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NQESH/Principal’s Examination Test 2015 Online Reviewer

The schedule for the conduct of the 2015 Principals’ Test is reset to September 27, 2015.

The 2015 Principals’ Test is based on the seven (7) domains of the National Competency-Based Standards for School Heads (NCBSSH). The 21stCentury Managerial Skills are already integrated in the said 7 domains. Furthermore, there will be no more items on communication skills.

2017 Principals’ Test NQESH Online Review

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National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) / Principal’s Examination Test Online Reviewer

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    • Good Day!

      Thank you for taking interest on our online review program! We still have a few slots available.

      Online Review Coverage:

      Coverage Cluster A – the SH as a leader in the curriculum implementation, pioneering school programs, and benchmarking, dispute settlement and cases, CFS, CPP and Antibullying (DO 42,s 2012), VMV, kinds of leadership and relations.

      Coverage Cluster B – Curriculum leadership, K to 3 ELNP, the school and the relationship to the community, CIP, SH roles as defined by RA 9155 and R.A 10533, Assessment, lesson planning, special programs and interest, ADM, classroom management and discipline, personal safety, communication skills, official correspondence, SSP, Ethical leadership and other forms, antisickness awareness campaigns and programs, vaccination, deworming, SWAT, WINS, CICL.

      Cluster C – the SH as a fiscal manager, FMS, procurement law, bidding MOOE, Liquidation, Canteen management and operations, repairs, program of works, SBPF, school assets, registry, issuance of property, inventory, SOB, FWP, AIP, SBM, SIP, generation of funds, bonding officials, money procedures, promotions, ranking, psb, trainings, SLACs, pedagogical and competence improvement, RPMS, IPCRF, NCBTS-TSNA, classroom observations, STAR, post conferencing, mentoring, coaching supervisory styles, TQM, succession plan, scholarships, dispute system, teacher welfare, magna carta, Code of Ethics, stakeholders, PTA and its operation, HRPTA, LGU relation, Brgy tanod for safety and protection, school-to-industry partnership, work immersion, LA 8 and 9, s 2017, and related DO, memo, policies, CSC MCs, acceptable practices.

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  1. Thank you for the very informational online NQEST review. I enjoyed reading and I gained a lot of information related to provision, basic education, policies & principles of governance for basic education.
    God Bless your heart for extending such wonderful help to all applicants aspiring to take the incoming exam. And I’m one of those.

    Leonora L

  2. gud eve sir/ma’am can i have a copy of your reviewer for my self review.Thank you very much in advance.

  3. Please provide us the correct answers and favor also can I have a copy of all the given questions given during the review on line? PLEASE! Tnx God bless!

  4. Gud pm. Ma’am can you send me the question for my self review to my email add? I am really want to pass the coming exam. Thank you so much in advance

  5. Gud pm. Ma’am can you send me the question for my self review to my email add? I am really amazed and I want to pass the coming exam. Thank you so much in advance

  6. Gud pm Maa’m , paano po ako makajoin sa review nyo on line..Tnx po maa’m .I am also interested to join the review on line…

  7. Hi Sir.at last I made it! Thank u so much. I gain your knowledge power to enhance my way of thinking n coming up to the right answer. I tried for many times and I believe that constant practice makes perfect.

  8. good day! sir can i have a copy of a review materials …hope you will lend its very hard to pass infact 2 points na lang po papasa na ako this is my second time ..thank you po….pls pls help me

  9. Bkit po suspended ang account ko di na ako makapag open nid ko p magreview pls allow me to join malaking tulong ito skn self review lang po ako …sana accept uli ako …thanks!!godbless

  10. mawalang galang po sana po dagdagan pa ang on line reviewer po para don sa mga nag se self review kc po mahal ngayon ang mga nag papareview. to god be the glory

  11. Gud pm. Ma’am can I down load the question for my self review? I am really amazed and I want to pass the coming exam.


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