices at DepEd Central (EMISD, ICTS, EFD-AS)
  • Finalized the updated Process Flow, Forms and List of definitions
  • Updating the NSBI System


  • What do our schools have? (Inventory)
  • What do our schools need? (Requirements)
  • What should we provide? (Allocation)

Process Flow

Conduct of NSBI by Level

Central Office – EMISD-PS, ICTS and EFD-AS

  • Orient Region and Division Offices by cluster
  • Issue policy guidelines on NSBI (including roles of COS Division Engineers)
  • Provide TA on the orientation of extra large DO (if necessary)

Regional Office – Engineers and Planning Officers

  • Provide TA on the orientation and implementation of SDO
  • Monitor and validate submissions from schools

Division Office – Engineers and Planning Officers

  • Orient School Heads, Property Custodians, Education Facilities or EBEIS Coordinators by cluster
  • Provide EBEIS accounts to Engineers (plantilla) w/ editing facilities (provided the necessary clearances form School Head and SGOD)
  • Provide TA to schools (answering all kinds of queries re: NSBI)
  • Monitor and validate submissions from schools

School – School Head, SPC, EFC, EBEIS Coordinator

  • Conduct actual school building inventory
  • Submit signed NSBI forms to SGOD at DO
  • Encode NSBI data in the EBEIS


Public Schools

  1. Elementary School (primary school, multigrade school, with SPED Center etc.)
  2. Junior High School
  3. Junior High School with Senior High School
  4. SHS Stand-Alone
  5. Integrated School (Elem to JHS/SHS)


School Step-by-Step Process

  1. Organize a School Building Inventory Committee
  2. Conduct meeting
  3. Conduct of the School Building Inventory
  4. Review and validate the inventory
  5. Sign and submit duly accomplished form to the Schools Division Office (2 copies)
  6. SDO through the SGOD-Planning Officer & Engineers will conduct a validation and issue approval to the school for online encoding in the EBEIS


  • If there are errors committed by the school, they shall notify the Division through a form or letter of notice
  • SDO may put sanctions in case of non-compliance of the required reports

2020 DepEd Site Development Plan (SDP)


School Building Inventory Form

Building Number

  • refers to a number specifically tagged to a specific building in a school

Building Type

  • refers to the design of a school building (e.g. Gabaldon, Marcos Pre-Fab, ESF, TEEP, SEDIP, etc.)

Room Dimension

  • refers to the size of a room specifying the width and length (WxL).
  • Width refers to the side of the chalkboard while length refers to the side of the window.
  • Though there are standard room sizes for each school building type, there may have been modifications during construction. The actual constructed room size should be specified.
  • If there are multiple room sizes in one building, indicate the size that occurs in the most number of rooms.

Building Condition

  • refers to the current physical state of a building or room.
  • Choices include Good, Needs Minor Repair, Needs Major Repair and Condemned.

Number of rooms per floor per school building

  • refers to the total number of rooms located for each floor of a specific building
  • Numbering will start from left to right for all buildings.

Funding Source

  • refers to the source of the budget for construction of buildings and rooms
DepEd School Building Inventory Form
Table 1. Summary of Existing Buildings
Table 2 – existing rooms per building


Download 2020 DepEd NSBI Forms and System (Powerpoint Presentation)

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