DepEd Sample Class Program and Teacher’s Schedule

Samples of Class Program for Grades 1-10 and Teacher’s Schedule are hereto attached to guide each school as to the format, teacher/class information required and signatories to reflect.

The sample Class Program and Teacher’s Schedule can be modified as to format and teacher/class information required if necessary based on school’s actual needs and situation provided that no information required in the sample shall be removed. The signatories in the sample shall strictly be followed.

The Class Program and Teacher’s Schedule must be printed in black and white except the DepEd zeal/logo to ensure clarity and readability of contents.

The Class Program, Teacher’s Schedule and Summary of Loads of Teachers have to be referred first to the PSDS In-Charge for checking/review to ensure that DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2012 is strictly observed particularly on timeslot for each learning area, as well as DepEd Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008 for the Working Hours of Teachers.

The PSDS In-Charge shall affix their individual initial beside the name of the SDS to indicate that the documents required are already checked/reviewed.

The Class Program is expected to be posted/placed outside the classroom, on top of the table of the adviser and in the first page of the lesson plan/DLL of the teacher; while the Teacher’s Schedule is expected to be placed on top of the table and in the lesson plan/DLL of the teacher.

DepEd Sample Class Program and Teacher’s Schedule

TimeNo. of MinutesLearning Area/Activities
7:30 - 7:5020Flag Raising Ceremony
7:50 - 8:1020Homeroom Guidance
8:10 - 9:0050Mother Tongue
9:00 - 9:5050Filipino
9:50 - 10:1020Recess
10:10 - 11:0050English
11:00 - 11:5050Mathematics
11:50 - 1:0070Lunch Break
1:00 - 1:4040Araling Panlipunan
1:40 - 2:2040MAPEH
2:20 - 2:5030EsP
2:50 - 3:4050Remediation/Reinforcemeni/Enrichment Activity/Religious Instruction
3:40 - 4:2040Cleaning Activity
4:20 - 4:3010Flag Lowering Ceremony
TimeNo. of MinutesLearning Area/ActivitiesTeacher
7:30 - 7:5020Flag Raising Ceremony
7:50 - 8:1020Homeroom GuidanceMark Anthony Llego
8:10 - 9:0050FilipinoMark Anthony Llego
9:00 - 9:5050EnglishWinter Llego
9:50 - 10:1020Recess
10:10 - 11:0050ScienceMark Anthony Llego
11:00 - 11:5050MathematicsMadisson Llego
11:50 - 1:0070Lunch Break
1:00 - 1:4040Araling PanlipunanDesmond Grey Llego
1:40 - 2:3050EPP/TLESayid Jarah Llego
2:30 - 3:1040MAPEHDesmond Grey Llego
3:10 - 3:4030EsPMark Anthony Llego
3:40 - 4:2040Remediation/Reinforcement/Enric hment Activity/Religious InstructionMark Anthony Llego
4:20 - 4:3010Flag Lowering Ceremony






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    Good day sino po ba ang dapat gumawa ng class schedule? Grade Chairman o Master Teacher? May Memo po ba o Deped Order about it?

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