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DepEd Policies on Application for Leave

Pursuant to the Civil Service Commission Omnibus Rules on Leave Rule XVI and as amended by the CSC MC No. 41, s. 1998, all DepEd employees are hereby reminded of the following:

Application for Sick leave

Application for Sick leave – All applications for sick leave shall be made on the prescribed form and shall be filed IMMEDIATELY upon the employee’s return from such leave.

Application for sick leave in excess of (5) five successive days shall be accompanied by a proper medical certificate (validated by the Medical Officer).

In ordinary application of sick leave already taken not exceeding five days, the head of the department or agency concerned may duly determine whether or not granting of sick leave is proper under the circumstances. In case of doubt, a medical certificate may be required.

Sick Leave may be filed in advance in the case of whether the official or employee will undergo medical examination or operation or advised to rest in view of ill health duly supported by a medical certificate.

The following types of Leaves must be filed at least 5 days in advance:

Sec 51. Vacation leave/Forced leave or Mandatory Leave

Solo Parent Leave MC NO. 8, S. 2004 (except for emergency cases)

Compensatory Time-Off (CTO) MC No. 14, s. 1999

Sec 21. Special Privilege Leave (SPL) – In addition to the vacation, sick, maternity, and paternity leave, officials and employees with or without existing or approved Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA), except teachers and those covered by special leave laws are granted the following special leave privileges subject to the conditions here understated: (a)filial obligation (b) domestic emergencies (c) government transaction leave (d)funeral/mourning; (e) graduation leave; (f) enrolment leave; (g) wedding/anniversary (h) birthday leave; (i) hospitalization leave; (j) accident leave; (k) relocation leave and (I) calamity leave.

(a) That the official/employee may be granted a maximum of three (3) days within a calendar year of any or combination of special leave privileges of his choice which he would opt to avail;

(b) That such privileges shall be non-cumulative and non-commutative;

(c) That the official/employee shall submit the application for the said special leave privileges for at least one week prior to its availment except in emergency cases; and

(d) Special leave privilege may be availed of by the official/employee when the occasion is personal to him and that of his immediate family.

Sec. 6. Teacher’s leave – Teachers shall not be entitled to the usual vacation and sick leave but to the proportional vacation pay (PVP) of 70 days of summer vacation plus 14 days of Christmas vacation. A teacher who has rendered continuous service in a school year without incurring absences without pay of not more than 1 1/2 days is entitled to 84 days of proportional vacation pay.

Rule XVII – Officers and employees who have incurred tardiness and undertime regardless of the number of minutes per day, ten (10) times a month for at least two (2) months in a semester or at least two (2) consecutive months during the year shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Failure to file the said leave on the prescribed period may cause disapproval of the said application.


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17 thoughts on “DepEd Policies on Application for Leave”

  1. There’s this case of a teacher who is undergoing a dialysis every week, since teachers doesn’t have a usual sick or vacation leave because of PVP can’t she be excused from school or what option can you advise because she will be deducted as absent every time she has her dialysis session. It’s a pity that the salary she will be receiving for that day will be deducted because it can help buy her medicine. Hope there’s other option for this case. Thanks

  2. I am a parent of a PWD child. Can I request for flexibility of time of duty? What are the legal bases for this? Thank you.

  3. As a general rule, Vacation Service Credits are only to be used on accounts of sickness or medical-related concerns. Meanwhile, the 15 day-Vacation Leave Credits, are not included in the teachers’ leave privilege since they have a unique privilege called PVP.

  4. Good day Sir I have a medical certificate requesting to work from home for 14 days. Is this still salary deducted if I take a leave?

  5. What about the section 9 of the omnibus rules on leave which pertains to the use of vacation service credits for teachers.. some divisions imposed leave without pay for absences due to personal reasons when in fact the section 9 states otherwise.


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