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DepEd School-Based Summer Reading Camp

About DepEd School-Based Summer Reading Camp

DepEd School-Based Summer Reading Camp DAZSMA Antipolo City

Summer Reading Camp is a fifteen (15) weekday activity which follows the integrated approach to teaching and learning where all subject areas are involved focusing on reading comprehension skills. This would certainly address not only the existing problems on reading deficiencies of our learners in both elementary and secondary levels but further nurture and hone the individual’s love of reading thus exposing them to various learning opportunities where reading skills will be enhanced through play, fun games, oral interpretation, videos and other enjoyable activities.

It is suggested that this summer reading program shall be an outdoor activity, depending on the school situation, facilities and weather condition. Every Friday of the week shall be a culminating activity, a sort of a program, putting together what the campers have learned and a showcase of their talents.

The aforementioned school-based activity is anchored on the following objectives:


a) to help non-readers read
b) to enable frustration readers comprehend what they read
c) to develop instructional readers’ comprehension skills and improve oral interpretation skills
d) to enhance the reading abilities of individuals through various literary activities
e) to hone teacher-volunteers’ teaching capacities/competencies in teaching reading


a) to recognize the value of selections read through literary appreciation to wit:

• verbalizing emotional response
• identifying sensory impressions
• understanding figurative language
• appreciating poetxy/prose works

c) to enhance their comprehension skills by teaching them how to use their experiences and their knowledge to make sense of what they are reading

d) to provide teachers a valid ground for personal and professional growth catalysts of change.

Persons involved in this activity are the following:

a) Identified non-readers and other types of readers in school
b) Select officers of Student/Pupil Government organizations
c) Select students/pupils from honor classes to serve as models/co-facilitators
d) Potential teacher —trainers identified by School Heads/EPS
e) School Administrators
f) Public school District Supervisors/District In charge
g) Education Program Supervisors(Division & Region) of all learning areas
h) Chiefs/Asst. Chiefs of Elementary, Secondary Divisions and Alternative Learning System

Service Credits will be granted to permanent elementary and secondary teachers after evaluation of their total number of hours rendered in the activity as reflected in the Form 48 Daily Time Record (DTR). The participating teachers may render four (4) hours daily (either morning or afternoon) for fifteen (15) days or for special cases, a teacher may render 8 hours a day for a total of sixty (60) hours. Every eight (8) hour-service rendered is equivalent to one (1) day Service Credit. The maximum Service Credits the teacher may earn is Six and a Half (6. 5) days only. Teacher Aides may be given Certificate of Recognition signed by the school head.

Computation: Total No. of Hours Rendered/8 = No. of Days Service Credits

Documents to be submitted to the Division Office, for claim of Service Credits:

  1. Form 48 signed by the School Head
  2. Summary of Teachers’ No. of Hours Rendered
  3. Narrative Report which includes: Matrix of Activities, Daily Attendance of Pupils/Students and Teachers, Daily Activities (15 days), Pictorials, and etc.

A team of Division/Regional Supervisors will conduct monitoring during the Reading Camp. District Supervisors/Coordinating Principals are also advised to strictly monitor the activity.


  1. Year-End Reminders for Elementary and Secondary Schools SY 2015-2016
  2. The Good Effects of Reading Aloud to Your Students
  3. 2015 National Reading Month

Template for the Summer Reading Camp Report to be submitted to the Division and the Region


School Head:

School Reading Coordinator:

Please prepare and submit report with pictures on how the following were implemented in your school:



A. Advocacy

  • Announcements and information dissemination regarding the conduct of the Summer Reading Camp in your school

B. Kick off

  • Who participated in the activity (organization/officers, etcs.)
  • How was it done?

C. Campers

  • Total number of hours
  • Number of campers (higest attendance, lowest attendance, average attendance)
  • How were they grouped?
  • How was the attendance monitored?
  • What activities were aligned for the campers?

D. Teacher/Facilitator

  • What preparation do/does the teachers have?
  • How teachers/facilitator are involved
  • How are they identified?

E. Instructional Materials

  • Total number of IMs used
  • Teacher 1 ________ Teacher 2 _________ Teacher 3 _________ etcs.

F. Instructional Support

  • School Head _____

G. Stakeholders Support

  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What support have they extended? (Please specify item / amount per individual or group)



Please submit the following:

  1. List of non-readers
  2. DTR of Teachers (regular only)




  • What’s the Word, that’s the word
  • Pronunciation Drill
  • Rhymes
  • This is a… What?
  • Tongue twisters


  • Dolch Words
  • Interpretative Reading
  • Big books
  • Speech Choir
  • Story telling



  • Action Songs
  • Number Songs
  • Songs about Shapes
  • Tongue Twisters


  • Shapes and Polygons
  • Problem Solving



  • Action songs
  • Rhyme songs
  • Pick and Tell
  • Build a Word


  • Story Telling
  • Individual and *Group Reading
  • Chamber theater
  • News Casting



  • Action Songs
  • What’s the Word
  • Animal sounds


  • Pagkukwento
  • Sabayang Pagbigkas
  • Role Play

Araling Panlipunan


  • Rhyme Songs
  • Role Play
  • Action Songs


  • Reporting – Local, Regional, National, Worldwide News



  • Rhyme Songs
  • Role Play
  • Action Songs


  • Narrating
  • Interpretive Reading
  • Role Play

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