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DepEd Required Documents for Salary Differential

To claim Salary differential, personnel concerned are directed to submit the following documents to the Clustered Administrative & Financial Services, observing the indicated timelines:

Payslips/ Payroll two (2) months before integrationSubmit to Clustered Administrative & Financial Services (OSDS Satellite Office) within five (5) working days from release of required payslip
Payslips / Payroll during integration
Payslips/Payroll three (3) months before the effectivity of skipped step increment

Example (Integrated to Payroll)

Month Integrated to PayrollMonth of Payslip/Payroll to be submitted
March 2019January, February and March 2019

Example (Skipped Step Increment)

Skipped Step Increment effectivePayslips/Payroll to be submitted
August 04, 2014May, June and July 2014

DepEd Salary Differential Due to Promotion Documentary Requirements

  • Letter Request
  • Indorsement by Principal
  • Appointment of the Incumbent
  • Appointment of claimant
  • Updated Service Record
  • Plantilla
  • Payslip for 2 consecutive months
    • Payslip before the adjustment
    • Payslip after the adjustment take effect
  • First Day of service upon assumption of the promoted position
  • Certification that the employee has not incurred any leave of absence without pay

Payment of Salary Differential due to Step Increment Documentary Requirements

For step increment already included in the payroll:

  1. Approved Notice of Step Increment (NOSI);
  2. Annex D;
  3. Last payslip or payroll where step increment was not yet included;
  4. First pay slip or payroll where step increment was already included;
  5. Latest Appointment;
  6. Service Record (step increment already included)

For step increment not included in the payroll due to subsequent promotion:

  1. Approved Notice of Step Increment (NOSI);
  2. Annex D;
  3. Last payslip where the promotion was not yet included in the payroll;
  4. Latest Appointment prior to promotion;
  5. Appointment due to promotion; and
  6. Service Record (salary increase due to step increment & promotion already included)

Clustered Administrative & Financial Services – Administrative Clerk shall evaluate the documents submitted, prepare the documentary requirements, and submit the payroll and other requirements to the Schools Division Office within ten (10) working days from receipt of complete payslips/payroll.

For Secondary Schools with non-teaching Plantilia personnel, the school designated personnel in-charge shall be responsible for the consolidation of documentary requirements, preparation of payroll and submission of documents to the Schools Division Office.

The release of the benefits of teachers depends on the date of submission.

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