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DepEd Policies on Correction of School Records

Please find the attached Regional Memorandum No. 23, s. 2016 dated March 2, 2016 from DR. PONCIANO A. MENGUITO, Director IV, regarding the “Policies on Correction of School Records,” content of which is self-explanatory.

For immediate and wide dissemination.

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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
National Capital Region
Misamis St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City

March 2, 2016

Regional Memorandum No. 023, s. 2016

DepEd Policies on Correction of School Records

1. It is observed that most of the subject for correction on students’ school records are innocuous, typographical or simple which can be done by schools to lessen the burden of parents and students coming to this Office.

2. Accordingly and pursuant to the approval of the Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs of the Department of Education, the following policies are adopted effective April 1, 2016, to wit:

2.1. The schools are hereby authorized to effect correction on school records of enrolled or current students/pupils under the following circumstances:

a. Typographical error in the Form 137, card, diploma or other student record which was committed by any school personnel.

b. Changes or spell out abbreviation on the first name or surname such as “Ma.” to “Maria”; “D.S.” to “Delos Santos”; dash or mere spacing ( like De Los Santos to Delos Santos); change from small letter to capital letter or vice versa or two words to one word only ( like Devilla to De Villa; Delos Angeles to De Los Angeles) / inclusion of “Jr.” or “II,” “III,” etc., after the surname.

Provided that, it is reflected in the in the Certificate of Live Birth of the student/pupil issued by the National Statistics Office.

c. Change of name based on court decisions or Civil Registrar General’s action on petitions, provided that the change is already annotated in the Certificate of Live Birth (Birth Certificate) of the student/pupil issued by the National Statistics Office.

d. Inclusion, or elimination/deletion of middle name for students without middle name in their Birth Certificate provided that the middle name is annotated in the NSO Birth Certificate.

e. Correction of place of birth.

2.2. For this purpose, the schools shall require the submission of the original Certificate of Live Birth issued by the National Statistics Office which shall be its basis for the correction/change of entries in the school records. It will be retained as part of the student’s record.

3. Correction in the school records of students will be effected through the issuance of resolution by the Regional Office under the following instances:

a. Graduate students or those who are not anymore enrolled in the basic schools except typographical errors committed by a school personnel which may be corrected by the school.

b. Students with delayed registration of birth or those registered after the year of their birth for more than a year.

c. Change of first name or surname which is entirely different from the one entered in the official records except those under paragraph 2 .1, sub. par (c), where the name is duly annotated in the birth certificate.

d. The subject of correction is outside the instances under the preceding paragraph.

3.1. For purposes of issuance of resolution by the Regional Office, it is reminded that the following documents are required:

a. Letter of the record owner or parents/guardian, in case of minors, addressed to the Regional Director requesting for the correction or change of the entries in the school record.

b. Original copy of the Certificate of Live Birth issued by the National Statistics Office. In the absence thereof, proof of non-availability attested by the City/Municipal Registrar of the birthplace, including Baptismal Certificate.

c. Affidavit of the student or parent/guardian, for minors, explaining the circumstances surrounding the discrepancy in the records or the use of the assumed name.

d. Joint Affidavit of two disinterested persons (not related to the petitioners) attesting to the fact, among others, that the assumed name or the person with such facts of entry in the school record and the name appearing in the birth certificate refer to one and the same person.

e. Photocopy of the school form sought to be corrected.

Additional Requirements if Birth is “Late/Delayed Registration” or when the name is entirely different from the school record

a. Baptismal Certificate

b. Certification from the N.S.O. that no record of such name exist or registered.

Additional Requirements for Foreign Students

a. Certification from the Bureau of Immigration & Deportation of the correct name

b. Photocopy of Passport and Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

4. To immediately address erroneous entries and typographical errors in the students’ records, the School Heads should designate personnel to review the school records prepared by the Advisers in the entry grade/year level vis-a-vis the Birth Certificate of students/pupils, before the end of the first semester. Noted discrepancy between the Birth Certificate and the School Record should be immediately corrected by the Adviser concerned. The entries in the Birth Certificate shall prevail.

5. In all cases, the accuracy and integrity of the students’ school records should be ensured and maintained.

6. Division Offices are advised to immediately caused the wide dissemination of this Regional Memorandum for guidance of all basic schools in the Region.


Director IV

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54 thoughts on “DepEd Policies on Correction of School Records”

  1. How about if the school lost ALL of the original documents (admission requirements like Form137 and 138 to name a few) that were submitted to them by the parent? Can we file a case against the Registrars Department and the school?

  2. Hello! May i ask po kung ano yung mga need gawin para makuha ko po yung credentials ko ng SHS nag change po kasi ako ng surname (late register) ayaw po kasing i release yung credentials ko kasi iba daw po yung surname ko

  3. hello same po ng skin…to make it short po ng file ako ng civil case sa court to cancelation ng doble registration..kc ang gamit ko since bata ako ung s step dad ko,pinalate register po ako …then nung ngrerequest ako ng PSA nung 2020 around sept un nkafreeze na ung late register..kya ang lumalabas po ung psa bcert sa real father ko..its takes a lot of money and effort po..ng file ako dun kung san ako inirehistro..until now on going pa po ang case…stock here hnnd makabalik s abroad kc need ng Affidavit galing s court na ung una ko bcert and late register is one of the same person pra maisyuhan din po ng new passport gamit n ung surname ng real dad ko..

  4. Good day po! I was graduated already. Only to find out that when I need to get my form 137 and form 138 yong birth date ko po ay magkaiba sa nakalagay sa PSA ko po. 1986 graduate ako ng Elementary at High School ay noong 1991. Ang nakalagay sa Birthdaye ko sa credentials ko ay March 15 instead of March 4 dapat. Pero noong College po ako doon na po kinailangan ang Birth certificate kaya nakalagay na po yong tama. Ang po dapat ko gawin sa mga nakalagay na rrrors ng birthdate ko po? Thank you po

  5. Hello good afternoon po ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin may mali pong spelling sa Diploma ko po isang letter po ano po ang dapat kong gawin para maitama po ito salamat po

  6. Ask ko lang Po panu palitan yong diploma ko Kasi iba yong surname ko don tsaka sa PSA gnaya Kasi nila yong sa baptismal ko

  7. Gusto ko po sanangng palitan ang pangalan ko sa lahat ng school records ko. Dahil iba po ang pangalan ko sa psa. Ano po kaya ang tamang proseso?

  8. paano po kaya magpapalit ng apelyido kasi yung records ko sa school ay dalaga pa po ako tapos ngayun kasal na po ako e 3rd year college pa po ako pwede po kayang papalitan ng apelyido?

  9. Kindly advice me how I can get a copy of new Deped memorandum on correction of school , because may PSA last name is not the same to the the last name I’m using right now I want to correct it,using may PSA last name how can I process it?

  10. Senior High graduate po ako pwede pa po bang maalis Ang middle name sa diploma ko . Wala po Kasi akong middle name sa PSA ko. Salamat po Sana makatulong po Kayo kailangan na kailangan ko po Ng kasagutan .

  11. College graduate po ako, kaso po ang diploma tsaka transcript ko ay iba ang surname na lumabas sa PSA ko, gusto ko po kasi sundin ang PSA ko, pwede po ba na ma change ang diploma tsaka transcript ko katulad sa lumabas na surname sa PSA KO? salamat po sa sasagot

    • Hello i am not professional to explain this to you but currently we have the same issues, what i did is first you should get “joint affidavit” and “two disinterested” which proof na ung apelyedo na ginamit mo (school)at yung nsa birth mo ay iisa, take note! you need 2 witnesses sa two disinterested bawal kamag anak ha at another take note free lang yan dalawa bsta sa hall of justice kalang pumunta sabihin mu sa PAO ka “public attorneys office”. Ipasa mu ito sa registrar office sa school mo and kasama ng psa birth original copy sa bibigyan ka nila ng diploma etc. Pero ipapaperma mu yun sa deped , yung lang muna e share ku kc yun pa pinaprocess ko ngaun. I hope it helps a bit

      • Hello, naayos po ba? Same problem. Nagpunta ako ng registrar sa school ko, kasi may letter H ang LEA ko sa TOR at sa PSA LEA lang, sabi ng registrar, nag base lang daw sila sa ipinasa ng pinanggalingan kong HS kaya dun da ako muna magpunta

      • Hi, thank you for this, ganito din kasi problem ko :(( Can you please update us sa flow ng pag process mo? Thank you.

  12. Permission to ask po. Ano po ilagay na middle initial sa diploma kung ang nakalagay sa psa /live birth ay Dela Cruz? Halimbawa, nakalagay sa psa ng bata. Tamad, Juan, Dela Cruz(Lastname, Firstname, Middlename)
    Sa Diploma ilalagay ko. JUAN DC. TAMAD

  13. Ano pong dapat kung gawin if natapos ko napong palitan yung last name ko sa school record ko pero di po marecognize ng bagong school na pinasukan ko, yung dating last name ko parin daw ang naka register kahit may resolution napong inisue ng deped

  14. All school records (elementary-college) ko po ay kailangan ko po palitan ng surname. Ano po kaya unang process na gagawin ko. Please po patulong naman po. Salamat.

  15. S form 137 ko po ng high school mali po ang Birthday ko ippa red ribbon ko po ito s DFA pano ko po mpplitan ito pra tanggapin s DFA

    • Ako din po paano gagawin sa high school diploma ko kulang lang po ksi ng tuldok ung first name ko instead na MA. Ito po ung nakalagay MA lang ang laki padin po ng impact pag ipapa CAV ko😔

      • pwede po malaman un name na nakalagay nyo sa psa? and sa diploma pag nagpa cav ka ok lang ba yun ma.? diba dapat maria? pano sa abroad hnd naman Ma. un nasa birth cert mo, d mag mamatch? diba problema yun?

  16. Good Day po! ano po ang gagawin ko may Error sa Form 137-E ko mali ang Birthplace at ang name ng Papa ko firstname lang ang nakasulat at hndi full name ..Ngayon ko lang po nalaman nung sinabi sa akin na may error , nag nung nag apply ako ng Marriage visa ..
    sana po may sumagot sa katanungan ko ..Thank you in advance.

  17. Ano po ang unang gagawin para ipabago yung birthplace ko sa school records ko since elementary. Late registered po kasi yung birth certificate ko, noong 2014 lang po nalakad yun. Nagkamali po ng rehistro yung naglakad ng birth certificate ko, instead na tacloban ang birthplace ko naging quezon city na. Ang sabi po sa akin ng attorney sa PAO sundin ko na lang daw yung quezon city at papalitan na lang ng quezon city lahat ng records ko including my school records. pwede po ba ako magpa change ng birthplace ko?

  18. Ano po ang unang gagawin para ipabago yung birthplace ko sa school records ko since elementary. Late registered po kasi yung birth certificate ko, noong 2014 lang po nalakad yun. Nagkamali po ng rehistro yung naglakad ng birth certificate ko, instead na tacloban ang birthplace ko naging quezon city na. Ang sabi po sa akin ng attorney sa pao su din ko na lang daw yung quezon city at papalitan na lang ng quezon city lahat ng records ko including my school records. pwede po ba ako magpa change ng birthplace ko?

    • Hi po nabago po kasi yung surname ko sa birth certificate therefore di na yun yung gamit ko nung grumaduate ako kasi napalitan na ngayon pano ko po mapapalitan yung surname ko sa lahat ng record ko sa school specially sa diploma

        • Hello gusto kolang itanong if magiging problem ba yong middle name ko sa school? Since yong kumadrona ko daw kasi sabi ng papa ko pinatama nila yong spelling isang letter lang naman ang mali pero hindi daw naitama eh nakasanayan kona ngayon yong tamang spelling ang nangyare ngayong grade 11 ko lang nainform ang registrar sa school ko..

  19. Hi, Good day! Saan pong office or lugar pwede i process ang gantong case, (saang office ng deped) late register nso graduate ng highschool and the form 137 and diploma attach to un registered name.

  20. GOOD MORNING, pano po yung process if mag pa change nang surname from elementary to high school, dala ko po kasi na surname yung sa step dad ko, but now we encountered some problem kasi ngayun namin nkuha sa NSO yung surname ko po nadala sa real dad ko, pano po yun mapabago?

  21. Anu ang gagawin ko kasi yong form 137-A nailagay doon n ang birthday ay february dapat sana january anu po ang dapat kung gawin

  22. magkaiba po ang diploma ko sa NSO ko kasi sa diploma ko gamit kong last name sa tatay ko sa NSO naman sa nanay ko ang gamit kong last name ..panu po un ?? maaayos pa ba un ?

  23. Hello po ask lang ako kase yung school record ko mali yung birthdate ko. Nagiging January 30,Imbes na January 29.Tapos na sana yung Diploma ko pati TOR ko.Ang sabi ng registrar maggawa daw ako ng letter.Ask lang po ako bayad po ba yon sa attroney ang sabi nila mahal daw ang bayad totoo po ba yon?

  24. Hello po ask lang ako kase yung school record ko mali yung birthdate ko. Nagiging January 30,Imbes na January 29.Tapos na sana yung Diploma ko pati TOR ko.Ang sabi ng registrar maggawa daw ako ng letter.Ask lang po ako bayad po ba yon sa attroney ang sabi nila mahal daw ang bayad totoo po ba yon?

  25. hello po ask lang po ako , kase yung sa school record ko mali yung birthdate ko
    nagiging january 30, imbes na january 29.
    tapos sabi ng kadormate ko magabyad padaw sa attorney, 10,000 daw. totoo po ba yon bayad ngayon?

  26. Good day po..ask ko LNG po kasi Mali po ung birthdate ko at place of birth ko sa entry ..pwede ko po IPA correct base s birth certificate ko .ano po kailangan kong gawin…thank you po…

  27. Hay.ask lang po kung pwedi po ba palitan lhat ng school record ko .kasi ever since po.and still now ang gamit kung apelyedo ung s mother ko.pero ang nkalagay s nso.ko apelyedo ng tatay ko.mali po pla ang hawak kung certfcate n ginamit ko noon..and now 4 yrs nkung graduate ang nkalagay s diploma ay ung apelyedo po ng nanay.ko.kya po papalitan ko n ng apelyedo ng tatay ko.
    Un lng.sna po matulungan nio po ako.

    • Mapapalitan po sya same prob tayo…yung sa college magbigay ka lang ng affidavit of discrepancy tsaka yung original nso cert mo.yung sa prc ko naayos ko din..ngayon yung sa highschool and elem.naman inaayos ko

      • Hello po..anu po unang step n Gagawin ko po problema ko diploma at TOR ko iba un full name ko dun..iba din un nso late ko n po kz nkuha nso ko…ask ko lng po kung Saan ako una pupunta..sa school po n muna o direcho n s Deped??
        Kau po Ano po una nyu ginawa San po kau una pmunta..

  28. Kindly advise how I can get a copy of this new DepEd Memorandum on Correction of School Records? My son’s Birth Certificate has recently been officially annotated to change surname to that of his father’s. Unfortunately, when we went to his school, Don Bosco Tech. Inst (Makati), the DepEd memo copy that they have there, was issued in 2007. Thank you in advance.


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