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DepEd Teachers’ Workload Policy Study

DepEd Public School Teachers’ claim that a heavy workload results to divided time and attention in the delivery of their core business – teaching.

  • Review forms and processes
  • Revisit policy for Ancillary Services
  • A policy that allows the teacher to focus on teaching

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DepEd Teachers’ Workload Policy Study PowerPoint Presentation & Full Text

DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2009

Since 2012, the Planning Service has worked to rationalize teachers workload.

Phase 1 – Adoption of Modified School Forms (SF1 to SF 7)

Deped Order 4, s. 2014

Phase 2 – Adoption of Simplified School and ALS Forms (Forms for Kinder, SHS, SF 8 to SF 10)

Deped Order 58, s. 2017

Phase 3 – Standard Procedure on Checking School Forms

Deped Order 11, s. 2018

Ancillary Services:

Revisiting Deped Memorandum 291, s.2008 Guidelines for the Implementation of CSC Resolution No. 080096 on Working Hours for Public School Teachers

DepEd Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008

Study Direction

Establish Baseline Information

  • Inventory and profiling of workload/ancillary task
  • Gather procedures/practices of the tasks

Gather Feedback and Suggestion

  • Identify difficulties and challenges
  • Gather suggestions

Policy Recommendation

  • Conduct research on related existing policies/provisions
  • Draft policy proposal

What is the DepEd Policy?

Provisions of DM 291, s. 2008

Paragraph 2.b – 6 hours actual classroom teaching (6 teaching loads at 1 hour per teaching load) – all advisorship and/or special assignments for the entire school year combined shall be considered as one teaching load

Paragraph 2.c – A teacher with less than six (6) hours of actual classroom teaching shall render additional hours of appropriate teaching-related activities and duties (enumerated in par.2.d) within the school premises to complete six (6) hours

Paragraph 3 – Overtime pay or service credit for more than six hours of actual teaching or more than eight hours of work in a day within the school premises

Magna Carta for Public School Teacher (RA 4670 & Deped Memorandum 291, s. 2008)

For All Public School Teachers (including class adviser)

DepEd Teacher’s Workload Policy Study

Teaching Related Activities and Duties

  • Lesson Plan/IMs/Rubics/Action and Work Plan/Evaluation & Assessment Tools
  • Preparation/Checking/Recording
  • Research/Seminars/Workshops
  • Counseling/Mentoring/Coaching
  • Home Visits/consultation and conference with Parent
  • Coordination Activities and Community Social Services
  • Participation in the Maintenance and Improvement of School Facilities
  • Plus School’s Unique Condition

For Public School Class Adviser

DepEd Teacher’s Workload Policy Study

Class Adviser more time in:

  • Counseling/ Guidance
  • Class reports preparation
  • Organizer/ Supervision class activities
  • Special Assignments (ie. Learning Area Coordinator, Paper Adviser, Grade Chairman)

Most Common Public School Teachers Ancillary/Administrative Assignments

DepEd Teacher’s Workload Policy Study

Baseline Information

1. Inventory of Teachers’ Tasks and Assignments

a. Teaching Related

Class Adviser
Subject Teacher

b. Program and Projects

c. School Management

d. Inter-Agency/LGU/NGO Activities

2. Profiling and Procedure for Each Task/Assignment

a. Purpose/Objective
b. Responsible
c. Process Owner (Overseeing)
d. Schedule
e. Frequency
f. Estimated Hour
g. Core Process/Procedure
h. Report Requirement
i. Challenges/Difficulties
j. Workload Category : Heavy/Medium/Easy

Workload Equivalency

Heavy Load

  • Key Operation
  • daily
  • 5+ hours per week including report preparation
  • 1 Teaching Load

Medium Load

  • Major Operation
  • weekly
  • 1-4 hours per week including report preparation
  • 0.5 Teaching Load

Light Load

  • Minor Operation
  • Monthly/quarterly
  • Less than 1 hour per week including report preparation
  • 0.25 Teaching Load

Initial Categorization

Heavy (daily, 5+ hours weekly)Medium (weekly, 1-4 hours weekly)Light (monthly/quarterly
Class AdviserSubject area CoordinatorPhil-IRI Coordinator
Feeding CoordinatorGrade level Coordinator4Ps Coordinator
Canteen ManagerSchool Paper AdviserSBM Coordinator
Guidance CoordinatorScouting CoordinatorChild Protection Officer
ICT/LIS/EBEIS CoordinatorDRRM CoordinatorGAD Coordinator
Health OfficerYES-O CoordinatorProperty Custodian
Sports CoordinatorSchool Facilities Coordinator
Library CustodianLearning Resource Coordinator
Gulayan CoordinatorRemedial Class Coordinator
SSG Adviser
WiNS Coordinator


DepEd Teacher’s Workload Policy Study


DepEd Teacher’s Workload Policy Study

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  2. Good pm po! Ask ko lang po sana kung may guidelines po para sa designation ng chairmanship in preparation of the School Program/class program. Thank you po.

  3. Good daypo,asklang po,puedepo ba na angDO 291atmagna carta for teachers with regards to teaching loads na 1hr/subject gawin ng Division na 50 mins, 25mins at35mins?hindi na swak sa DO 291 at Magna Carta for teachers in terms of 6 hrs teaching loads?kahit nagturo na si teachers ng 6 subjects underload pa rin dahil 35 mins lang or 50 mins lang/ subj at 4 days lang po,ang kwentada, kahit, 3 days face to face at 2 days modular.

  4. Good day po.. ask ko lng po sana if ang Guidance Counselor Designate o ang School Information Coordinator po na may SO SDS PO ay entitled po sa Sick leve at Vacation. Leave na kgaya ng na aavail ng property custodian at school planning officer at iba pang may designation

  5. Good day po. Can you give me an idea on the possible requirements of being a subject coordinator? May guidelines ba para dito? Or naka basi lang sa kagustuhan ng school head kon sino ang gusto nya maging coordinator?


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