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DepEd Region 3 Division Offices Contact Information

Contact information of DepEd Region 3 Division Offices as of January 8, 2016.

DivisionAddressSuperintendentAsst. Superintendent/sContact Numbers
AuroraBaler, AuroraEdgard C. Domingo (OIC)Emilyn D. Macaraeg (OIC-ASDS)(042) 209-4254
209-4408 (fax)
BataanBalanga, BataanTarcila P. JavierCarolina S. Violeta (OIC-ASDS)(047) 237-3303
BulacanMalolos, BulacanRomeo M. AlipBernadette F. Tamayo
Gregorio C. Quinto (OIC-ASDS)
(044) 790-6586
Nueva EcijaCabanatuan CityEdna S. ZerrudoEricson S. Sabacan (OIC-ASDS)
Johanna N. Gervacio (OIC-ASDS)
(044) 463-1586
PampangaSan Fernando, PampangaLeonardo D. Zapanta (OIC)-(045) 961-2148
TarlacTarlac, TarlacEstrelita S. Cunanan (OIC)Rodel G. Aragon (OIC-ASDS)(045) 982-0374
ZambalesIba, ZambalesZenia G. MostolesMerlina P. Cruz(047) 811-1421
Angeles CityAngeles CityLeilani S. Cunanan (OIC)-(045) 888-0582
Balanga CityBalanga CityRonaldo A. PozonRobert E. Osongco (OIC-ASDS)(047) 791-1077
Cabanatuan CityCabanatuan CityRhoda T. Razon-(044) 463-7334
Gapan CityGapan CitySilverlina A. De Jesus (OIC)Salome P. Manuel (OIC-ASDS)(044) 486-6524
Mabalacat CityMabalacat City, PampangaEstelita G. PinedaMa. Irelyn P. Tamayo (OIC-ASDS)
Malolos CityMalolos CityAmancio S. Villamejor, Jr.Sammy P. Sampang (OIC-ASDS)(044) 791-6429
Muñoz Science CityScience City of MuñozCatalina P. Paez (OIC)-(044) 456-5534
Olongapo CityOlongapo CityJessie D. FerrerSol L. Cariaga (OIC-ASDS)(047) 222-6569
222-2568 (fax)
San Fernando CitySan Fernando City, PampangaImelda P. Macaspac (OIC)Amelia C. Julian (OIC-ASDS)(045) 636-4233
San Jose CitySan Jose City, Nueva EcijaTeresa D. MababaDante G. Parungao (OIC-ASDS)-
San Jose Del MonteSan Jose del Monte CityGermelina H. PascualMaria Carmen P. Cuenco (OIC-ASDS)(044) 691-5830
Tarlac CityTarlac CityAlberto P. SaludezWilliam G. Bacani (OIC-ASDS)(045) 982-4439
Meycauayan CityMeycauayan City, BulacanNorma P. Esteban (OIC)--

Contact information of DepEd Region 3 Regional Office

Region 3
Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Malcolm S. Garma (OIC)
Regional Director

Nicolas T. Capulong (OIC-ARD)
Asst. Regional Director

Contact Numbers:

  • (045) 961-7825
  • 860-5211
  • 961-1810 (fax)
  • 860-5212
  • 455-2311
  • 455-2309


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3 thoughts on “DepEd Region 3 Division Offices Contact Information”

  1. It looks like your Department have been tainted with abuses and corruption especially when it comes to following the right way of promoting, assigning teachers where the RANKING and QUALIFICATIONS have become useless & not being followed accordingly. Check what you have done recently in assigning applicant of teachers specifically in MINALIN , PAMPANGA. There was a teacher who just came back to the Philippines after living and working illegally in the USA FOR MORE THAN 10 YEAR. He then just came back to the Philippines few months ago. Now, he is already working in Sto Domingo, Minalin, Pampanga, Philippines as fulltime where his RANKING was even on the 50s. So, what happened to those teachers who are much better ranking on him & What qualifications he presently have ? This MUST be reported to the SECRETARY OF EDUCATION & THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES as there have been a lot of questionable, anomalies, abuses in your Education Regional Office.

  2. Please, please, look into what is going on in Guiguinto National High School. My friend told me that every absence is deductive TWICE from their salaries. The first deduction is done monthly, and the second one is done annually. What is going on there? The poor teachers are up in arms but they are too scared to complain. Also, my friend must found out yesterday from her 3 friends who are also public school teachers in other schools in Bulacan that the GNHS teachers are being overcharged for their uniform sets. My friend paid 1000 pesos for 2 sets (consisting of fabric, buttons, etc) but the other teachers in other schools paid only 300 pesos for each set of uniforms. Oh, there is more: There is one teacher in that school who found out recently that her payments for a GSIS loan had not been remitted by the school cashier. Please, look into this. The school is very popular among the people in Guiguinto because of the teaching, in spite of the travails experienced by the poor teachers. Just yesterday, the locked door of the Guidance and Counselling office was broken into though the teachers had been out only an hour, and one teacher lost her laptop with all the G&C files.

  3. My friend, who teaches at Guiginto National High School told me that their June salary would be slashed in half because school would officially start on the second half of the month. However they are still required to work on those days. In fact, they will have a caravan on the first week to kick off the school year. Their 14th-month pay was also slashed in half. Please look into this matter. My friend handles 700 students, if I am not mistaken, and handles counselling sessions. In fact, she has had counselling sessions with students and parents until around 8 pm, some of them unscheduled. She loves her work, and finds fulfilment in helping the kids and their parents. However, morale is low among the faculty because of the back-breaking work and the low monetary remuneration. Please look also into the politicking of he principal who reportedly favors some teachers and demands immediate submission of reports that would take many days to finish. Please, I feel sorry for my friend who is a single parent to two college-age boys and the sole support of her sick widowed mother. I help her out by sending money every week and she is very thankful for it, but the salary deductions are a huge blow to her measly income.


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