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DepEd Updates on the Public Education Network (PEN)

Attached is an Aide Memoire from DepEd Undersecretary Alain Del B. Pascua on the Public Education Network (PEN) dated July 26, 2021.

DepEd Updates on the Public Education Network (PEN)

The Department of Education (DepEd), in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo), has been working on the establishment of the Public Education Network (PEN) to address the problems of connecting schools to the internet. The program was announced during the President’s State of the Nation address last 27 July 2020.

The table below summarizes the latest status of the PEN:

Phase I – Establishment of a Core Network in LuzonThe Core Network is already operational in Subic.
Phase II – Connect 3,332 remote schools to the Core Network and internet through satellite technologiesScheduled for procurement in August 2021. Ongoing review by PPMD.
Phase III – Connect 21,306 schools that currently have no internet to the Core Network through cable, power lines, and wireless technologiesNational Broadband Program “Last Mile” Pilot Project completed by TransCo in cooperation with DICT and Benguet Electric Cooperative.
Phase IV – Connect 22,645 existing schools that already have internet to the Core Network and gradually phase out these connections in favor of the PEN.DepEd PEN budget included in the FY2022 proposal.
Phase V – Establishment of Core Networks in Visayas and Mindanao to ensure redundancy and optimize network traffic by confining it to a geographic areaCurrently unfunded.
Phase VI – Establishment of local area network of the schools that will connect all classrooms and make education technology accessible to all learnersCurrently unfunded.

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