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Granting of Vacation Service Credits to Teachers Implementing School Supplemental Feeding Program


Elementary/Secondary School Heads/Principals
SFP Core Groups, Feeding Teachers


  1. Pursuant to DepED Order No. 53, s.2003 entitled “Updated Guidelines on Grant of Vacation Service credits to teachers,” stipulated the activities eligible for the grant of service,(Section 1,d)
  2. The DepEd implements the School Feeding Program (SFP’s) to address the malnutrition problem among the learners in order to improve school attendance and to reduce drop out in schools. The SFP may be school-initiated or sponsored by individuals, non-government organizations(NGO’s), Local government units (LGU) and private companies.
  3. The implementation of School Feeding Program (SFP’s) has been used with the belief that education and learning depend on good nutrition. School Feeding Program (SFP’s) are considered a sound investment in education as these are associated with increased enrolment, improved school attendance, better performance, decreased incidence of grade level repetitions and decreased drop outs among learners.
  4. In recognition for the work of teachers who have rendered overtime in the implementation of the feeding services on week days/weekend in order to cater the undernourished school children who are fed in schools, the Schools Division Superintendents are hereby authorized to grant vacation service credits to feeding teachers and those involved in the implementation of School feeding programs in schools.
  5. The school head/ principal shall submit to the Division Coordinator the Feeding schedule of the Feeding teachers concerned and those involved in the implementation of the feeding programs in the School. The Daily Time Record (DTR), original copy and /or certified copy together with the quarterly accomplishments shall be submitted to the Division Office for proper assessment and recording.
  6. The SDS upon the recommendation of the Division Coordinator shall issue the final approval of the vacation service credits.
  7. All other provisions of DepEd Order No.30 s 2003 not inconsistent herewith shall remain in full force and effect.
  8. For Immediate dissemination and compliance .

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