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DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School Building Inventory (NSBI)

Attached herewith is DepEd Memorandum DM-PHRODFO-2020-00002 signed by DepEd Undersecretary Jesus L.R. Mateo, re: Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School Building Inventory (NSBI) for SY 2019-2020.

Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School Building Inventory (NSBI) for School Year (SY) 2019-2020

In accordance with the data validation processes stipulated in DepEd Order No. 27, s. 2019 (Guidelines on the Yearly Collection of Data/ Information Requirements and Validation Processes), the Department of Education (DepEd) will conduct a National School Building Inventory (NSBI) for SY 2019-2020. The NSBI aims to gather and ensure the accuracy and comprehensive baseline data of school facilities in all DepEd schools which shall be used as reference and basis for planning, budgeting and decision making.

In this regard, all public schools nationwide are instructed to participate in gathering and encoding of necessary data on school facilities such as buildings, classrooms, furniture and fixtures, and other facilities, as well as their current conditions, in the Basic Education Information System (BEIS).

Procedures at the School Level on the Conduct of Inventory

a) Organize a School Building Inventory Committee that is composed of School Head, School Property Custodian (SPC), Engineering Facilities Coordinator (EFC) and BEIS Coordinator;

b) Hold a meeting to discuss the procedures in doing the inventory;

c) Conduct of the School Building Inventory;

d) Review and validation of the inventory by the School Head;

e) Sign and submit 2 copies of duly accomplished forms to the Schools Division Office(SDO); and

f) SDO through the SGOD will validate and issue approval to the school for online encoding of data in the BEIS.

DepEd personnel involved in the reporting, collection, and validation of necessary data shall have the following roles and responsibilities per governance levels:

DepEd Central OfficeResponsible Office/s
Provide Technical Assistance on the orientation of extralarge SDOs (if necessary)EMISD-PS
Update the system and provide a facility to print generated data for verification purposesUSD-ICTS
Regional Level
Provide Technical Assistance on the orientation and implementation for large and extra-large SDOsPPRD
Monitor and validate submissions from schoolsPPRD
Division Level
Orient School Heads, Property Custodians, Education Facilities or BEIS Coordinators by clusterSGOD-PRS, Division Engineers (including COS Engineers assigned in the SDOs)
Provide BEIS accounts to Engineers (plantilia) w/ editing facilities (provided that the necessary clearances from School Head and SGOD are secured)SGOD-PRS
Provide TA to schools (answering all kinds of queries re: NSBI)Division Engineers
Monitor and validate submissions from schoolsSGOD-PRS, Division
School Level
Conduct actual school building inventorySchool Head, SPC, EFC, BEIS Coordinator
Submit signed NSBI forms to SGODSchool Head
Encode NSBI data in the BEISSchool Head/BEIS Coordinator

National School Building Inventory (NSBI) Forms

Attached are the revised and simplified forms designed for electronic processing using the NSBI modules in the BEIS to maintain the inventory of DepEd School Buildings and Facilities. An answering guide is also provided.

TableData Element
1Summary of Existing Buildings
2Existing Forms per Building
3Number of Temporary Learning Space (TLS) & Makeshift Rooms
4ANumber of Water and Sanitation Facilities
4BStand-Alone Water and Sanitation Facilities
5Existing Number of Usable Furniture
6Other Facilities


Division Level
Site ValidationDivision Engineer & Planning Officer (planlilla)
Online Validation
School LevelSchool Head, EFC, BEIS Coordinator
NSBI Forms
Online Validation


DeliverablesDateResponsible Office/Person
Accomplishment of the formsFirst week of October 2019-January 31, 2020Schools
Deployment of the NSBI Module and encoding of data in the BEIS2nd week of January 2020ICTS
Validation of NSBI forms2nd week of October 2019-January 31,2020Engineers & Planning Officers
Validation of system2nd week of January 2020-February 29, 2020


In ensuring the smooth implementation of the data requirements for the National School Building Inventory, the Planning Service downloaded funds to all Regional and Division Offices to orient the personnel involved in data collection and validate the inventory submitted by the schools. Further, they will also provide technical assistance to school heads and school ICT coordinators, provision of computers and internet connectivity when necessary and the like.

In this regard, below is the eligible expenses:

a. board and lodging;

b. supplies and materials;

c. meals;

d. computer/internet expenses;

e. communication expenses;

f. traveling expenses;

g. other expenses in the implementation of NSBI

The entire listed above are subject to existing accounting rules and regulations. Please refer to Attachment 1 for the Regional and Division Offices allocation.

For clarifications and queries, please contact the following offices:

Education Facilities Division-Administrative Service (EFD-AS)
Landline: +63 28 633 7263/ +63 28 638 7110/+63 28 636 4877
E-mail: as.efd@deped.gov.ph
Address: 5th Floor, Mabini Building, DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

Education Management Information System- Planning Service (EMISD-PS)
Landline: +63 28 638 2251/+63 28 6353986
Telefax: +63 28 635 3986
E-mail: ps.emisd@deped.gov.ph
Address: 2nd Floor, Teodora Alonzo Building, DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

User Support Division- Information and Communications Technology Service (USD-ICTS)
Landline: +63 28 636 4878/+63 28 633 2658
Mobile: +63 939 436 1390 (SMART)/ +63 977 771 2285 (GLOBE)
E-mail: support.ebeis-lis@deped.gov.ph/icts.usd@deped.gov.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com / groups / lis.helpdesk /
Address: Ground Floor, Bonifacio Building, DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

For immediate action and strict compliance.


DepEd NSBI Forms and System (Powerpoint Presentation)
DepEd Site Development Plan (SDP)

DepEd Memorandum on the National School Building Inventory (NSBI)

2020 DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School  Building Inventory (NSBI)
2020 DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School  Building Inventory (NSBI)
2020 DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School  Building Inventory (NSBI)
2020 DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School  Building Inventory (NSBI)


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